Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
13 Norms, Deviance, Consequence
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Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
Author :ICARUS
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13 Norms, Deviance, Consequence

" Life is a continuous paradox. Society forces us unto conformity, yet progress can only be made through deviance."


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"I hope that you will enjoy your stay here, and may the odds be forever in your favor", the principal's lengthy speech ended with an expected cliche which fortunately is a carbon copy from the Hunger Games, and also... is a little worse from the' life-changing' quote I expected to hear. The enthusiastic students then clapped as hard as they could, while approximately 90% of the crowd stands firm on their grudge held against opening ceremonies. And I, am a proud member of that population.

"Thank you for that Headmaster Radars. Now to hear the words of challenge from the student body... "

Well, here comes...the most-awaited representative.

"Let us all welcome Celes Stella Reignsworth. A round of applause please."

The moment the name was gushed forth from the mouth of the announcer, student-support started to tremble the venue, but the noise actually stands corrected as utter silence supervened, silence from a crowd that you probably have never known before as if everyone had their mouths sealed for good.

The moment the stage curtains were opened, there appeared a student opposite of what anybody could have had expected. Except me.

The girl I met earlier flourishing on her best colorful petals on-stage began talking on a graceful manner that had the audience cast under a potent spell, as if everyone who beheld her facade began to be pulled off by a gossamer thread. And that excludes me of course as I was currently in an acquaintance with a peculiar goddess and seeing her imperial emergence from time to time, made me a little tolerant of beauty, incorporating very high standards.

"A decent day. I, as madam said prior, am Celes Stella Reignsworth..."

As she began speaking, several students of which few were from my class began spouting words of admiration for the girl.

"It's the Prima Donna of Germany high!"

Using that line that was not too eloquent for me, students began to whisper to the other, which later became a ruckus as she was still delivering her speech upfront.

"She had her GPA at all subjects above others' and she top-notched several international exams even as a kid."

"Wow...what significant finesse and beauty it is!"

"I heard her parents owned a business company abroad with over thousands of extensions."

Words like that came filling the whole venue, that even the seniors were piqued and the staff began to have difficulties in controlling the outrage...but then, it was not long before she, herself intervened and spelled the end of her privacy being invaded by the network of information that students shared about her, albeit positive.

"Norms. Deviance. Consequence"

The moment she uttered those three words, the outrage slowly de-escalated.

"As you can see. Life Is a paradox that knows no ephemerality. It wants improvement by making us follow the norms, but it does not know, that true progress is and only fruit of deviance from conformity. Moreover, while deviance is a requirement for us to meet exemplary heights, it does not mean that we also have to defy our de rigueur... And that would also mean to respect this introvert that was forced in talking in front of a massive crowd."

And there it went. The indirect yet explicit bombshell that became the pedestal of proper silence. Still, she went far as to call herself an introvert, and what's even more interesting is that she publicly declared being forced to talk in front held against her own will. Not so bad.

"The deviance that I am delineating is certainly not about absconding professionalism, but it is about abandoning the norms of mediocrity that the world order considered too sacred to be altered. In a world full of players, let us not metamorphose into becoming one of these disparaging entities, but let us be game-changers, whose mind is set on things above, on the stellar level, more than a mediocre mind can even imagine grasping in their own hands. For this year, I hope that with the participation of all parties present here today, a school year of challenge and transparent learning is to be unveiled. I have no intention of making this speech of considerable length, but I want to wish everyone a great school year. Thank you and Godspeed"

Well, that was Prima Donna for you. Everyone in the venue and even the headmaster himself then converged her speech with gargantuan ovation. Probably louder than what the Headmaster Radars was given beforehand. You could hear the words "Encore", "bravo" and the likes coalesced with a cascade of echoing handclaps and other forms of non-verbal admiration.

Yet, as she is passing the mic to the lady in charge, she took a glimpse of me that struck me with the likes of a sharp feeling, that I am unable to explain. It was a dark, eccentric and malefic gaze that if I am to describe, is like the disparaging eyes of that one murderer-my brother from years ago, although, it was less murderous.

My head started to ache, with heartbeats raising at bare maximum as the image of that dreadful night again came to my reminiscence. But all I can do is to hold out the pang until the ceremony will soon reach its extremity.

"Thank you for that precise, yet wonderful speech, Ms. Reignsworth. Now let us hear the words from the Preceptral Committee of Systems Chairman, to acquaint you with the new curriculum of this institution and its majored rules and regulations" the lady emcee again began a chatter.

Before I knew it, the opening ceremony came to an end and we were instructed to return to our respective classrooms for the commencement of formal classes. As the curtains of the stage slowly started closing, it was then that I realized, that I was wrong of expecting a mundane ceremony.

Yet, what I frivolously failed to disregard was that bizarre feeling as she looked into me...

What was the meaning of that gaze?...

..Why give it to me now?...

..What's behind it?

Celes Stella Reignsworth, the Prima Donna of her previous school and is likely to be named the same, at this University. Now she piques my curiosity as to what disposition lies behind that fame-mired name?


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