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Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
Author :ICARUS
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41 Low Profile

"Stay low key. Not everyone needs to know everything about you."

-Ice T

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

So you probably might find it unfair that deities from these different ranks are vying in the same gamble. You should not worry. These ranks, the moment you will start your journey outside the city gates, would be reset. And also, the Higher and Creation deities are not playing as participants in the game. The Magistrates act as the overseer to keep it smooth...and as for the Primordials and the Highest, I really don't know what they are up to."

"So, does that mean that all deities will start from zero?"

"Yes." The goddess answered, with a very enlightened demeanor

"And why do you look so happy?"

"While starting from zero means losing all of the power I have, this means I no longer have to be tardy at any heavenly gatherings! This is the best part of the game. I get to skip work!"

"Hmmm. That's so you...Still, this highest really is a very authoritative one huh."

"Yes. While the information in accordance with him is pretty limited and vague, all I know is that every natural law surrounds him, drawing his very power to continue operating. He has the power to create and to destroy. The power to make void and the cosmos. Imagine such power."

Yes. I can pick up the sense of the image. If such power is to enter the game, everything would be broken. What I found intricate though is why the lesser deities are the only ones on the game. Why not the magistrates? Or the Primordials? They're the ones who have the power of creation and probably, they're the ones who made us from the get-go so why must they bear this burden? Well, whatever the answer might be, it's probably not the perfect time to get it.

"That being said, for now, just maintain your status 'Low Key'." Lacrimosa said.

"Understood. It's also for the best that no one knows that we are not yet in an Armada. It would be bad, except for Celes and Deus who already figured it out, thanks to you explaining it to them. So, what gate will I choose? There are no such gates for the undecided, you know that."

"Great question, but with a simple answer. Go with the Chaos Armada"

"Huh? You just said that I must maintain a low profile, and now you're saying that I should take the route with lesser people in it?"

"My my! It's quite commendable, that you have presumed what Armada would likely have more members. You're right. The Chaos Armada would be outnumbered by the Mirage Armada judging by the current logic of those who have been dragged along. But you're missing something..."

"And what might that be?"

"It might not look like it, but fairness is a radical part of this game. And to keep the equilibrium running is of utmost priority... 'So what?' you ask? I'm telling you, there might be some special surprise that awaits the Chaos affiliates on the other side of their gate to compensate for the big difference in numbers. It might be, that you'll be given a special privilege hole, that the others on the opposing Armada will not likely have."

"Oh. I get it, but how can you be sure?"

"Just an intel I received."


"So for now, you have to do what you have to do. If someone asks you which Armada you chose, don't answer. And when everyone had their eyes set on crossing the bridge, that's when you blend in. Any questions?"

"As for now, none."

"Great. If that's the case then I should probably get back at my self-grooming activity which you disturbed earlier. I'll meet you soon outside, I also have some preparations to do... Or, perhaps you've also come here for a lewd reason? State it, I might give exceptions you know."

"Hmmm. In your little monkey dreams... Shiro! It's time to leave now! Say your goodbye to Pegasus-san and to aunt Lacrimosa!", I called out.

"Tsk... I'm not an aunt. Geez, how many times do I have to say this." Lacrimosa angrily stated.

"Ok then, 'Aunt' is probably too much for someone who has lived for 900+ years. So that should make you a grandma."

"Hmmph!" The goddess stomped her feet and showed this annoyed look of a tsundere

The Pegasus, however, is pretty smart. It understood what I was meaning to say and bought Shiro down in an instant.

"Okay then, let's not forget that fried chicken now shall we?"

"Oni-chama, will I be able to see pegasus-san again?"


"Yaay! Sayonara, pegasus-san... Sayonara, Lacrimosa onee-chan" (English: Goodbye, Mr. Pegasus. Goodbye big sister Lacrimosa!)

"See? The kid is even more sensitive than you are!"

"Hayst. Right-right... Could you now open a portal for us? Oh and let it lead closer to my classroom"

"As if I know where you're classroom actually is. but here you go..."

Then a portal reopened itself, but this time it will lead outside... For the last time, Shiro bid her farewell to the pegasus and to the disturbed goddess and together, we jumped on.

The next thing I noticed is that we are transported to a hallway that seemed identical from that school I am attending. I looked at the class identification and it was 12-B9.

So we are one floor above huh? But, it's not that bad.

But, something else was making my mind stutter at some point...

Lacrimosa will start from zero eh?

As I had remembered it, Deus in our first conversation said something like this..." Lacrimosa, in her ability to draw power from sadness, became equal to that of the heavenly magistrates and was forced to join the ranks of the deities so that everyone can keep an eye on her." Now, I think I know why everyone must start from zero. Having someone like her around would also break fairness, which is a priority, and not to mention that overpowered fallen viscount. Still, I think it is still pretty unbalanced. As long as there are sadness and despair, Lacrimosa's power would increase even without her acknowledgment. Well, it should be an advantage for me though, so there's no complaining.

Shiro and I continued to walk. The hallway's lights seemed to not work. Good thing that the moon's radiance is still in its heyday...Shiro kept holding into me, but now with a more courageous visage. She really is quick to environmental adjustments.

We then took the stairs leading to the eighth floor and found myself facing the same door of the classroom... where I falsely believed would be the start to another boring high school year. We walked one step closer towards the destination and to my surprise, it was lit, and it seemed like someone is inside. Maybe it's Celes? I can't think of anyone who has the guts to trend their feet again in the school grounds on a time such as this. It must be her.

Well, I wasted enough time on that hierarchy chit-chat with Lacrimosa, so I should hurry up...Not to mention, Shiro is also hungry.

Without adieu, I opened the doors and glided it to the side without thinking twice, in an endeavor to get my belongings back, with a little girl in the company.

Yet, the moment I opened it, what I saw is not entirely what I expected...there are way more... It's the whole class in an unprecedented reunion, and Celes is there too.

The others looked at me like I'm an unwelcomed guest, while Shiro hid in my back, probably being shy. Maybe I disturbed them in the middle of a very important discussion.

It looked like a major conflict just occurred, and the atmosphere says so too.

Everybody else is on the other side, and in front of them os Celes, taking a stand by herself. It was like a scene of "One against the world" from my point of view...What's happening here?

Well, whatever the quo is, the 'Low Key Profile' that I have to sustain...is certainly not to be forgotten. although it's crumbling at a very fast rate.


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