Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
33 The Magistrates“ Messenger
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Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
Author :ICARUS
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33 The Magistrates“ Messenger

"If thou but settest foot on this path, thou shalt see it everywhere."


━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

Do pardon me for the excessive vents of opinions just now.

"Mic test. Mic test. Eheem Eheem" The city's public address system suddenly sounded once again, and in it is a whimsical melody that sounded alike to that voice that ecstatically welcomed us earlier.

What's more trivial is that he intend to make use of the multimedia resources of the main city hall? He could have just made use of his supernatural abilities or whatnot. It's too unconventional at this point. Hayst. There are no judging preferences now. The same could also be said with Lacrimosa in designing her realm, and that Phantom Deity who knows that we are already in an era where soap operas are almost non-existent, but still chose to dress up like the main actors.

"Good afternoon everyone! I am a messenger sent by the Magistrates for a very special task!" He added with this voice of natural anticipation. What's good about this anyway? You have us right here waiting for answers.

As I was thinking like that, it is apparent that I am not the only one generating the idea, as the crowd also got a little vicious ranting all of their anger and confusion of a sudden.

"I lost my child and you're gonna greet me good morning?"

"You freak!"

"Where's the mayor?"

"Bring back what we lost now!"

"He's one of them! He's gonna kill us all!!"

You could hear screams like that from afar. the whole population is in an uproar such that has never been seen before and you could see on their faces how baffling their scenario had become. It's apparent that they were cowering in fear and is in an insatiable situation to know how and why this happened to them. Well, I can sort of understand them, as I also had to go through the same. Now, how will that self-proclaiming messenger get over this?

"I know. And I humbly apologize for the loss you all were hell-bent to go through. Truly, I humbly apologize", the deity proclaimed with his head bowing downwards shifting his expression from being ecstatic, to now, gloomy.

"Sorry? Just like that? There's no way we can accept that!"



"Bring back my mom!"

"Pay for the damage off of my property!"


As though the deity apologized with a purity of heart, the populace reacted the other way around, with violence and in a rebellious manner as if the entire place was in martial law in the pursuit to evict its echelon. They kept on shouting their hearts out as if the person standing higher front was to be blamed for the situation. Wait, is he?

In my mind, the official main theme of the anime "Compulsive gambler" was playing in the highest bass and tenacity there is as it's melodies matched perfectly the scenario at hand. The insatiable hunger to know. The feeling of loss is far too great to be overwhelmed by a humble apology. And the compulsive atmosphere of intensity as the uproar goes wilder as time passes.

The scenery was beginning to be tainted by the color of the dawning sun. Well, we were quite here for a while now.

And then not yonder, as the extravagance continued, I sensed this faint dark charisma coming out of the announcer himself. I can sense he is irritated.

Then suddenly, without even a clue of what he is about to display, the deity lifts his left arm pointing his fingers to visible massive mountainous terrain miles from the island. From a state of utter chaos, everyone felt compelled to look into the direction where his hand is pointing...I held to sleeping Shiro more tightly as I know that something is about to occur again. And Celes who was at my right side is calm and undaunted.

"You sure are calm."

"Oh, there's no point of being afraid of a level like this."

"Yeah. You're probably right. Being scared now that we are here is but an act of a coward who signed up for war but is unable to go to the front lines."

"Yes, and besides..."


"Imagine this. For instance, you are by far the greatest nation that ever existed. Yet, a rival endeavors to bring you down throwing different accusations to you. What would you do?"

"So you mean?"

As we were still talking, suddenly you could hear sounds of trumpets blown by someone who got a D in music class. It was loud and it seemed to engulf the entire sky. Rolling from different directions. And I am rather sure of who is causing it as there's only one candid figure. Everyone, from an ecstatic tantrum of venting their feelings to a deity who is only tasked to explain the rules to us herrschers, turned out speechless with sweats running down their exhausted faces, scared and traumatized if they will perhaps once again endure an even more avid loss.

They're thinking, that if this is to be an attack it would even be more devastating, as the catalyst is standing in the midst of the island at point-blank range from definitely everyone here. But this time, unlike that with the summoning of that Atlas, they are now expecting it, still standing in their feet, paralyzed and stunned.

And then, the sounding trumpets ended. The sun was beginning to be ashamed as it sinks to the horizon every millisecond that passes... Lacrimosa is surely taking her time resting there in her grand and relaxing realm while something is still expected to occur here on the outside.


Through the PA system, that word loudly on the corners of the city. And then occurred the expected...

At approximately a hundred miles in distance, at the mountainous terrain where the hand of the announcer is pointed, unknown and peculiar-shaped creatures hastily began flying and creeping away for their safety as they sensed the danger that is fast approaching. Although, that same danger is also a little delayed.


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