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Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
Author :ICARUS
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23 Eve

" I wonder what Adam and Eve, think of it by this time?"

-Mariane Moore

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

"Well, she's called the Goddess of disambiguation, so maybe from sadness perhaps?" I answered nonchalantly.

"Yes. And from that point in time alone, having the great depression envelop the whole world made her seem to be equal to that of the heavenly magistrates or perhaps even to the extent of the two Primordial deities themselves. With an infinite source of power to draw, which were from her influence over the populations' sorrows, when in fact she was just a low-tier spirit moments ago. She was then interrogated by the heavenly guards, and our magistrates had no other choice but to give her a title of a 'Goddess' as she already surpassed the limits and so that, everyone in the Divine realm can keep an eye of her. But, she was rarely showing. She is even irresponsible and would skip discussions of importance. She is so lenient and was so unfit of the title of a goddess. And now here she is! Finally showing herself as a major delegate of a very important game. The warfare between fates."

Oh, so that's how it was. I also found it a little unconvincing as to how someone like her is a natural-born goddess. But she must have lived a life of an outcast like me. Or even worse...

For the second time, I looked at her, but still, she wore the confident stature that seemed undaunted of having her foreground told.


There is no faking it Lacrimosa. I have the natural talent of telling how someone feels deep inside. You may be an unreadable goddess at some times, but I know...you are dully bothered.


"Huh? What do you mean by 'then'? Young man? The one whom you agreed to form the contract is but an outcast and the puppet of the devil!"

"Devil? You say?" I was somewhat insulted as to how she portrayed Lacrimosa. Calling someone a puppet of the devil just because they killed, probably without knowing anything on the proper scenes. I know that this Goddess here did that due to a reason, and there is nothing wrong with that. Well, it's not like I know anything of the sorts, but I know that Lacrimosa is someone who would not resort to a mass killing via unreasonable rampages. If that's the case, she would have had been the one to kill my brother, instead of waiting for the perfect timing for me to do it.

"I must be honest here. Herrschers? What is that supposed to be? Game? Setting it simple, I have no idea as to what drivel you have been talking about, but let me say this instead...a story is nothing but fiction if it can't let the audience understand the side of the villain" I added.

"VIllain? My, my! That's a rather interesting view." Lacrimosa butted in the conversation while gushing forth this rather malevolent chuckles.

"Wait, what? Did you not read the terms and conditions upon signing the contract? How could you not know of the fundamentals?"

"Fortunately, no. Why would I? I was born to lead, not to read, and how am I supposed to do just that, given the detrimental situation I was in?"

"Ahhh. This is certainly not good. The goddess already had drowned him, he's been tainted by the adversary. There is no saving him now. Celes, can you do the pleasure please?" Deus Ex ecstatically exclaimed.

"Yes, your excellency" Celes finally talked, answering the call of the phantom deity.

Celes then stepped out ready to engage in battle, once again pointing her sword in our direction.

"Lacrimosa. Care to explain to me the quota?"

"Way to speak for someone who called me a villain."

"If you have problems with that then-"

"I don't have any objections to that, besides, I like it. The title of a villain more than that of my current title of 'goddess'.".

"Hmm. Just don't forget that you have so many things to explain to me later."

While we were still right in the middle of a discussion, we were interrupted by these words that seemed to be an enchanting spell...

"Thou art by the Primordial paradox, I command thee, to strengthen thou blade. Enhance, Velderick's Trancy!" Celes, as she was about to dash forth towards us made her silver sword turn mauve in color and from it, I can feel an ominous power.

"Jaiden, it was nice knowing you. " With all might, she dashed towards us and was ready to slash me into smithereens. But before the sword could even reach a meter away, Lacrimosa stepped in and opened a dark portal in front of me...

"As my Herrscher. The monochrome in my canvas, my representative in this rather tiresome game. Jaiden Cendrillon, I hereby command you to bare a ratio of my power." The goddess ordered. Come to think of it, it's the first time I received a command from her.

"Yes. Your highness." I answered.

"You really are interesting." She then dragged me to the black obsidian gate where she first made her reappearance from, and then, she followed.

At the slowly closing portal, I can see Celes trying to follow us, but failed as the portal closed in haste.

Inside, I can't see anything. It was too dark. But, around my neck, I can sense the Goddess's embrace. One that is impossible to tell if it is obligatory or just another act to enhance here 'feminine' countenance.

"Hmmm. Can you stop saving me already? It's a little contradictory to my gender equality policies. And please stop your hugging. It's not cute ."

"Not cute you say? Very well said for someone whose flustered. Well in terms of saving you, a Damsel in distress is always ought to be saved by someone more superior."

"Yeah right, and is this someone 'superior' you? *Sigh*...Whatever. First thing's first, why did you bring me here? Where is this anyway?"

"Just nothing. It's a realm that I created. I call it 'Eve'. It's where time moves slowly, a second in here is three minutes and a half back at your world. "

"So basically, this is a realm that bends the concept of time. How cliche. Moreover, If I must say, this looks like a bedroom of a shut-in NEET. It's pretty dark"

In all honesty, all I can see is Lacrimosa from the light that her body seemed to emanate. So Gods are glow in the dark perhaps?

"My my. Calm down." She then raised her right hand and caused a large echoing flicker. As the echo began to silence, a calm and soothing claret light then radiated from above which severed the thick darkness that engulfed the vast emptiness prior. I looked and there, were giant crimson crystal clear chandeliers unfathomable in numbers, which seemed left hanging on nothing but a cloud of light. The floor was very ambient and beautiful. The tile-design took the perfect pattern of a chessboard as far as the eye could see. In the distance was a staircase laid with fine maroon linen leading to a noble throne with a medieval theme and at the back was a gargantuan painting that depicts Eve in the garden of Eden eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge with a fiery red basilisk serving as her crown. And in the throne, Lacrimosa began perching, with both of her arms laid on the porcelain-colored manchettes. It's a pretty minimalist place. But, I was wrong about one thing though...

Calling it cliche.


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