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Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
Author :ICARUS
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52 Amadea Mozar

"Music, even in situations of the greatest horror, should never be painful to the ear but should flatter and charm it, and thereby always remain music."

- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

While we stood amazed at the myriad of the bizarre sights that welcomed us as we took our very first steps outside of the city gate... at the end of the bridge, a lady of elegance suddenly revealed herself along with her surreal form.

"Good day everyone. I am Amadea Mozart. I congratulate you all for taking your first steps in this realm" With a frosty voice, she spoke as her feet slowly touched the verdant ground and as she gracefully bowed her head in front of the crowd with undeniable grace.

"I am one of the Anima of music" she introduced, with the arc-shaped piano in her back still gushing forth the most melodramatic tones I have ever heard. Spirit of music? Is this 'Amadeus Mozart Reincarnated as a Spirit Girl' kind of plot?...

I'm still carrying Shiro around that time, sleeping soundly, not to mention I am also carrying a bag twice heavier than her. Out of nowhere, and partially out from everyone's clear sight, I began to set up the portable tent hastily to let the sleeping Damsel continue her peaceful trance inside without being bothered by possible bug bites and plausible outroar.

"In your world, you may have had known me in a very different form. Yes. That Amadeus Mozart and yours truly is the same. It was just a form I took so that I can deliver the first quality music designed to soothe the soul normally without raising eyebrows, and with me at that movement was Lorraine Vaugn Beethaven. Yes, whom all of you knew as Ludwig Van Beethoven. But sad to say, the preference of the neo-era is very different from ours, and look at what the music industry had become. Moreover, you certainly are not in fault, so let us abrogate that scornful subject.", her face showed a very disappointed expression in which I can highly consolidate.

First, Amadea Mozart and now, it's Lorraine Vaugn Beethaven. Good riddance.

I wonder if I can have an autograph? Well, it would be a little dramatic, but it would only be in vain, given the atmosphere.

The girl version of Mozart continues on her speech exploits while I am also busy setting the tent, while a few who caught a glimpse of what I am doing had also set their sudden gaze on me wondering as to how I could act in such a manner. And, I don't care. It would be a major problem if this girl would be sick in this kind of situation. Done! Now that was rather quick! Such an admirable piece of survival tool this is. I have to thank that convenient store's old man again, the moment we see each other. Salute.

As I placed the girl inside and as the portable hiking tent completely stood in its apparent durability, I then zipped its fabric door to make sure that unworldly bugs that are likely to carry unworldly germs, would not find their way to the girl anytime soon.

Now back to Amada Mozart...

"This is your last instruction as you go on through the first stages of the game so please do listen... From henceforth, you are to set foot in a perilous pilgrimage, where Hades is like the wind, silent but is always at everyone's side."

As she said that, everyone took turns of sudden glares on the deep and silent forest laid in front of us with doubts that this could be one of the paths of 'peril' she implicitly states. The Anima, as though seeing through the hearts of those, began to state some word for reassurance.

"Are you worried that you will all be killed first thing upon your entry here?"

Everyone diverted their gazes from the forest and started looking down, which is a clear sign that everyone does so approve of the hunch of Amadea.

"Don't worry, no one's allowed to lay a hand of you as of this moment."

"Uhh-umm...How do we know that?" A girl with a shaky voice and although looking somewhat shy, found the courage to speak her mind in front of the vast multitude seeking assurance that we are 'indeed safe' for the time being. Not to mention, everyone here is at least red-handed and came unprepared.

"Y-yeah. How should we know? The first time we heard an assurance of 'not being touched' had one of us killed.", someone from the crowd also found the guts to reprimand the statement.

Well, it is highly foreseeable, seeing how Hermes also said the same thing, but still killed someone the moment the person caused him inconvenience.

"You all are probably thinking that Hermes and I have the same personality, but please do cease the horrible judgment. But, for assurance, here..."

A luminous scroll then opened in front of us with an appearance the same of the mediocre-written contract that Hermes delivered to everyone. Another message from the Magistrates, perhaps?

While the lady beheld the scroll, everyone begins anticipating to hear what it has to say...

"A letter from the Magistrates...! Those who chose Chaos Armada as of now should be free from any sort of danger or harm. Neither do they need to worry about pursuant soon enough. They will only be available for peril, given that they have had completed the following. 1) Re Characterization, 2) Have had found proper accommodation 3) Have equipped their first weapons. All is done for the civility of the game. "

As everyone heard that, not one dared to jump out of joy, nor question the remaining unfamiliar terms we have had heard. There's something wrong with that statement that made the entire congregation concern to some extent for the enemy team.

"Hey. What do you mean, for the 'Chaos Armada', what about the others on the other side?"A big man with monstrous build questioned the Anima for everyone, as though feeling uneasy of what the entirety of the 'Mirage Armada' might be facing now.

"I thought you all are already well-acquainted. Did not Hermes say it to you?" the lady asked...

"He did say something about the rules, the system and the classifications of sorts... But, just that..."

"That's all?" the spirit asked for confirmation, with sober expression written all over her face.


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