6 Test Of Strength
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Author :EpicGamers159
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6 Test Of Strength

Chunghua then went away since it was almost morning time and many people would see her. Li Ren knew that she would come back today night. He went to school wondering everything about her and what happened. At night he saw her and went he went to see her she was in a panic.

"You are probably in a lot of trouble because my dad needs to see you," said Chunghua.

"Why do I need to worry, I mean it is just your dad," said Li Ren.
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"You don't know who he is," said Chunghua.

"Who is he then," said Li Ren.

"He is the leader of our tribe," said Chunghua.

"What does he want from me then," said Li Ren.

"He wants to see if you're strong enough," said Chunghua.

"Why does he want that," said Li Ren.

"How should I know and you have to go tomorrow because he is a busy man," said Chunghua.

The next morning he sees Chunghua in a car that looks really expensive and people were crowding over it and she came out and grabbed Li Ren immediately and drove off. People were getting jealous of him to be with a cute girl and in a cool car. Li Ren knew that he would have to lie so he wouldn't get any attention. They then arrived at a really fancy household. Then an even fancier man came out and greeted him.

"Hello I am Chunghua"s father, nice to meet you Li Ren," said the person.


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