Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
83 Dethroning an Autocrat 1 : No Glory
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Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
Author :ICARUS
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83 Dethroning an Autocrat 1 : No Glory

"When one with honeyed words but evil mind, persuades the mob, great woes befall the state."

-Euripides, Orestes

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

"Hmmm...Manure? Me? HAHAHAHAAHAHAAH!!!!! Feudal Overlord is very funny." The King retaliated clapping his hands and urging those vast arrays of armies behind him to do the same, and it was not long that the applause and the scorning laughs of derision of the weaponized mobs echoed through the plains, all addressed to me and the Angel standing besides, who they're vehemently after.

"Azazel," I called out to the AI Maiden for something superfluous but of integrity.

"What is it, Master." She answered.

"You have some music with you, right? Anything from the noble classics?"

"Yes, Master... Would you like me to play 'Hentai with Senpai' for you?"

"No, that's not classic... Just play Fur Elise for me."

"Affirmative. Scanning mp3 file... 'Relevant' mp3 file found... Playing 'Fur Elise Klutch Dubstep Remix'..."

"Wait, remix?"

"Yes, Master... I'm quite certain that you would like it..."

Ignoring the fact that an AI defied my request to introduce me to something new and something that I have had isolated myself from, I started to wait for the music to start...

And then just like that, Beethoven's Fur Elise 'literally' played in my mind as if having a magic headphone or something... and it's very high quality at that. But then, in the middle of nowhere, the classical music was metamorphosed to this 'mechanized' suite of modern notes... Hmmm... But, not that bad as I imagined it to be. It suits the atmosphere very well...

"Oni-chama, who were you talking to?" Shiro, taking over her consciousness asked...

"Oh, I'll introduce her later to you Shiro, ok?"

"Her? Oni-chama, do you have an Angel inside you too?!"

"Sort of... Well, you could also say that."

"Yaaayyy!! Now we're the same, oni-chama!"

"Ahahahahaa..." I sarcastically laugh, but now that I remember, it's not a 'pure unblemished angel' that I have with me. I can't let Azazel's algorithm and her brazen 'modes of operations' taint this girl's must-maintained innocence. Letting them acquaint for a long period of time would be detrimental.

"Now then... Shiro and Kurenai, Can you remotely heal the girl inside the cage... Slowly... Without anyone noticing... But if you want to rest from that form, then you can."

"No problem, Oni-chama! We can do that much!" They answered in this dual-tone, of which one belongs to a juvenile, and the other, from a more mature feminine lady, both engaging as a team of high-end medics.

"I'll take the others from here..."

I then looked the King in the eyes with a very disgusted facade, as if I'm staring at a cockroach or something more inconsequent... a plankton, maybe? Earthworm? Or a Pandaca Pigmea?

"What's with that look? And how dare you stare at me without my permission! Mages, I command you under my authority! To cancel this man's paradigm and let us reclaim our Kingdom's personal Angel from his very hands!! And when we get back! Let us celebrate while sticking the overlord's head on a pole like a lollipop! And have our beautiful girls dance gracefully around!" The King, with true colors showing, presented his malevolent indignation, just because of an overt stare, but not because of someone calling him 'Manure' just literally a while ago.....

But, what's more, unprecedented is that... Lollipops exist around this part of the universe.

"YES OUR KING!!" In a synchronized manner, the white-cloaked word-driven mages with numbers that are truly unfathomable without the correct census, responded to the narcissistic King's request, as they one by one, started to drift mid-air. and point all of their scepters towards me with contempt.

Cancel, he says? While there are possibilities that same tricks can work twice... there's no way that I'm falling for that again, at least not this time.

"Azazel..." I called once again to confirm something, still with her recommended music playing on the background.

"Oh, there's no concern master... Your Paradigm Shift can not be canceled." She directly exclaimed, as if she knows what I was about to say... Well, that's quite convenient.

Then, even without further adieu, they make their move...

"ETHEREAL PARADIGM! AS THE SYSTEM THAT GOVERNS THE LAND! GIVE US THE POWER TO VANQUISH THE ENEMY OF THE KING!... CANCEL!" the mages' scepters then starts to glow in this yellow colors, the same to that of the priest prior, but they're... apparently weaker. The next thing I know is that these cascades of light beams are coming our way with praisable speed, but not with enough power... So this is how it looks head-on huh...

Then, the two Celtic crosses in my left and right sides altered positions and placed themselves right in time, in my and Shiro's frontline. The two objects formed this forte-like barrier which also started emanating this obsidian colored shield made from their personal bleakness alone... and then came very bright continuous impacts, like Atomic bombs dropped one after the other with several craters forming on my surroundings...

And yet, it's disappointing. Why? The fact that I'm still talking, suggests that I'm alive and well. I did not even feel anything from that explosive light beams... Not even an ounce of joules.

Then the cliched... Thick black smoke covered us whole, while still receiving a few more desperate canceling-lights of which no one was able to penetrate the crosses' forte...

"GLORY TO THE KINGDOM OF AURELIUS! ALL HAIL KING AURELIUS THE FOURTH!" they outroared, seeing me being engulfed by the bombardment if cancels coming from a few hundred thousand mages... but isn't it too early to celebrate just yet?

"Did we get him?"

"I think so... Who would survive that?"

"GLORY TO KING AURELIUS!" They screamed all the more wile the King receives his undue credits while baring that one false hope that they got me with that en masse of attack alone.

"Ehhh??? Isn't it too early to celebrate? I'm not going down that simple you know? Or else, I won't be able to gratify your King's entertainment needs.." As the black smoke cleared out, being sucked by the two crosses, I, together with Shiro, emerged unscathed... Spelling no Glory for their recently-praised King.


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