Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
52 The Difference Between Crimson and Gold
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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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52 The Difference Between Crimson and Gold

Christian and Elon immediately got into position. With the enemies at the center, Elon positioned himself behind a hay barrel at about 7 o'clock at 400 meters away with his QBU-66, while Christian hid behind an abandoned vehicle at about 4 o'clock at 300 meters away with the new M416 Carbine he looted earlier. Both of them were in effective range for their gun, and both guns were equipped with 4x scope and a silencer.

Earlier before they left the police station, they quickly grabbed four M416 Carbines since it had the most range of utility as well as the 4x scopes. Switching on the suppressor they originally had, it was perfect. In addition, they also grabbed a few grenades and flashbangs.

Jay swiftly traveled through the grass. Since the grass was about a meter tall, he just needed to stay a bit low to move through them undetected. He brought with him Christian's UMP with a suppressor since this monster could shred most armor at close range. As the infiltrator, he needed a reliable weapon of smaller size so his mobility isn't compromised.

On the other side, the armed soldiers were analyzing the scene.

"Captain Waller, they are all dead. Most of Kitzu's squad were killed by a melee weapon. Judging by how clean the cuts are, the weapon should be coated by GN particles," a soldier in private military uniform with the Nexus flag on the arms reported.

"Captain Waller, Captain Kitzu's spirit essence core is gone. Judging by the scene, there weren't too many traces of a battle," another soldier in Nexus uniform reported.

"That only means, Kitzu was killed immediately and probably wasn't even given the chance to fight back." Waller frowned as his face turned stern at the thought of this. Was the enemy just too powerful, or was it just a successful sneak attack?

But even if it was a sneak attack, innovators like them had extremely good sensory and defense abilities. It wouldn't be easy to land a sneak attack on an innovator, not to mention breaking the coating armor and dealing a killing blow right away. One would have to be at least gold tier or above to do that.

He was getting a bit worried too, because if it was the former, then he would be in big trouble too since he was only slightly above Kitzu's level.

"Call for reinforcement. Tell them it's a Code Red. We are potentially dealing with gold or amethyst level innovator," Waller immediately said.

The soldier responsible for communication's face immediately paled as he went onto the radio system in their car right away to contact Nexus base. He knew exactly how terrifying an innovator of those level could be.

"Uh... Sir, what are the gold and amethyst levels? Is there anything you want us to do?" the squad leader for the two US military convoys carefully asked Waller.

"You guys should just leave and go capture for more potential innovators. If the same group comes back and launch an attack on us, they will rip through people like you are a piece of paper," Captain Waller said with a stern face.

"Got it." The military people that were bribed into working for Nexus immediately left in their military convoys.

There are 7 other people in Waller's squad, 3 of which were also crimson-tier innovators. One of them was a new recruit of Nexus with limited knowledge on innovators. "Cap, how should we prepare against gold-tier innovators? What's the difference between them and us crimson?"

Waller paused for a second and said, "Gold-tier is the evolved stage of crimson-tier after a long time of practicing and mastering of their GN particles. However, although rare, some people could also directly awaken as a gold-tier innovator, and they are able to control a significantly higher amount of GN particles at higher density and master more ways of deploying or using the particles."

Deputy Captain added, "Out of the four of us innovators in the squad, coating and healing are the basic abilities we can all use. On top of that, Captain Weller and I can also deploy barriers or disrupt electronics with GN particles, as well as commanding the particles to scout the surrounding area. In comparison, gold-tier innovators would be able to do all these things but more and better. It's very difficult for us to achieve a breakthrough and evolve the color of our GN particles from crimson to gold. They are on a whole other league."


"The military people left, there are only 8 people still in the area," Elon said through the earpiece.

Jay: "I'm in position."

Christian: "Same here."

Just like how they usually execute this game plan in PUBG, Elon fired the peace-breaking shot, coincidently hitting one of the 4 Nexus members that weren't innovators.

Captain Waller's eyes opened up wide as he saw blood spewing out from his squad member's head. The attack was too sudden and quiet that he couldn't get to create a barrier in time.

"Take cover! Sniper with suppressor!" the deputy captain shouted as he took cover behind their armed Cadillac and tried to scout the surrounding with his GN particles.


Something's going on in family, I will be right back in 2-3 days. Meanwhile, if you enjoy a military-themed novel, let me put my translation group (Noodletown)'s reputation on the line to recommend you a novel while you wait for this one. I'm translating it on the side as a hobby so it's going to be free forever! (no premium)

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