Butterfly Effect Of The Hero
10 The cute presen
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Butterfly Effect Of The Hero
Author :Frostlitwolf
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10 The cute presen

The family of three finish up their food as Auria fidgets around during dinner too excited for what was coming.

"Mum and dad when are you going to show me the surprise," Auria asks too excited to ask more politely.

Harris chuckles lightly "Don't be so impatient hun. We are getting to it." and looks over to her wife and nods lightly.

"Here let me go get it," Her mother says as she walks off slowly to the room one over to get Auria's present.

Auria excitedly jumps up and down impatiently "Yay! Finally, we get to the presents!" And looks intently at the direction that her mother went off in with sparkling eyes as if looking harder will make it happen faster.

Eve comes back holding a gilded present box that emits a light aura of energy that if Auria were to put on her glasses right now would be able to see is very similar to the sparks that are around her constantly.

As if by magic, the moment the box gets within a meter of Auria a warm light glows around Auria as if it was resonating with Auria herself.

Auria herself doesn't notice the lights as if they were a common occurrence but her mother was very shocked, although she doesn't show it on her face.

Too excited to notice the tiny shift in expression in her mother's eyes, Auria takes the present carefully from her mother's hands as if it was the most fragile thing in the world places it on the ground.

"Can I open it now?" Auria asks her parents with puppy dog eyes with her hands on the ribbon read to tug it apart.

Her mother recovers from her shock and keeps her smile on her face "Of course you can honey. Just remember to be careful" before stroking her hair "It's not dangerous but it might be scared of you."

Auria's face lights up in glee. "It!? So it's an animal!"

Eve giggles "Well I can't spoil the surprise for you can I hun. Just open it yourself" before walking back with her husband to watch Auria open the gift

Auria then proceeds to lightly tug on the ribbon making the bow fall apart. Afterward, she takes off the ribbon and gently unfolds the wrapping paper.

Beneath the gilded wrapping paper was a glass box of sorts, and inside the box was a small world of its own. Full of tiny trees bushes and green grass.

Within that world was an egg, the egg was hatched already. Auria looked closer and saw that there was a hole in the egg that was big enough to put two fingers into.

"W-what kind of animal is that?" Auria says as she reaches her hand forward to lift the glass top off the cage.

The moment the top comes off the egg moves a tiny bit.

And in the egg's hole, two shiny cerulean blue eyes peek out.

After a moment longer a furry head sticks out of the egg. Long snouted, very fuzzy and eyes that gleamed intellect.

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What came out was a baby fox.

Auria looks at the fox with a slight incline down at it. In turn, the fox looks up at Auria and tilts it's head lightly.

For a moment it seemed as if there was a connection between them, and from Auria's parents' point of view, It was as if a literal connection formed.

The mana of the fox was much more powerful then Auria's, but when the mana of the fox stretches out it looked as if it was a mother caressing a child, the child being Auria's mana.

Directly after that happened Auria reacts as if she woke up from a daydream and lightly grabs the fox.

"I love it so much! It's so cute!" and rubs her face against the fox.

Auria's parents still stunned looks on for a short bit, before smiling.

"We're glad you like it hun." her mother says before whispering into her husband's ear. *It seems like we won't have to worry about our daughter's safety now even if we were gone."

In turn, Harris smiles and nods, before going up to his daughter "Come on now Auria, you have to name her"

Auria quickly racks her head about what to call the young fox before making an enlightened face.

"I know! We'll call her" just Auria was about to say the name the entire world pauses for a moment.

In this paused world a dark shadow exits Auria's shadow and looks at the white fox in Auria's hand

"Her majesty and you have reunited, I hope you can protect her this time…"

And time restarts making two sounds overlap one of Auria, one of the shadow.



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