Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
36 To Question an Authority
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Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
Author :ICARUS
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36 To Question an Authority

"Nothing strengthens authority so much, as silence."

-Leonardo Da Vinci

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As the fireworks display slowly came to an end, we find ourselves ready to hearken to what this messenger has to say, the third time.

"Now that we are back on track, it's high time for me to explain to you the overview, the rules, and the mechanics" exclaimed Hermes.

"You all are official delegates of a game. No...It's futile to call it a game, it's a war. A gamble. And your lives are at stake and so is the providence of mankind."

"Huh? What does that mean?"

"Providence? mankind? Just give us magic already!"

Everyone started to murmur out their own opinion to the person beside them. Empathetic. It is confusing for the first time hearing it, and hell I'm still confused about some things but I know for sure that it will slowly be unveiled.

"Calm down now, I'm far from finishing. Let me explain to you a bit... This event, as I had declared earlier is named 'The Warfare of Fates', the very arena where we settle your kind's extremity. Whether be it a providence of Mirage or Pandemonium. Whether it be a destiny of salvation or of Damnation. Oh and right now I request everyone to listen carefully including the Herrschers. This message is now addressed to everyone."Hermes clarified.

"What are these herrschers that he is speaking about?"

"I dunno, this is the first time I heard of it."

"Me too."

Three in front began whispering, little did they know that Hermes can likely listen even at his altitude. We can't underestimate their abilities, that's for sure.

"Hmmm. Herrschers? Oh, Good question out there mates. Pardon that I forgot to mention them. A Herrscher is someone who plays an integral factor in this game. They are hmmm... the only supposed participants of the game. Yet, sadly you got dragged along by that fallen Deity, a pain in the butt indeed. We could just send you home, but as long as the game runs it is prohibited to leave the arena. That would mean disqualification and the consequence would be-...Oops, I sprained out of the topic too much. It's not my job."

"What consequence?" Someone from the crowd suddenly talked, yet again...

"Oh, nothing."

"Don't give us that nothing! We reserve the right to know! You dragged us here and you're gonna give us lacking information?"

"*Sigh*...And here I thought you all are mentally capable-creations. Isn't it obvious?... It's Death! You'll be eaten alive by Hades!"

And there's the punchline which I knew was coming, although I did not expect that Hades part. The moment they heard that they probably thought "What did I get myself into?". I know how that feels, although mine took me several years to finally know and the same as the predicament t that I am in, they surely can't back out now.

"Ahhhh. Please don't interfere so that we can wrap this up early. Pretty please, just let me do my job already! Let me restart by letting you know the fundamentals of the game as well as the terminologies. It will then be followed by an explanation of the rules. Oh, and I won't entertain any question anymore okay? Not until I finish my task. I hope it's clear. Or else..."

Hmmm... What a terrorist-style threatening skill, but yeah. We're waiting, and finally, everything has been set now in order for him to relay the message.

"First. Let me get things straight. You are in a game, the winner gets to decide the fate of humanity and a wish for themselves. Originally, the only contestants are those we called "Herrschers", but mere humans got dragged along and now must also play a part in the game. Herrschers are simply those persons that have direct contact to a deity and they will bare their will if whether that deity wants humanity to have damnation or salvation. Of course, it goes on without saying that they are somewhat special as they were chosen by the deities themselves to be their representative on the game. But, also I can say that it's fair for those not receiving direct instruction from a God or a Goddess since Herrschers are hell-bent to follow the deity no matter how rash and foolish they are. Those that are under no allegiance with a deity, however, can move freely on their own without worrying about external decisions."

"Who are these deities you ask? Same as me. We're the ones that govern the natural laws of the universe. The one that has been keeping you alive to this day. Ones that are now so annoyed of maintaining you, helping you out rising from the ashes. And we are here to finish your unmoved story. But, sad to say, you're existence cost us our division. Right now, we also are in a war - a PROXY WAR TO BE EXACT, EXPLOITING YOU AND OUR HERRSCHERS AS OUR PAWNS. This is no frantic story like Kiba or Shaman King where the characters get to exploit spirits on the holder's will to achieve their goals. Here, it's the complete opposite, We will use you to achieve our goals and motives. "

"Yet, what is this will anyway? As I have said. For us in this game, there are only two primal wills. Whether let humanity receive salvation and let them continue in their sinful endeavors hoping that one day perhaps the would embrace TOTAL repentance? Or to let them have damnation giving up all hope for that, which also has a possibility that we can't just ignore. And so, this gamble and its concept rose from the middle of nowhere with two teams opposing each other and where one individual must remain. That individual would be the befitting one to claim the wish. "

Oh, so he's telling them that now? It's a little late, isn't it? To tell them that only one can have the wish and not everyone can survive through the end.

"SO YOU'RE SAYING ONLY ONE WILL GET OUT ALIVE?", a man in his late thirties two meters away from me, although with a late realization, shouted in desperation while everyone's face also turned blue. They're probably thinking "Why did I not realize that? And now, I signed that contract! If I leave I'm dead and if I fight, the same awaits? What is this?". As I have presaged it earlier. The moment they realize the fallacy in their logic on deciding, this would eventually happen.

"Did I not say that to you earlier? Oh, right it seems that... I did not. HAHAHAHAAHAH, forgive me. But, you know, I said, leave the questions later and you dare to be intrusive again? Moreover, that was an integral question so I guess I can let you die a painless death."Hermes replied, with eyes brimming in insanity. I quickly covered Shiro's eyes as I know that the next image is probably not good.

And then the next thing we know was that the old man who intruded and who broke the rule of letting the deity just finish his task... is now lifeless. Giant sharp blades like elongated needles suddenly appeared below him, piercing his entire body, hanging it high above us, while his blood continued to spat on those near to him, causing a very quick cunning death. He is now dead and is beyond question. Everyone, especially the women was thrown in a deep tantrum and was scared at beholding such a facade.

It is, a public execution, except, it did not happen on television but right in front of us. As I beheld the grueling scenery, the cruelty and the unequivocal ferocity, diabolical memories of when my family got killed came back making my head hurt so much that I could barely control it.

Celes is also nowhere to be found, while the little girl, Shiro, in my arms tightly hugged me as she heard the diabolical screams of those who failed to surmise their horrified emotions. while the majority was held in the horror they are feeling, trying their hardest to not react, in fear that the same will happen to them.


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