Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
39 Indecisive Circle
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Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
Author :ICARUS
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39 Indecisive Circle

"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."

- Pablo Picasso

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

"It's me", I answered while Shiro, unable to identify the figure starts to take cover in my rear.

"What? I don't recall giving anyone special access, and this place can't be a 'personal realm' if anyone besides me can enter on their own will. Wait... how did you enter here in the first place?"

"Just nothing special. First could you turn on those chandeliers, please? It's too dark"

"Just so you know, I'll never tolerate this invasion, you lecher. I don't really find myself caring if you have such lustrous desires, but what's unforgivable is how you disturbed me on my precious bath time."

"Yes, yes, whatever. But I believe that I came here for not such perverted reasons. Especially there's no way of telling what you're doing here, this is pure coincidence, and who would want to peep at you anyway? "

"You of course. "

"I can't believe this. How can a goddess even promote the idea of lust? Look, just turn on the lights already."

"My. My. Do you want to see me that much Jaiden? You should have just said to me without holding back!"

"Huh? What the hell are you meaning to say."

"I'm naked right now"

"Oh. Good thing I can' see anything then. Look, just dress up and turn on the lights. There's something very important that we need to talk about."

"My, my! Still, as persistent as ever...I'm coming over shortly." Having said that, the deity closed the door and clapped her hand twice, again causing the giant chandeliers to shine in illumine radiance lighting up the whole realm.

"Wooaaaaahh!!" Shiro was very surprised and as I had predicted, she forgot about the fear she felt ago like it was nothing. She marveled as she saw how vast that place is and of course to the mystique crimson chandeliers a hundred times larger than me.

"This is her palace!" I welcomed her, as though I'm the owner.

"It's pretty clean oni-chama...but, it's so....empty. "

"Yep, I agree with you. That Lacrimosa is very very minimalistic."

"Hm. Hm. But, Oni-Chama where is the pegasus?"

"Oh, let's wait for Lacrimosa, she has it."

"Huh? Who are you talking to? Did you bring someone else here?" while changing, the Goddess as though she was able to eavesdrop asked.

"Uhm. Yes obviously. Can't you feel her presence?"

"Well, I can. Yet, that's so brazen! It's like you invited someone to a house that is not even yours from the get-go" After saying that, the door reopened with the Goddess coming out from it in a red bathrobe. And the door suddenly vanished into thin air.

"By the way, you have any Pegasus here don't you? The kid wants to ride one."

"That's a piece of cake."

The goddess, out of her authority summoned one in the realm via a summoning circle. It's very playful and is passionate about playing with Shiro. I guess that should do it! I then let Shiro ride at the back of the pegasus while ensuring her safety. Good thing she forgot about the fried chicken though.

"Enjoy now. And don't lose grip to pegasus-san."

"Hai! Oni-chama. Ja Matane!" (English: Yes! Brother! See you later!) Both of them then flew high at the realm's wide empty space and Shiro is quite enjoying it herself. Seeing the joy she is feeling is somewhat nostalgic in my behalf.

"So what are we talking about?" Lacrimosa then sat at her medieval-looking throne.

"Uhm. Yes, it's very important. But before that, I believe that I told you to get dressed, why are you in a bathrobe?"

"Oh, what's this? Are you too disturb of the fact that I'm half-way naked right now?"

"Hmmm. Nope, I don't mind. Just don't complain about sudden glimpses soon."

"Hm. Still forward as ever. So, what are we talking about?"

"That guy, Hermes. "

"Oh, so he's done explaining everything?"

"Probably, but I believe not everything. And not to mention, there is this one concern especially for you..."

"And what concern might that be?"

"You need to decide what faction we're gonna support, right now. There are only two gates leading outside. One would be taken by that so-called 'Mirage Armada', while the other one would be for the 'Chaos Armada'. There's no such gate for the undecided. Tomorrow at three AM, we leave by either one of those two gates."

"Wait did this come from Hermes?"

"Yes. You might want to start thinking seriously now that-..." I am then interrupted as a small grin flashed across her face while stifled continuous chuckles followed, that she failed to suppress"

"What's funny?"

"Tehee. Nothing. So basically that Hermes told everyone that we should already decide what faction we should take a side on?"


"And this is coming from Hermes? That Hermes?"

"Is there supposed to be Hermes the second? No, I believe not."

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. " she burst into laughter which annoyed me a little bit.

"As you can see Jaiden. I would like to give you this piece of advice. Don't take Hermes seriously"

"Wait, someone died in front of us today by the hands of that psychotic deity. And you're telling me to not take him seriously?"

"By all accounts, yes. As you have said, he is, without a doubt 'psychotic' and that's why you should take him lightly."

"It's not like I'm trusting him anytime soon anyway, but why?"

"Fine. I'll tell you. I'm surprised though that you're unable to see this coming."

"Yeah. Yeah. Whatever."

"In his explanation about the factions. Did Hermes show you some proof to validate what he said?"

"Come to think of it. No. He just expressed everything verbally ."

"So that makes everything, nothing but verbal agreement right? A little bit more important than balderdash. After all, Hermes is also in quite the same scenario as us"

"What are you saying?"

"That Hermes is also undecided! And is still pretty good at keeping it low-key. As I have already explained it to you the first time I showed you this perfect personal-realm, the majority of us already had decided what faction they would support several ages ago. Except me, and a bunch of others, and that includes Hermes. Hmmm...You could call us the Circle of the 'Indecisives', yet 'rational' deities if you want."

"Say what now?" Then what was the point of that Hermes going and spouting such lengths?"


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