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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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47 First Kiss

"You..." Kitzu starred at Jay in horror as he coughed up blood.

On the other hand, Jay also looked with his eyes wide open in shock, since his eyes were the only thing he could control.

Pa -

Kitzu's body fell to the ground, and Elon and Christian were dumbfounded as well. Their hands still tightly gripped onto their gun as they prepared to go all in with Kitzu. At the off chance that they manage to defeat the guy, they thought they could go and save Jay. However, the sudden turn of event was sure jaw-dropping to almost everyone at the scene.

Jay suddenly regained the control of his body. Exhausted, he fell to the ground.

"Jay, are you alright?" Elon and Christian immediately rushed over.

"Are there any enemies left? Quick, let's get to cover."

"We are fine for now, they were all taken care of," Jay said as he panted.

Suddenly, a voice came into his head. "Now it's time for you to do the favor you promised."

"Wait, who are you?" Jay said.

Elon: "You talking to me?"

Jay: "No, just give me a second."

The voice sounded again: "You can call me Aurora, I guess I'm your guardian."

Jay: "Wait, what do you mean my guardian, like legal guar-?"

Aurora: "Hey, too many questions, hurry up and do me the favor, I have to take a nap afterward."

Jay: "I see, anyways. Thanks for helping me, what do you want me to do for you?"

Aurora: "Awesome spirits like me, we run on spirit essence, we don't run on friendship. So, I need spirit essence from other powerful innovators in order to replenish my energy and become more powerful. Now, you just need to get the spirit essence core from that dead guy I just killed."

Jay: "Sounds good, where is his spirit essence core?"

Aurora: "I will need you to put your mouth on his and start sucking. And then, the spirit essence core will start coming out. Then, you just have to swallow it and I can take it from there."

Jay was speechless. "Wait a second..."

Aurora: "Hey, are you a man or not, hurry up or I'm never helping you again."

Jay: "Can I do something else for you? Is there any other way?"

Aurora: "No."

Jay: "You sur-"

Aurora: "Yes."

Reluctantly, Jay walked over. A man's gotta do what he's gotta do, but don't know if it was making the matter better or worse, Kitzu was quite handsome. Although he was covered in blood. He went down on his knees, hesitantly placed one hand on the dude's chest, and one hand on the ground.

Elon slowly said, "Jay... Buddy... you alright?" Beside him, Christian was getting his phone out.

Jay didn't even know how to explain. "Well, sounds legit. F*ck it."

He lowered his body and...

Jay: "Nothing's coming out..."

Aurora: "Hahahahahahha!"

It was at this moment Jay realized he was tricked. When he looked up, he saw Elon and Christian turned away from him.

"Christian, I can still f*cking see you recording! Turn your phone's camera off!"

Furious, Jay immediately questioned the voice inside her head what was going on.

Aurora: "Chill, big boy, I was just playing with you, it's just some light-hearted fun..."

Jay: "Light-hearted fun? You made me suck on a man's mouth!"

"I still had a couple of minutes of energy left so I thought I should have some fun with you," she said as she took control of Jay's body and placed his hand on the dead innovator's chest.

Slowly, a crimson-colored core of light came out of Kitzu's body and entered Jay's hand.

Jay: "I don't feel anything."

Aurora: "Yeah, no sh*t Sherlock, it's for me. Next time just put your hand on innovator's chest and you can absorb more spirit essence cores yourself and give it to me. Remember, I'm very materialistic, my help ain't charity. Get me enough spirit essence and I can lend you my hand. Okay, nap time."

The voice faded away, leaving Jay dumbfounded in place. What the hell was living in his body?

Beside him stood Elon and Christian, even more lost than Jay was.

Jay filled them in on what just happened, and the first reaction was received from Christian.

"Was she hot?"

"I didn't even get to see her clearly. She was like a blue phantom in the shape of a girl. So you guys couldn't hear her?"

The other two shook their head.

"Oh f*ck, we should've left someone alive to extract information from!" Jay exclaimed.

"There's a soldier inside the police van working with a radio, I think he's calling for backup now." Aurora's voice sounded again, and the three of them immediately ran back towards the van that was parked outside of the police station.

"FREEZE!" Christian shouted as Jay opened the door. It was oddly satisfying to now yell that back at a guy in uniform.

The soldier inside immediately surrendered. He saw from just a meter of distance how Jay killed his comrades. Knowing that he stood no chance against an innovator, he immediately dropped his weapon.

"My friend was taken by the police here, tell me what you know. And tell me what you know about that guy I just killed," Jay said as his body radiated a chilling murderous aura.


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