Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
89 Class Rep in a Nutshell
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Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
Author :ICARUS
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89 Class Rep in a Nutshell

"It is a great mystery to me how the problems of others seem like simple arithmetic while my own appear as complicated as a calculus equation."

-Richelle E. Goodrich

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

"Are these all?" I asked the guide. Well, I did not mean to sound like I'm some merchant in a multiverse slave trade. I'm against slavery for some cognizance... That just shows how bad I really am at communicating.

"Yes, sir." Answered the guide... So overall, it's 67 huh... Honestly, I expected more, but seeing these low numbers must mean that the others were not that cheap to bait huh... Quite the epiphany I have here.

I don't know why, but my stomach also begins to hurt... It can't be hunger, as I'm feeling rather full for whatever reason there is, nor is it because of the ugly environment, and it better not be diarrhea... but, my best bet is it's because of being surrounded by these homo sapiens? And here I was earlier being surrounded by 'three million' Tarragons without feeling anything... Why the sociopath's symptoms now of all times? And is my physique really that proactive when dealing with multiple humanitarian presences? I sure do hope for it to be at bare minimum if that was the case.

But, snapping me out from my nauseous thoughts' reverie, the Anima who has beseech her life, for asking pardon, begins her main errand...

"Sorry for making you experience such despicable torments...Truly, I'm deeply sorry! I was commanded to lure you here... If I haven't my entire clan will be put to death... B-but I was foolish to believe their bargain... Please do forgive me." Amadea, finds herself kneeling in the poignant and filthy looking floors of the torture chamber asking for forgiveness, even though personally, I think that there's no need.

Unfortunately, everyone's face was not willing to accept... And it's not even surprising. It's expected beyond any reasonable doubts.

While some of them- the demure types, were apparent as to how they forgive her, and that they can't just express it through words, there were some who have wielded some twisted pride.

That's why I recommended earlier not to force herself too much. Homo Sapiens' normies can be far sterner than you think they are. Oh and uh, you better find the correct definition of a 'Normie', because the internet memes are giving it a twist in meaning in the recent. In any case, if you've done something wrong and you have no plans on asking redemption, then they will spread it throughout the community that you're scum through their endless networks. If you, however, do find the resolve to give space and ask forgiveness, you'll also be the subject of their own superiority complex. See? And what I'm witnessing here proves that obsolete age-old theory...

Yet, out from the shadows, a voice suddenly disrupted the chain of the unforgiving...

"You were just tricked, right? Then we're on the same boat then..." Someone from the held captive suddenly spoke some words of solace, and that's very familiar.

"Don't worry about us Miss Amadea...We're fine as you can see, except for our clothes that is."

The Anima, however, continued to bow down her face knowing through intuition that not all feels the same.

But, having the 'leader that they need' and the 'followers they are', it was only a matter of time before everyone's static faces begin to soften, slowly finding their pride nullified. It's 'Herd Mentality' at work, saying...

"R-right... We forgive you, miss Amadea. Please do stand up, it's making us uncomfortable. Kay?"

"We forgive you, and besides we got mysteriously healed from our blatant wounds. There were these red illuminated butterflies filling up the room earlier... and now look at the wounds. Not even a scar! I thought it was because we have no weapons, that's why we're still ineligible to pain, but I remembered that they gave us weapons for free and suddenly imprisoned us here. It was truly, a scary experience, but hey... We're fine." A rather young-looking extrovert blurted out while helping the Anima rise up to her feet.

"Thank you all..." The Anima purely replied, with tears running down in her face while everyone else comforted her.

From whom was that familiar voice anyway? What a scary authority it has, Just by extrapolating some words, everyone else's harsh beliefs have been deemed impotent. Interesting innate talent indeed and it seemed to be coming from the other edge which I slowly approached...

Then from that same corner, who recently just got freed from his rather short chains, emerged, a stoic classmate... Daerenji Nakamura is his name if my memory does not fail me. The future class representative if not because of the extravagant deviation from the mundane and precedented plot. His voice, however, deserves to be praised. It's at an authoritarian level that can persuade anyone who hearkens and it's not supposed to be a revelation worthy of attention.

Well, he is the former overall National president of his country's Supreme Student Council so it should be presaged at this point. And I think I now understand why the niche of that position belonged to him even at our age, but, doesn't that mean that he's too socialized? Forgive me, but I think I know where this nausea is coming from now... There are always some times that my physical being reacts when I'm close to a complete opposite- albeit it does not happen 'frequently' but I can't think of any other reason. His extravagant social aura extracted within this very chamber must have had some nuclear reaction with my highly compressed anti-socialism.

"Jaiden!" He says, recognizing me first-hand as if we're already acquainted for quite some time while shaking off the dirt in his still-worn and torn uniform. And of course, still with the leadership moves in detail... Breasts' out... Eye contact... Making sure that bed hair's non-existent.

"Yow..." I replied as I can't think of anything else to say.

"Nice to meet you again, although it's not nice reuniting within these circumstances, hehe...So, how did you know we're here? And... what's with the noble outfit?" Seeing my Feudalist appearance, he asked...Moreover, as I already am, I must get out of here now, to at least get some fresh air.

"C-can we continue the chat outside?" I asked as the feeling of nausea becomes stronger. I feel throwing up any second from now and I'm quite having the predicament of maintaining a composed look befitting of my character.

"Eh? Sure... Are you sick?"

"Nah. Probably just because of the putrid atmosphere here." I lied with a straight face while holding out to my panged abdomen.

We then once again trended our feet on the filthy chamber halls and got out... And there, in the shining sun, just at the back of this picturesque castle with some grotesque secrets, the recently freed find themselves talking, cheering everyone up and calming those that are in psychological trauma, fully forgiving the Anima who's bee the cause of them being here... While I, on the other hand, was able to spell a little distance from them and was able to breathe some fresh air.

One constantly, however, boggles me with questions that are very tiring to answer. The Class Rep 'supposed-to-be', himself, but it's now a little bit more authentic, now that his social aura can't be that humid...

Celes who's also supervising Shiro also is engaging in communication with one of the armies as if having a message that will soon be relayed.

She then approached me, even intruding in the superfluous conversation, which I'm thankful for...

"Jaiden... Preparations are complete outside. I guess it's high time that the people give their King its judgment... And they invite us before they will commence the event. Shall we go?"

"The Prima Donna!!!?? You two are really close, aren't you?! And that girl! Is that supposed to be your daughter? Are you in a secret relationship or something...??" The Class rep overreacted seeing that the Prima Donna's conversing with me informally while taking care of a peacefully-sleeping little girl...even calling me by my first name, which is uncommon for his country, Japan...

"Oh, class-rep! It's so unexpected to find you here amongst those that want to sever humanity for good." Celes, in her sheer confident stance as ever, replied.

"Eh? Class rep? I never even have the chance to be one... Come on, you know that...Well, hehehe... as to why I decided to be on the Chaos Armada, all I can say is that everyone has their own reasons, probably the same as you... But, you being here is even more mystique... A daughter of a rich international conglomerate owner, a known genius and a very revered and respected one. Just thinking about your fortunes makes me wonder why you decide to be here in favor of damnation..."

Come to think of it... He's right.

"Well, as you have said, everyone has their own reasons," Celes answered with a smile, that I think is ullaged with eccentricity...

"Shall we all go? They are waiting for us at the main circle." She said, addressing both of us and as well as the others on the back, even shifting the main topic that she first came up with. Yet, as I also believe... It's not too good to be overly intrusive, while here I am reminding myself that I still am not in any Armada, which makes me worse than the both of them, already having their 'classified own reasons'.Moreover, it's the Goddess's indecisiveness' fault. She's the one to choose from the get-go and the delay's getting forever to address.

"Jaiden, let's go?" She asked...

"Yes... We can't delay this Kingdom's judgment by further."

"And we still have a party to organize." She added which is undeniably true... leaving our class rep confused on the background, listening to each of our claims...


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