Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
11 The Prima Donna“s Adven
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Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
Author :ICARUS
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11 The Prima Donna“s Adven

"They laughed at me because I was different. I laughed back at them because they were all the same."

-Kurt Cobain

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

"Enjoy your life here at AU now!", advised the lady.

I killed my brother and burned a household down together with a large pile of corpses, of which four belonged to my family, and for that, my world completely began to be monochromatic in all aspects as the price of derangement. I had become what this goddess called me the "Monochrome in her canvas". A sojourn that neither sets his heart in happiness or sorrow, not in light nor darkness, but constant emotionless demeanor.

"Yes, I will" I replied to the lady-in-charge while faking a smile. I hastily turned around towards a bulletin board where I am to know which classroom I will be starting this academic year on. I looked and read through the board, to find my name enlisted under Room 12-A8. The number 12 is my grade, whilst the "A" is probably where the earliest enrollees are batched together, and the number eight is the establishment's floor where the room is situated. Seriously, eight? That can be quite a pain since I hated riding the elevators. I would rather climb up the long staircases rather than having nausea first thing in the morning due to an elevator cruise. Without further adieu, I went towards the main building.

While I and Lacrimosa are having a little promenade around the campus that was tainted by the sun's glorious rays of light, the first thing that I noticed was the air being so fresh and the weather so nice and relaxing to behold, that it can make you entirely forget about the subsisting climate change and the rising global temperature outside the artificial city's premise. But the feature that added to its charm the most was the peaceful silence as students are still preparing in their homes. It is still too early to boot.

The campus was so wide that made the main building seem so far up ahead...later, a voice of complaining then again came rushing to my ears.

"What is with this torture early in the morning!?" The goddess said while portraying this weary face coalesced with boredom, although she did nothing of significance.

"The hell is wrong with you. No one asked for you to come anyway. Did I ask you? No." I retaliated...

"My, my! I assuredly can't leave my precious Jaiden on his first day of school in this vast city. He might get lost, he is still a child after all!" She added with pure mocking.

"So much of a goddess who knows how to mock. You can go back to your realm and replenish your energy or whatsoever. I'll be fine."

"Yeah, I'll do just that, but before that..."

She raised her hand a little and let out a loud finger snap. The next thing I know is that I'm already on the main building's eight-floor as the sign of the hallway explicitly presented.

"Thanks." Well, she did save me some time and energy.

"Of course. Ciao, just scream my name if you'll ever get into trouble. I will come and rescue you as your knight in shining armor and you can take the role of a Damsel in distress."

"Tsk. Don't you dare alter the natural law of genders. But yeah, I won't hesitate to invite you to my troubles, it's part of the contract."

"I am sure glad to know that you are smarter than I thought you were."

"Excuse me? Do you know who you are talking to?"

"Definitely. A teen in his youth who was graded an IQ of 146, but does not know how to use that intelligence to find ways to get rid of his nausea with elevators."

"Y-yeah. There is no arguing with that."

"Good boy. Ok, then I'll be taking my leave. Hope that you'll make some friends. I bid thee farewell."

It is rather sarcastic, as I think about it. The goddess who took away some of the most major emotions that are integral for socialization wishes for me to have a companion? Hmm... That is indeed, sarcasm at its best!

She then somewhat opened dark-themed portal mid-air and entered there without hesitation, a portal, she portrayed as a sort of passage that connects this world and the realm that she claims that she created herself. The portal then closed by itself leaving no presence of any supernatural occurrence.

I have to admit, every time Lacrimosa enters that portal, there's this visceral assumption that she is not coming back catalyzed inside my head. But, she always comes back. She always does. And that in itself alone, somehow set the alarm bells ringing. Why? Well, aside from Dementia and Antisocial Personality Disorder, I might as well be diagnosed with Schizophrenia this time, and I'll again be hell-gent to go through priced and grueling chains of therapies...I can't do anything but make sure that no one sees me talking to her, which would, of course, look like I'm conversing with an imaginary friend from another's perspective.

Then, as the superfluous barrage of thoughts continued, I found myself walking alone in the building's hallway towards a room at the other end which had a sign on the top of the door. A sign that says '12-A8'. My classroom.

I continued walking towards that classroom while taking several glimpses towards the large and sparkly-clean windows on the hallway and there, I can see the vast view of the school, and the whole International Clark City surrounded by the vast blue waters of the Pacific. It was quite picturesque to behold such a mesmerizing sight. Moments after, I found myself facing the door of room 12-A8.

Expecting that I was the first to enter, I confidently glided the Japanese-style school doors to the side only to find out that my assumption was at fault and it was a wrong, awkward and a diabolical move to open it up ...confidently.

Within the sunrise-tainted classroom, there was already someone inside. A girl that I don't know.

The words "Majestic" and "Junoesque" were not the firsts to have had appeared in my mind. Yet in the vast array of words currently installed in my vocabulary, it was probably the closest to define the picture. A girl was already there, leaning on the window. Her hair was jet black and was flawlessly coursing in sync with the tranquil and revivifying wind. Her crimson and black sailor uniform suited her very well and her charisma that I can feel from a little distance cascaded this ardent yet cordial display.

She glanced my way wondering as to whom the sounds of the echoing footsteps belonged, while I continued in my onset to not cause any unnecessary strife early in the morning.

I just noticed, as she looked at me, that her eyes were somewhere between pitch black and magenta that conveyed this " impassive oddity" rather than "brisk". And her skin was unblemished in its lively hoariness. She was tall for a girl, probably an inch or two smaller than I am, and while it was evident that she was a high school girl, I did not know that someone as old as I am could be this stoic in his or her stature. And her beauty? It was somewhat on par with Lacrimosa's (although still have a long way to go), yet I kept hidden within me the sense of impact.

I then suddenly redirected my sight towards the classroom not saying as simple as 'good morning' to her, as if I never saw an 'outstanding someone'. Continuously being watched, I roamed in the room to look for a seat that I would find comfortable and convenient to be in for the rest of this school year, which I presage again to be of the mundane.

The last column by the giant glass window would probably be the most comfortable to be in as it can offer a picturesque view in case of class boredom. I then got to that seat and placed my bag on the table, when suddenly the unknown girl took an unexpected course...

"Choosing to be the protagonist of this anime series?"

"What the hell..." was the first to be on my mind as a form of primal stimulus.

I then stopped midway from sitting. Well, honestly that is not my intention of choosing the last column seat. While Japanese animation always portrays that the protagonist always sits by the window, I chose it because of the convenience it can offer. Is she perhaps an otaku? Whilst I was not good at interacting with people, I tried to communicate normally...

"No. I simply chose it because of the benefaction it offers." I replied, looking at her way, calmly, as if I was some sort of a cool kuudere (which probably is not a part of my identity).

"Hmmm. I see. Ok then" she sedately replied whilst turning her body away from my confront. She then walked towards the door and with tones of tranquil aforesaid, "See you around".

"Likewise," I responded.

She closed the door and left me nothing but peace in the whole classroom. I took the seat that I wanted and enjoyed the little experience of tranquil or what's left of it anyway. How I wished that there's a school that has some kinda "one-student-per-room policy". I would have had enrolled there without second thoughts, but it was not so.

Later, as an hour hastily passed, the room began to be filled with students who appear to already have known one-another enough, depriving me of the amity beforehand. Yet, the query that remained to boggle me is the identity of the girl with who I had an encounter. A girl, whose outward stature is the closest on par with a Goddess.

I wonder which class she is in?

"Bim-pom-pam-pom!" the sound system by the chalkboard suddenly resonated, filling the whole classroom with silence and with a voice that seemed from a professional broadcaster following in...

"Good morning AU. I would like to encourage our dear students and school staff to head to the school gymnasium for our opening ceremony accordingly. I repeat. School staff and students, please head towards the school gymnasium accordingly for the commencement of our opening ceremony. Thank you" the message ended.

"Well... Another boring academic year. A new school bell begins to ring..."


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