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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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44 Ligma

"They have been transported to a nearby health facility. Their blood test came back as positive for infection of the zombie virus, How about this, I'm the supervisor here, let's talk this out. No one needs to get hurt."

"Yeah Ligma," the masked leader shouted.

"Ligma?" the officer shouted back, confused.

"Ligma balls! F*cking hand our guys over! I know you took our guys somewhere else because they are not in the cell."

Jay immediately realized they are probably looking for the guy that was taken away from the cell before Alex, and there was a good chance that he's with Alex right now.

"Your friend is fine, I told you, we took him to a nearby health facility! I know where it is, if you want, I will take you guys there!" the supervisor said as he stepped out into the open, knowing that they wouldn't shoot him since he might be the only that one knows about the location of their friends.

Elon noticed that when the supervisor was talking, he was constantly glancing out of the window, even though he was trying to be really discrete about it.

"Okay, we got trouble. He seems to be expecting for backup sometime soon," Elon immediately told the others.

"Alex left the back-up key with me. Let's go and get some weapon. Two pistols and a pencil is just not going to cut it," Jay said as he remembered seeing the officers park their car at the back parking lot.

The group quietly left the building through the destroyed front gate and headed for the back. On their way out, they saw two guys on watch by a jeep parked outside of the front door, both armed with a rifle with a scope attached.

"Thank god they didn't take anything yet." Christian jumped into the car and grabbed his shotgun and submachine gun right away, and Elon immediately grabbed his QBU-88 as well as Alex's MPX, hoping that he could hand it to him if when they meet again. On the other hand, Jay took out the katana he hid in the backseat as well as his M4.

Then, Jay pointed at a little hill across the road of the office. "Elon, that high ground should be enough to snipe those cops on the second floor. Christian, stay here and protect Elon. The area is too tight in there, we won't be able to fight effectively and might get hurt. We will stay in touch through the built-in communication system in these battle gears, I will go in there and keep you guys updated on the situation."

"Jay, it's too dangerous in there. Take my suit, at least mine has thicker armor," Christian said as he was about to take off his Tier-1 Aegis.

However, Jay already turned around and left. As he ran across the road and headed back into the station, he spoke through the mic, "Later, when reinforcement comes, don't engage unless I give you the signal."

Christian immediately replied, "Wait why?"

Elon: "Because he doesn't want us to get hurt. We are out in the open, so the moment we are spotted, we are pretty f*cked. Just hide in the bushes. Oh by the way, he couldn't hear you. You have to press the button on your earpiece to enable the mic."

Instead of going right into the front door, he went around to the back. When he came in earlier, he remembered the backdoor was propped open by a brick because some officers wanted to take a smoke.

Fortunately, they probably forgot to close it since the fight broke out pretty abruptly. Jay snuck in, and the back door was right beside a stairway that connects to the second floor.

Inside the station, both sides were going at it again with bullets flying back and forth.

"Start sniping." Right after Jay's voice sounded from the earpiece, Elon pulled the trigger. He already had the cross on a cop hiding behind a desk holding a cellphone.

Bam! The glass of the window pane shattered, and the police could not be more terrified by the idea that there was a marksman eyeing them outside as well.

"Sniper outside! Stay away from the window!" an officer shouted.

The men in black-masks were slowly pushing forward, going from cover to cover for the staircase.

Jay also began shooting out from the back-stairway, shooting in the leg of the officer that seemed to be the supervisor of this place. He switched to auto-mode and began laying down fire cover, pushing the officers to retreat back into rooms and behind covers, leaving only the supervisor still moaning miserably in the open.

Some officers did try to bring him back behind cover, but they were brutally taken down by Jay. At this moment, Jay decided to show no mercy. He learned that he shouldn't trust anyone in the apocalypse, and he had to learn it at the cost of possibly

The masked-members immediately sieged the chance and moved up the stairs. They threw the only grenade they had left into a meeting room, taking care of the 5 to 6 officers in there right away.

Just when Jay thought the tides had turned and that the battle was almost over, Elon's voice sounded from his earpiece.


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