Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
87 Of Blood, Sweat and Tears
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Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
Author :ICARUS
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87 Of Blood, Sweat and Tears

"Every unpleasant worldly experience in life exposes our sensitive nervous systems to painful phenomena. Despite all the beer commercial advertisement slogans urging us to live with gusto, life is unavoidably painful. "

-Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

And so, I formed an unprecedented alliance with a co-Herrscher to form the party 'SinClair', and with the Entire Kingdom taking the lead for their reform against their dictator who is still fast asleep inside the cage from where he once incarcerated Amadea...

"Master, your Paradigm Shift has been inactive, do you wish to disable it? Your Paradigm is also available for use, now master... The cancellation has been lifted." The AI maiden exclaimed, sensing the passiveness.

"Then please do."

"Understood, Master."

While I apprehend that it could be somewhat dangerous to depart from this 'Feudal Overlord' Form, I find it to be very tiring in that state... And the feeling of my life force being constantly sucked is very grotesque...

Then, the Paradigm Shift has been upraised, but my outward appearance, however, stayed the same. My eye's vision Has returned to normal, my 'Crossange Arsenal' (which are the three Celtic crosses that I never really had the chance to use to my heart's content) dispersed to thin air. and the eclipse also ceased... but besides that, everything stayed the same. My noble Feud Apparel is still worn, the white edges of my hair did not go away, which is good of course. No one's gonna notice that much, that I returned to my usual state.

With the Celtic cross now gone which served as a floating bed for Shiro prior, I placed the little girl at the back of the Black Pegasus which was the personal ride of the despicable King the first moment we crossed fates... But I have to make sure though... that his but traces are away from the girl's peacefully, refreshing and resting face

We then start to set foot across the land, opposite west, from whence their Kingdom is situated and where the King will receive his due judgment from his own people... His people that have had endured such hostility under the joke leader.

Hmm... Not so bad a progress for the first full night huh. I guess Lacrimosa could wait a little longer there in that so-called small town...

Then, out of nowhere...

"Please do forgive me!" Amadea, exclaimed, the moment she woke up, crying vehemently with tears running down her distressed demeanor while bowing down with both her face and knees kissing the filthy moist ground.

Hence, Sket Dance Sad Moment Official Soundtrack suddenly sounded in my head... That Azazel. I would personally prefer, Henryk Gorecki's 'Symphony of Sorrowful Songs 2nd Movement ' for this type of atmospheres. While Japanese Anime OST's are clearly jewels, I have to teach her later of the classic's irredeemable price.

"I- I did not know what to do that time.P-please do forgive me...I'm deserving of death" She pleaded, with guilt clearly written in her facade that she was somehow made as bait to lure the humans to that slaughterhouse.

I looked at the tarragons to see if they're indeed guilty of taking commands from the unscrupulous leader to wipe out an entire clan of whatever Animas are supposed to be, and their faces say it all... that they did it...

"Personally, I think the only one deserving of death is the man who got you all through this." I frivolously replied, not cognizant of the 'How-to's' in providing solace.

It was but the only decent reply that I could think of and unfortunately, in cases of esteeming up others, I am indeed the most horrible creature, even to this realm.

"But, I, I--m a failure as an Anima. The deities also entrusted me and look at what I did." She continued crying not even raising her head...

Ahhh... If Shiro's awake she could have had scolded me for being unable to pacify her... but, I think I could do barely anything in this situation... That's just how it is. No... It's just how I am.

"Raise up your head... Lady Amadea." Celes intervened with a pure, undaunted yet fragile smile, reaching her hand towards the Anima to let her up...

"Just as how the Feudal Overlord says it... You're not at fault. You just got used, didn't you? Besides, you were doing it for your family's sake. I think there's nothing more even braver than that."

She accepted the lift and started to wipe out her tears, still while crying...

"There, there..." The Prima Donna continued to take the stead of a comforting mother, letting the Anima cry all she wants in her shoulder without anyone disturbing her... As if they're both alone together, amidst the three million.

And then, as if Amadea remembered someone that can't be forgotten... she let her face away from the shoulder of the comforter...

" And Lorraine? What happened to her?" She asked, but not one from the vast array of armies was willing to give her the verbal answer, but it was however clear. basing entirely from their liable expressions that can't even look at the Anima straight to her eyes, diverting their focus from her sad gazes.

"Beethaven! What happened to her, please answer me." She added, desperately, crying her soul out.

"SORRY LADY AMADEA!" Some from the crowd then unexpectedly start to kneel down in front of her, breaking down emotionally to the ground... I guess they're the taskforce endowed by the responsibility of wiping out her clan.


"It's not because of 'us'... It's because of 'him'. Don't confuse yourself with that..." I emphasized the fact, giving all the blame to this despicable autocrat which is truly nauseating to even behold.

I think everyone here is barely victims of the heinous leadership and of narcissism... And for that, they lived the life that they did not deserve, nor want... While some of my emotions may be stripped away from me... I know how that feels.

To be stripped from your happiness all because of that one narcissistic society member, who thinks he could out rule anyone... It's the worst.

Amadea cried out all the more, knowing that her partner, Lorraine Beethaven... is also no more together with her clan...

"What...what am I to do now... Lorraine... Forgive me. I failed to protect you!" Then comes the blame, entirely dressed to no one but to herself.

"Overlord Jaiden... You take it from here. It's training, for you to cheer me up if I'm feeling down.." Celes murmured pushing me towards the crying anima...

"Eh?" With sweat running down my face, I'm forced to say anything... If I will not, I think I'll also feel bad...

"Ehh...Lady Amadea, would you like to join us in their Kingdom and give the verdict of the King's wretchedness? it's going to be one heck of a death celebration... Don't you think?"

"What are you saying?" Celes found my way of expressing things to be somewhat inauthentic, which is of course... as expected.

"Eh? Did I say something wrong?"

"Are you planning on cheering me like that when the time comes?"

"P-please let me go with you. I- I also need to ask forgiveness for the humans that I have betrayed." The Anima, however, got what I wanted her to grasp. She then stood in her gracious feet, wiping her tears and addressed the King, in deep sleep due to me snapping his head a little while ago...

"Y-you will pay... " The anima said...

Certainly, he will...

With all said, we continued on our hundred-mile journey... and not yonder, found ourselves facing this high fortress with a large and thick wooden gate with carved out depictions of centaurs, minotaurs and other recognizable figures that seemed alike from Greek mythology, although a bit more extreme...

"Welcome to the Kingdom of Aurelius..." Depressingly, some skinny guys who have access to the gates greeted us, opening the gates of the high fortresses.

And the visage that met us the moment we got inside... is something alike to Earth's... although it was more putrid. Seeing this, I don't even need to autoplay the Symphony of Sorrowful Songs' 2nd Movement to know how this Kingdom was made to stand.

A dominion built on blood, sweat, and tears, which were not from the King himself... but from his people who suffered in the same plankton's reign of supremacy.

Shall we end that then?


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