Eternal Domination in Marvel World
1 Meeting Pepper Potts
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Eternal Domination in Marvel World
Author :Chaos_Empyrean
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1 Meeting Pepper Potts

``Hello! I wanted to meet Miss Pepper Potts, could please help me to inform her?'' Inside the Stark Industry reception hall a 18 year old youth was talking to the receptionist at the front desk.

``Hello Sir! May I ask if you have an appointment with Miss Potts?'' Mira, the receptionist checked out the Asian youth and was surprised by his looks and temperament, still she did her job with great dedication.

``I don't have an appointment but I think Miss Potts will definitely meet me. Please tell her that I have what she wants most, in this world. If it's not too much trouble of course?'' The Asian youth spoke with a smile on his face.

``That's alright, no trouble at all. Please wait for a moment.'' Mira picked up the phone and dialled the number for Pepper's office, ``Miss Potts, it's your assistant. There is a gentleman here to see you. He has no appointment but he says he has what you want the most in the world? Do you want to see him?!''

``Well! Ok, I will meet him, bring him to my office Mira.'' Mira hung up the phone and brought the Asian Man up a private elevator. They both arrived at a spacious office and saw Stark's assistant, Pepper Potts standing there.

``Miss Potts, I have brought him here as you asked.'' Pepper looked at the young man before her and asked him the question that was eating her alive,

``Excuse me Gentleman, I heard from my assistant that you have what I want most in this world. May I ask what makes you sure you know what I want?'' the young man looked around for a moment before turning to Pepper and turned to speak to her

``Miss Potts, you are even more beautiful than what is shown on TV.'' Pepper was in no mood to flirt and spoke in a stern voice, ``If your purpose was to praise me, I am afraid then it is time for you to leave.''

``Don't worry Miss Potts. I am only here to do business with you. Can you please ask the lovely lady to give us some privacy?'' signalling Mira to leave, Pepper spoke to the Asian youth once again, ``Now, if you could please state the type of business you have for me?''

``I have news about Tony Stark's current whereabouts. I wanted to make a small deal with Miss Potts in exchange for this information, I wonder if you are interested?''

Pepper was visibly excited at this revelation and asked questions left right and centre, ``What?! You know Tony's whereabouts?! Where is Tony?! Wait! Are you the one holding Tony?!''

``Calm down Miss Potts! I am no as stupid as to kidnap Tony Stark and walk into Stark Industry by myself. I only have news about his whereabouts and of course I will try my best to help you find him.'' Pepper calmed down after hearing his words and apologised to the youth.

``I am sorry! I am just very excited. Please bear with me, I have been very stressed ever since Tony has gone missing. Please! Sit down, tell me everything!''

The youth responded to her emotional turmoil and accepted her apologies, ``I understand your mood Miss Potts. I am here to help you solve this problem, Aren't I?''

As Pepper calmed down, she realized that she had never asked the youth for his name, ``Excuse Me, my I know what to call you and would you like anything to drink?''

``Please just bring me a cup of tea and you can call me Li Yu.'' Li Yu was happy that she had finally calmed down, it wasn't easy to do so.

``So, Mr. Li Yu, How do you know the whereabouts of Tony and what do I need to exchange in return for this information?'' Pepper Potts, who had now calmed down, once again showed the characteristics of a strong businesswoman that had been developed over a long period of time.

``I need a legal identity and a place to stay.'' Li Yu spoke with a smile on his face, ``Of Course I can wait until you save Mr. Stark to perform the transaction.''

``How can I determine that the location you give me is correct?''

``I cannot tell you a address, I can only tell you that he is safe for the time being and that I can help you find him in the near future.''

``Mr. Li, you have to lead us to the exact location and help us find Tony personally. Only then will I be able to contact Colonel Rhodes and ask him for help.''

``I can't go in person Miss Potts, but can you provide me with an item that Mr. stark has used? Even a piece of paper will do.''

`` I really don't understand what you want from Tony's tuff but all I have here is a File signed by him, will it work?''

Li Yu took the file from Pepper's hand and took the paper with Tony's signature and began to fold it. After some time, the paper turned into a paper crane and Li Yu blew his breath on the crane.

The Paper Crane flew around Li Yu and once again landed in his hand. He left the crane on a table in front of Pepper, ``This Paper Crane will take you to Mr. Stark's location, tell Colonel Rhodes to take it to the place where he was taken and then follow it.''

Without waiting for Pepper to respond, Li Yu continued to speak, ``When Mr. Stark returns, I will personally come to complete the transaction.'' Then, right in front of Pepper, Li Yu turned into Fluorescent light and disappeared.


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