Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
18 Unprecedented Invitation
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Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
Author :ICARUS
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18 Unprecedented Invitation

"People are lonely. The network is seductive. But if we are always on, we may deny ourselves the rewards of solitude."

-Sherry Turkle, Alone Together

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

Celes went on to introduce herself with composure the same to that of professionals. It's no wonder how walls keep on building around her.

"As you have known me... I am the Prima Donna of Germany High...but in here, I am in no place to maintain that title, a title which I consider, as plainly nothing... So please, stop the formality. I am a normal student regarded abnormally just because of my last name and of my academic records, but really, I hope to get along with you all. And one more thing... I hope you can come up to me like how Jaiden approached me earlier. You can let your guard down. I don't bite." Celes exclaimed, with everyone's attention, pointed at her, except not one dared to even look her on the eye, same upon my introduction, but I never really cared though and I presume she wouldn't also. But, why the hell would she make me a primal example? Am I perhaps the first to ever talk to her informally?

As Celes is slowly sitting down, the class gave her applause relatively forced the same as mine, but louder.

"Thank you Ms. Reignsworth. I hope we will have one heck of an academic year together!"

"You are welcome ma'am," Celes answered.

"Ok class. I hope that you have had given a neuron for each name that was introduced inside your head, and for now please open the student's handbook which I passed into you. I'll explain some of the rules."

"First, as you are enrolled in this institution, you are requested to act per the international norms. I,n other words, belittling, bullying, vandalism, inappropriate behavior and negligence of responsibility are a no-no."

"Second. Instead of the former education system that is still implemented around the globe, In this university, we decided to elevate that curriculum that would spell the end of the existing mishaps. This contemporary educational matrix is called the "Merit Educational System or the MES". You can inform yourselves as to what is new in this curricula by just reading the student handbook on page 2-9, but, I'll explain to you the most important things to remember."

"MES offers quality education for free, regardless of financial background and it is needless to say that efforts will always be rewarded and the beneficiary will receive more financial aid from the top brass of the ICC. In other words, the moment you enrolled yourself here at AU, you are gonna start from zero. In here, all of you will start this school year equal....but, the mantra doesn't end there, fortunately..."

Yeah, and I think I know as to where this might lead to...

"Gaps will appear by lack of perseverance or effort thereof. So don't come to me crying when the institution will treat you unfairly months from now ok?"

And here it is.

"But, I know, you already came here prepared, so I hope you'll be receiving the best regards. Now that sums about it. The first assignment is for you to read that handbook. That will be for the best. "

Homework already.

"Oh, I almost forgot to mention. You will live in dorms for free, just across the street. Building number 3, the top floor will be for this class and I'll be staying there too, but in a specialized room."

The moment I heard that everyone including me was like "Is this true?" I don't think that features like this will be skipped during the entrance ceremony.

"Ahh yeah, it was a last-minute decision. Some rich businessmen sponsored this and the institution agreed as it is also suggested that it makes students build a network of relationships around them. But don't get me wrong! Not the lewd type of relationship of course, and teachers were also recommended to join in, you know why? Unfortunately, we are to be the neutralizers in case something peculiar happens. But, as they say, there's nothing better but free stuff and to stay at a luxurious condominium unit as that is the best."

"Now this is a school! In your face gramma, for your attempt to make me work" I thought reminiscing my grandma from afar.

Others were like "Thank God I can buy a video game", "Awesome, now I can buy the Gucci jacket I saw in a mall earlier, wanna go shopping later?", "We'll get to stay on the same floor as the Prima Donna? LUCKY!"

Hmmmmm. As for me, I was grateful as to who the hell suggested this hospitality, whoever he or she may be, they reserve the right to win the Noble Peace price. Now, I can buy one of those cheap laptops through the pocket money my thrifty grandma gave. Yeah, having a grandma who owns five corporations but has no interest to hook me into the grasp of money can be tough, but I know it is for the best.

"Sensei, what about food, is that gonna be accommodated as well?" A Filipino descent seated in front of me asked.

"Ha? What are you an aspiring freeloader?" A girl with a perfect morena skin-tone and of beauty which seemed like a long acquaintance of his said.

"Oh shut up already. Making you come here was a mistake. Hmph!"

"Well, it's not like I wanted to be here anyway."

Sweet. It was as if ants were crawling down to my body. A lover's quarrel perhaps? Paraded at that.

"Yes, Mr. Cruz and Miss. Villanueva as much as it might be a little too sugar-laid, your forbidden to act all lovey-dovey inside of the campus you know that right?" Ms. Ludenburgh teased them. Still, she was not to become a young teacher at this institution for nothing. I mean, how the hell could someone memorize the names just by hearing it once?

"What seems to be all "lovey-dovey ma'am? I would rather die than be like that with this cold Iguana."

"Yeah, says he who is a hundred percent authentic for females" Ms. Villanueva directly countered the attack with a bit of sarcasm mixed into the formula.

"Well, well... HAHAHAHA such display of youth! "Ms. Ludenburgh intervened.

"As for your question Mr. Cruz, the answer is No. Unfortunately, the food will not be provided. You're gonna need to buy it. " the teacher added.

"Whaaaaa? What a rip off!"

"Can provide a condo unit for free, but not food?"

Complaints like that soon aired. Well, sorry Mr. Hospitality whoever you may be, but humans are always like this. If you give them nothing, they will start complaining, and if you do give them something, they will still find ways to even more complain. Its a byproduct for their insatiable selfishness for free and effortless gain.

"There's nothing I can do about that. For now, let us be thankful for the free dormitories. Well, guys, that is about it for the first day. The formal discussion will start tomorrow at 8 AM sharp, don't be late till then. Oh, I almost forgot... meet me at the dorm's lobby for the room assignment later. For now, you can enjoy the rest of the day in your way. I recommend you start exploring the school. That's it. Class Dismissed. "

Yes. Finally.

The moment the preceptor left the classroom, everyone was suddenly in a group of their own, even the two who were fighting like couples had their own circle, lucky them... Luckier me.

"Hey, you're alone too right?"

Unexpectedly, Celes called into me, as she appears to be ready to leave the classroom herself.

"Uhm. Yeah, unfortunately, I don't know why, but the moment I talked with you, everyone was presuming that I am, something which I'm not."

"Well sorry for that."

"It's nothing to be sorry about, basically."

"Wanna go for a quick stroll?"


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