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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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53 Yo Aurora, You There?

Another shot was fired, and it was blocked by the Cadillac and the bullet didn't go all the way through. At the sight of this, the Waller squad let out a sigh of relief.

"The bullets aren't coated, it's not an innovator. Let's get rid of him. Got his location yet?" Captain Waller said with murderous intent brewing in his eyes.

"7 o'clock, at around 400 meters," the deputy captain communicated Elon's location to everyone through the earpiece after he quickly located him. However, as he sent his GN particles towards the direction of the gunshot, he neglected their vicinity and failed to notice the approaching threat.

Then, Captain Waller gestured for two innovators and two regular soldiers of his squad to move towards the reported direction.

Deep behind the enemy backline, Jay picked up the enemies' communication and immediately knew that Elon was already exposed. Seeing the GN particles circling around four of the enemies, he knew immediately that they were up against an innovator squad, and perhaps all of them were like the Kitzu guy he killed earlier.

"Elon, you are exposed. Christian, covering fire!" Jay whispered into his earpiece, but his voice was also picked up by Waller, the captain of the Nexus squad. Immediately, Waller whispered into his mic, "Blackout," as he began dispersing his GN particles to disrupt all electronics in the area.

The members of Nexus knew very well what that code word meant. In the next little while, Waller was going to cut off all communication, both allies and foes. This move was a double-edged sword, but when Waller was the one in control, he could time it so messages could only get through when he wants it to.

After cutting off communication, the deputy captain eyed Jay's location to Waller as he located him.

Hearing no feedback from his earpiece, Jay knew something was wrong with the communication, and he knew he had to move fast and start taking out hostile units to force the people going after Elon to retreat. Otherwise, Elon would have no chance against those innovators once they get to him.

Da da da da.

Shots were fired from 4 o'clock, intercepting the path of the group of four going after Elon. Christian shot in quick burst mode and he immediately took out 2 ordinary soldiers, while the other 2 innovators sustained minor injury as they coated their body at the very last second.

Waller and those that stayed put were too busy dealing with the newly-spotted enemy in their vicinity. Upon hearing more shots from another direction, they thought two innovators they dispatched into the field were enough to handle a few average human beings.

With communications down, the two innovators originally going towards Elon immediately split up after realizing that the shots just now weren't coated either, thinking that they could each easily take care of an ordinary being.

To make sure the enemy call back those soldiers they sent to kill Elon, Jay had to make himself as threatening as could be to force that captain to call for backup.

"Aurora, lend me your power. I'm willing to do whatever you want me to," Jay immediately shouted in his mind. He had watched many movies and read many novels about people signing their soul away to devils to gain power. At this point, whether Aurora was an angel or devil, Jay only knew she was his only hope. Thus, would it really matter who he contracts his soul and body to?

In the past, sunshine only appeared in his world after he was adopted by Mother and introduced to the other three. Now, with both Mother and Alex missing, he couldn't risk losing either one of Elon and Christian.

Hearing no reply, he continued to shout in his mind. He knew he was running out of time, so he began shooting his UMP at the enemies. The only ordinary soldier left from the Waller squad immediately died as the 9mm bullets shred through his helmet and face protection. Knowing that guns wouldn't work against innovators, Jay dropped his UMP and pulled out his katana right away.

It was either do or die.

Murderous intent burst out of his eyes, and so did the crimson GN particles. After subconsciously using it a couple of times now, he grew more familiar to this feeling as the exotic crimson light radiated from his hand and covered his devilish purple katana.

The surrounding area immediately dropped about 10 degrees Celsius in temperature, sending chills down Waller and his deputy captain's spine. Originally, they thought it was just a crimson-tier innovator and that they had the upper hand since they outnumber him.

However, after feeling the chilling and oppressive aura and witnessing the devilish purple katana glowing in crimson light, they had the terrifying realization that the young boy in front of them could very possibly be the one that killed Kitzu and left Kitzu with absolutely no room for counterplay.
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    《Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World》