Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
70 Immortal Gorgon: Euryale
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Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
Author :ICARUS
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70 Immortal Gorgon: Euryale

"You read any Greek myths, puppy? The one about the gorgon Medusa, particularly? I used to wonder what could be so terrible that you couldn't survive even looking at it. Until I got a little older and I figured out the obvious answer. Everything."

-Mike Carey \u0026 Peter Gross

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━


With the giant gorgon's grotesque appearance, which I prior apprehended to be this big guy's hidden biologic arsenal, everyone including me marveled at its appearing statues... This certainly is not a time for a classical music 'auto-play' reference... but rather, for a modern dubstep, 'Infected mushroom' by Guitarmass...and it's not to my liking. Don't get me wrong.

\u003cDisplaying Bestial Interface\u003e


Name: Euryale

LVL: 900

Type: Sylaphe

HP: 1,000,000

MP: 100,000


Type Sylaphe... So that explains why I can't take control when I first felt it creeping underground

"LEVEL 900? How is taming something like this even possible?"

"So, this is the hero's power, his Paradigm Shift. How magnificent!!!"

The assassins in pursuit, stand numb as they beheld the bestial interface showing the monster's stats with words that can't help but express their avid admiration for its summoner and for the summoned.

What's a level 900 capable of doing anyway? We fought Gnome monsters earlier on a level scale of 20-95, but all of them did not spell the slightest of challenges...Well, guess I'll find out as there's no use standing around while looking at that myriad of numbers. Shall I test it then?

I then tried to hack its skin with controlled ink-made javelins in its abdomen, firing it like ranged cascades of arrows from my back without even lifting a finger, inflicting the first set of damage.

\u003cDamage Inflicted....\u003e

\u003cBestial Interface Invalidated\u003e

And without any difficulty, the fired ink-based weapons pierced through like it was cake... but, it's HP is dully affected. It did get down to a 998,132, but like having barrels of holy healing potions, it suddenly zoomed to its original numbers and the wounds completely healed not even leaving the tiniest of scars... and as designated by the Ethereal Paradigm, the stats then disappeared from our sights, leaving me with nothing but a little clue of what it really is capable of.

Hmmm and here I am laughing my entire sarcasm off earlier, I can now see why they dubbed this as an 'Immortal' monstrosity. While I clearly am not a connoisseur, I think it's something not meant to be killed... but tamed. Just like how this old man did by whatever tricks he could have used.

"GUUUUUAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The chained, still trying to get off from the bind began to shout as his muscles tensed up more and more, breaking his worn armor to pieces and as well as the chainmail he is wearing underneath, making the ground shake to a considerable degree, but still not enough to deem the invisible shackles as 'impotent'... and as though the Gorgon and he, are one, it starts to violently move around uncontrollably as it seems to also have felt the physical torture that his summoner's is going through.

It's no use. The more you struggle, the more you will suffer. If only your brain had that kind of finesse to realize...

"Phew! Inviting the Gorgon to the little party while we're around... What a retarded hero." The priest started talking, but still with a calm demeanor...

"Monsieur, I've been meaning to ask amidst all of this farce... why can you be that confident? Is your trust in this man right here that great? Or is it that you won't care if he's killed right now." I can't help but ask. His confident face had been boggling me.

"It's both, with one addendum reason...", he answered.

"And what might that reason be..."

"Elementary ethos...What can fear contribute to this kind of predicament? Feeling such trivial matters in a battlefield would only be fatal ...It's unfortunate though, that these lowly assassins don't have the same mindset." He answered seeing the lackeys in fear, showcasing the very opposite of his unfazed expression. That's one hell of a relatable answer though...

"Assassins, run towards the end of the forest if you want to live! " The priest, while supervising Shiro in some sort of a barrier, then instructed the agitated remaining party members who are prior set on killing me, and like undignified dogs deprived of free will, they followed the priest's words running like cowards away from Euryale and me who has taken their master hostage still struggling to break free.

"Look at your loyal lackeys, leaving you like you're some noble excrement... Hahahaha. You even went so far as to summon your hidden special weapon. So they basically value the priest's order more than yours?" I mocked the captived hero.


"Oh don't worry, I won't let them get away like nothing happened... but that also doesn't mean that I'll offer them to you. Don't get your hopes up."


"Please do..." After all, the stronger your hatred, the more darkness I can manipulate.

"Now. if you'll excuse me..." I then left the shackled nimrod, to intervene those assassins from escaping the landscape.

"Opppsss no can do.." I then multiplied my pen's ink via a finger's flicker, manipulating it to become unfathomable weapons whose designs are my own and such that have never been seen before...I made it encircle the whole terrain, amassing millions of blades on a spherical formation, in such a way that it almost covered the whole arena hereby blocking some of the moon's light leaving the whole battlefield, dark-veiled and dimmer... An ideal place for me and my functional paradigm to go berserk anytime, not paving way for any kind of escape.

"Whoever leaves the arena early would be killed... That's a major rule in a war, right? But for those who want to step back on the limelight, please be ready to have few of those mass collection of weapons implode in an omnidirectional barrage. or if you want to at least have some time for your life's greatest memoire to flash before you as you die, then there are these vast shadows on the sole of your feet that I can also use to take full control of your being like your a mere puppet stuck in this circus."

Of course, killing them would be easy now that I know which has been restricting me from manipulating their negative intents, so I guess that the statement of 'Leave and be 'automatically' killed' is quite an exaggeration, except its beyond any doubt, the most plausible scenario they are in.

"Wha, what's wrong with this newcomer? He's, he's controlling such forces even without chants." One of the escaping goats began to accidentally venerate as they saw my creation and the dark terrain I created even engulfing the giant Gorgon with cold sweats running down their nervous faces.

Judging by that poorly-made statement, I guess 'Chants' really are a norm here... But, I just find them to be cringy and why would I do it if my paradigm works without it?

"CURSE YOU JERK!" the same Gorgon summoner shouted in desperation as the chains continue to shackle him with ever-increasing grip as his hatred also increases. Quite the hefty kind of suicide.

Now then... Darkness? Check! An impeccable priest acting as Shiro's guard? Check! The summoner under my control? Check! This Gorgon on the domain? Check!

"Hoi Priest... Be sure to protect the kid okay? Don't forget now, that you've planted a curse for yourself and in your lovely party."

"Hmmm, sure. The little girl is safe as of now... but... I've also been meaning to ask you this, monsieur newcomer.."

"Ask... I don't have all the time for this."

"How can you be so confident, against such?"

"Hmmm, returning the question now aren't we? The answer, however, is also simple...Elementary ethos... I've lost the ability to feel such trivial vehemence. "

"Such interesting beings indeed... 'Men' was it? From whence did you descended from?"

"Ah yeah, but don't generalize me with them..."

"HAHAHA!" The priest burst into laughter for reasons that I can quite imagine... Well, whatever...

Now then, shall we dance, Ms. Euryale?

The giant Gorgon taking some time to look at his master then sets her dead and deep eyes on me. The snakes on its head begin hissing and her fangs began to let out this neon-purple fluid that looks very poisonous from my own point of view. Its long body then encircled its master protecting him from my sight, but not from my chains... It will continue to crush him little by little as it gains power from his own arrogance and hatred.

"Newcomer... I express to you my humblest condolences!", The priest started to exclaim. So he really is also confident of the hero's ability. That explains why he is madly dauntless...

"I accept the warm greetings there, monsieur priest. One question though... Do I die? If I look at it?"

"Luckily, no. This is not Medusa... This one, however, is Euryale, its sister... but an immortal one."

"I see... Thanks for the data!" So, it doesn't have that 'look-at-me-in-the-eyes-and-be-a-pile-of-stones?'... That's rather boring, what surprised me is that he knew of Medusa, a very fame-mired monstrosity on Greek literature. Now, the minds of those ancient authors really have me worried.

And then the Gorgon aggressively charges, sweeping some sturdy trees along its path as if unmindful of the fact that this, is now my domain...


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