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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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43 Wait, Not Jay?

"Okay, I'm going to need you to come out," three officers came down and stopped before one of the cells, and one guy said as he pointed at Alex.

"Me? What's going on?" Alex was a bit confused. So far, not a single person in the cells knew what was happening. Everything felt odd, yet the trust they had in the police force was still there, comforting them that everything was going to be fine. After all, most people still placed their faith in the government to restore peace and end this apocalypse. I mean, it wasn't like they had anyone else to lay their hopes on.

Right after Alex was taken to the lab on the second floor, he was grabbed by two officers as a needle got shoved into his upper shoulder area. Slowly, his eyes blurred, and he eventually lost his consciousness. Lying behind him was another African American in a shirt covered in blood. The personnel at the lab then carried them both into a police cruiser and drove off to meet the helicopter at a nearby mini airport.

Watching as the car drove away, the supervisor officer smiled, "Two million dollars each, I wonder what's so special about them."

The guy in the lab coat followed them out. Upon hearing the supervisor's question, he slowly replied, "They could be the best weapon, or the worst enemy."

- Back in the cell -

"Have they ever taken someone out like this?" Jay anxiously asked the people around him.

"Yeah, there was another guy that was covered in blood that was later taken out."

"Yeah, just another one, other than your buddy."

Jay's face became more sullen, as he quickly speculated in his head the possible scenarios that could be unfolding.

Elon whispered to Jay, "I thought you would be the one that gets taken away, because you know, the strange particles that we saw earlier from your eyes. You clearly have some kind of special power, because the moves we saw you pull earlier was not something that could be executed by a normal person."

"I thought so as well. Why would they take Alex after the blood test?" Jay quietly replied. The rest of them familiarized themselves with the people and the new environment, and they were completely unaware that their buddy was no longer at this location.

More people were brought in after that, in small batches of 1 to 4 people. They all went through the same routine, got their blood tested and thrown behind bars. Just as Jay was thinking of a way out, they heard a wave a tumult upstairs.


A loud explosion soon followed, with what was suspected to be grenade exploded at the front gate. With what sounded like a shootout, the people locked in the basement immediately quieted down, not daring to make a single noise. They didn't know which party was fighting the police force upstairs, but they sure didn't want to attract any unnecessary attention.

Everyone just looked at the gate connecting the basement to the upper floor. However, at this point, they didn't know whether they should pray for the officers to be the one opening to the door, or whoever the f*ck it was stirring up a shit storm up there.


The door was kicked open, and a squad of 4 in black masks came in with big rifles in their hand. Now, no one behind bars dared to make a sound or even move a finger. Their eyes were fixed on the squad that came in, while the black-masked squad scanned all the cells carefully as if they were looking for someone.

"Boss, those dirty cops all retreated to the second floor, I think they are calling backup! Did you find Joshua and the others yet?" another guy came downstairs and reported.

"They are not here," the guy leading the squad coldly responded. He turned around and was about to join the fight upstairs.

"Boss, what should we do about these guys here?" a member of the masked-squad asked.

"Just release them."

"Boss, you sur-"

"It's the f*cking apocalypse right now, we need to collect some good karma too for f*ck sake," the boss said. Then, he turned to the others behind bars and said, "Just get out of here, or you are welcome to stay behind and fight with us." After speaking, he dropped two pistols he had on the desk and went upstairs to join the fight.

Of course, those behind bars were quite angry at the police at this station, but not many were able to make up their mind right away to kill officers.

"Are you guys all here for the wrong reason too?" one of the masked members searched the body of the officer, found the key, and let everyone out.

Jay immediately grabbed one of the pistols on the desk and tapped the masked guy on the shoulder, "We are joining you."

Many people left right away, but they couldn't. They still had to locate Alex.

Elon quickly grabbed another one and Christian picked up a pencil. It was the sharpest thing he could find in this place.

As they went upstairs, both sides were already under heavy fire.

Seeing three guys willing to join in on the fight, the leader quickly instructed everyone, "They might have backup coming, we came after two police cruisers left the station. We have guys on the lookout outside, but we still have to finish the battle fast."

Just then, an officer's voice sounded in the speaker, "Put down your weapons and surrender. We are in an apocalypse right now, as survivors we shouldn't be fighting each other!"

"B*llsh*t! You ambushed our cars and took our guys, where the f*ck are they?" the leader of the masked group shouted back.

"They have been transported to a nearby health facility. Their blood test came back as positive for infection of the zombie virus, How about this, I'm the supervisor here, let's talk this out. No one needs to get hurt."
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    《Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World》