Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
20 Phantom Deity 1 : Insignia
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Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
Author :ICARUS
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20 Phantom Deity 1 : Insignia

"Wildly, my mind beats against you, but my soul obeys."

-Charles Hart

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

"Let's take this someplace else."

Celes having said that, I found myself in a dire and baffling scenario whilst sauntering from stairs to stairs towards an ambient rooftop, where love stories in most entertainment series begin. Yet, the atmosphere of this one, however, spells a different type of beginning, and I am certain that I am not gonna like it.

The moment we arrived, she then placed her paper bag-wrapped food in one of the benches.

"You're not gonna eat?" I asked.

"I will... after I confirm something." Of course. Then out of the initiative, I sat on the bench while Celes was acting rather defensive a meter or two away.

"So what are we talking about again?"

"Proceeding to the main point. Lacrimosa. You're her Herrscher aren't you?"

Yeah, this is what we were talking about. Truth be told, the first moment, Celes mentioned Lacrimosa's name, confusion mingled in my insides and yet I felt the need to be composed and to stay calm rather than to reveal superficial parts of me, even now.

"Ahhh. What? Lacrimosa? Is that supposed to be a video game character?... And Herrscher? Is that supposed to be rank or something?" I sarcastically asked sitting on the bench with a composure like that of a dead fish.

"Hmmm. That insignia in your right hand? That's the symbol of your contract with her am I correct?" She instantly nullified my sarcasm.

"Insignia?" I get the feeling that she is about the clock-like tattoo in my right hand, but why give it that very austere sobriquet?

More importantly, how? I don't recall showing this to anyone and it is impossible for anyone to coincidentally see as I had covered it with a wrist band blending flawlessly with my uniform, and why does she have knowledge of a contract between me and that Goddess?

Wait, now that I remember it, Lacrimosa spoke of the need to stay stealthy from these "others" being the reason why she had to weaken her powers a bit. Is there something that the talkative goddess is hiding from me?

Calm down. First, I need to give her a proper answer without stirring further controversy.

"Hayst... It's just a wrist band,. and even if I did have one, It should only be for my appreciation for art, nothing more and less."

"Oh, doesn't that make you more suspicious? Why would you even need a wrist band worn under your long sleeve uniform? There's no use protecting that part from a little bit of sunray. "

As Celes bombarded me with questions in which some I have no answer, I feel like I am being drawn to bottomless quicksand without any means of escape or of diversion. This has gotten troublesome that it's becoming a pain.

"Hey look, I don't know what you're talking about. Period." I then got up from the bench and turned around to walk away and to stop my further submersion on the quicksand of questions, but is stopped as if suddenly...

"Still will deny it? You leave me no choice then..." She replied with a very serious expression in her face.

I am a little oblivious as to what is really happening and as the questions began to bother me even more, there's nothing that I can hear except for the thumping of my heart as it drowned to the feeling of light anticipation of what happens next. Yet, something bought me back to my natural senses triggered by this unnatural turn of event, as she began to take off her outer upper uniform undoing the buttons one by one leaving this white almost see-through polo shirt. Well, it's a demented one for a plot twist.

"Hey, where's your dignity? I might fantasize about this later you know. It's an instinct for us boys."

"What? More like instincts of a perverted rascal!", she replied as she tossed her recently worn uniform away. I can feel the surprise she felt as I began to say those things that only retards can spout while I was acting mature, gentle and approachable prior. Not gonna lie though, she was somewhat cuter than I expected. She was flustered and her cheeks were going all pink in color. Yet again, unreasonable romance, not on my radar.

"Well, Just know that never in a million years would I cover my eyes from sight like this", like an expert rascal whose thoughts have been nothing more but profiles of perversion, I added.

It's a joke, actually. Why would I be interested to see her in her inner uniform? It may be a bit late but I would like to remind you that I have high standards given how that goddess implanted to me this image of surreal perfection... although her mouth sometimes distorts that fact.

Suddenly, my hand began to ache, at the part where the symbol of the contract was placed. It was reacting to something giving me this burning sensation and acute pain, that I had no knowledge of the possibility, but one thing is sure, that this girl taking off her uniform has something to do about it.

Celes, as she tied her long jet-black hair with a hair tie she has in one of her pockets slowly showed this large crimson tattoo at the basal part of her neck which is in the shape of a lotus flower. It did not surprise me why she had a tattoo, but what strikes me is that the design of the tattoo is pretty much like mine as if it is in the same theme induced by the same artist, and why is the pain gradually getting worse as the tattoo is getting clearer insight?

As the shape of the lotus symbol became clearer, the burning sensation in my arms also began to be greater. Sweat and an ill expression ran through my face and it was only a matter of seconds before I will probably lose my calm composure.

"SO YOU ARE ONE OF THEM," she said, as it was becoming more palpable that I am in a state of pang.

"What? Them?" Celes yet again added to my subsisting myriad of questions in the queue.

"Don't act clueless, Jaiden, the moment I first took a glimpse of you at that classroom I knew there were many that you are hiding and that, you underestimated me."

"E-ehh? And what are you pertaining to?"

"Oh cease the despicable response. Acting all innocent. The moment your insignia reacted with mine as I showed it, you began to feel this intense burn am I right? That suggests nothing more but that you are an enemy. "

"Enemy... Something's really not right here."

"Well, no use speaking with you, an enemy is an enemy and must be obliterated at all cost"

Having said that, with me in front clueless, she closed her eyes and made hand gestures as if she was praying and a dark-purple atmosphere began to surround us with an intent to kill me. The lotus symbol at her neck began to glow in lilac and then the wind became vividly active and dark clouds began to hover above us

"Donne naissance à une étoile dansante à travers moi comme le chaos" she chanted and then appeared the unexpected.

Something that eastern animation call as 'magical circle', although it was somewhat triangular made its appearance in Celes' side, and from there gushed forth a long sword, silver in color and was shining in its might.

Celes then took hold of the sword, emanating this lofty glory, pointing it towards me.

"French? Isn't she German?" No, what's more, concerning right now is what is she doing? How? How can something like this even be possible! The chanting paradigm, Lacrimosa also did the same when summoning the flame spirit "Ignitress" years back. As much as I knew my, only deities have this kind of power. No wait, the goddess herself did not mention anything about whether a human with powers would be implausible. Lacrimosa, there's something that you're not telling me, I'm sure of that now...


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