Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
21 Phantom Deity 2 : Deus Ex
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Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
Author :ICARUS
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21 Phantom Deity 2 : Deus Ex

"So do you end your days with me, or do you send him to his grave?"

-Charles Hart, The Phantom of the Opera

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

"From the void you are, and to the void, you shall return. Aetherial lumina!" Celes loudly conveyed.

And then, a great purple light emanated from the silver sword enveloping me whole, like a fish in a contaminated aquarium.

"Am I gonna die?"As the light continued to envelop me, I can start to feel like I'm being melted away, like I'm slowly turning into thin air that will soon cease to exist.

"No, not yet." I can't let my life end this vile...It is not like I want to live more or anything, I just want my death to be somewhat grandeur, and to let myself turn to sub-atomic smithereens by this scorching light opposes the path that I wish to take.

I then remembered how Lacrimosa said that I can call her anytime from her realm if EVER I got myself into trouble and this is certainly a pinch. Wait, did she expect something like this would eventually happen?

I know there was one thing I know I could do. Fend off the extraordinary with the extravagant.


Without further thoughts, I called upon her name. Then it was, that I felt her presence immediately and the contract's symbol, which Celes pointed to as the "Insignia" in my hand, began to burst forth this flame-like darkness which was nostalgic as years already came and go from the first time I encountered something in its likeness.

From the darkness formed a gigantic gate adorned in both gold and obsidian and is symmetrically obscure in design. The gate then opened, and then Lacrimosa, whose eyes were gleaming in bright onyx and whose ebony wings were displayed elegantly made her quit none-ubiquitous entrance with an array of sable feathers as if it was of a raven's, falling in a myriad demeanor.

"Troubled now on the first day aren't you?... You're quite the delinquent"

"What happened to give limits of power utilization? Hayst. Taking that aside, I know you're hiding something from me."

"My my. I don't recall saying that I'm not hiding something from you. Besides, I'm not under an honesty treaty or whatsoever."


"Well, first of all, I surely can't let an essential element in my canvas die", she then snapped her fingers and split the violet light that has been scorching me in both sides using the darkness that had been gushing forth from the same insignia. And yet, split is somehow not the correct term. It would be more fit to say that the flame-like plague started to swallow the light. And then there's this large explosion in both black and mauve from the collision of opposing powers and there, in the point of impact, emerged this thick mist everywhere.

The moment the thick smoke ceases, there Celes is and standing next to her, a mysterious figure, a tall gentleman in a black suit while having this fancy mask on that's for certain occasions of the nobles of old. From my perspective, he is like the main actor in Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera who just escaped from the theaters, except that his mask is even more heinous and yet, even more elegant. Next to her is Celes, like Christine Daae in the same musical roleplay, except she had a sword and currently fits her title of "Prima Donna". Still, that man, I know something's off from him...I mean, the majority is just not right here.

"You finally showed yourself, goddess of disambiguation," Celes said while gallantly holding the 'some-sort of the magical sword'.

"Ara-ara! Pardon. that our first meeting would be like this "Miss I-dunno-who-you-are", but please do settle down. " Lacrimosa said with her usual tone that if I were to describe, whimsical yet elegant (simply put, a carbon copy of Luvia-san's from the Fate series). Still, why use 'ara ara'? Is she somewhat a hikikomori, anime-loving goddess?

She then casually descends, with her wings also slowly metamorphosing to a black robe that perfectly matched with her still, stygian apparel.

"How are you doing there Deus Ex ?" Lacrimosa faced the mysterious man standing right of Celes.

"Deus ex? " I asked.

"Yeah, He's a deity who had his title obtained by destroying the strongholds of Tartarus by a one-man show, whilst hiding his true appearance somewhere safe - in that, he was called 'Deus Ex Machina- The God in a Machine' who is called by the majority as the Phantom Deity, also the guardian of the holy relic 'Trancy'. Cool isn't he?" The goddess replied.

Huh? Holy relic? Is that supposed to be the sword that Celes is holding? And wait...That man is a deity? Why is she with Celes?

"I never thought you would go to such extent there Deus! Giving a sacred relic to a human girl that you are only designated to guard. " Lacrimosa added.

"Hmmm. It's quite remarkable how you remember that much about me, who you once called as an underpaid museum security guard. Indeed, it had been a long time Lacrimosa, and as you have already known, utilization of holy Relics are not entirely forbidden in the game." Responded, the deity.

So I presume Lacrimosa is also rude in their realm. I don't know why the hell she had this 'Goddess of disambiguation' title, but I think 'Goddess of Lenience and Nonchalance' would suit her better.

"My, my! You still remember that? Teehee! As expected of a strategic deity, but I think it's high time we forget that... Uhmm, as much nonchalant as I am, I never really knew that giving your relic is not banned. By the way, you got yourself a brave Herrscher here, I'm quite impressed."

"Hmm. Yours is quite remarkable as well, although it's quite unexpected for you to choose someone from the ordinary class." Replied the deity.

"Oh ordinary? There's more from where THAT came from."

Lacrimosa said while pinpointing that 'THAT' was me. It was like she was promoting some byproduct ready to be shipped to somewhere. Still, I found it too insignificant to be cared about. If someone here was worth considering as nothing more but 'THAT' it's inevitably her being an annoying deity.

Yet, what I can't seem to ignore is how Deus Ex called me an ordinary class borne. What're his criteria for 'ordinary', I wonder? Thinking about that makes me self-ponder if is it really possible for a deity to respect our right to privacy and let us live the way we want despite their prowess to intervene?

"Now, to the main point. Thank you for introducing me to your Herrscher in my behalf. I am indeed Deus Ex Machina, the Phantom Deity who hides his true countenance, also the guardian of the holy relic known as 'Trancy' of which you see now in the hands of my Herrscher, Celes. I have you know that it's a pleasure meeting you young man."

"Same here sir" I replied. More importantly, Celes is his Herrscher? What does that even mean? Why doesn't anything make sense? It's utterly questionable by default.

"Too bad though. Our first meeting would be our last" the Phantom Deity said, while it is also made clear that Celes is ready to dive into battle mode, wielding her sword with valiance.

"Last? Hey, Lacrimosa what does he mean by that ? ", thoughts like that came flying to me, which I unintentionally spoke aloud.

"Exactly as it is. You will be meeting your maker today. Still, I regret, that this was not your fault. It was the foolishness of your deity that will lead you to your deathbed.", the so-called phantom deity replied.

Yet, upon hearing that, the Goddess Lacrimosa goes "My my!" while giggles are escaping continuously from her mouth. It was as if she was ridiculing the opposing side.

"Teheee~. I can see you never changed there Deus Ex. So quick to judge and hasty in making decisions. Moreover, it's also understandable. You are nothing but an empty cog machine, unable to think independently." Lacrimosa answered...with a serious demeanor that I only saw once. the demeanor is nostalgic, but most importantly, it reminded me...that this situation is not a stage for comedy.

The atmosphere is becoming so intense that I wouldn't be surprised if something more brutal is to occur. Yet here I am, uninformed and unacquainted to which I presume to be the most basic things.



Holy relic?

Why is another deity here?

Still, questions are to be answered.

Secrets are still bound to be unveiled.

Until that happens...

I can't let it end yet.

Fortunately, I have grown tired of asking for death. He is a cheat. He comes to those who don't want him but hides from those who pray for his coming. Why am I saying this? I have no idea.


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