Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
42 Po-Po Wants to Mess with the Big D Squad
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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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42 Po-Po Wants to Mess with the Big D Squad

"Uh... guys... What should I do? Should I stop?" Alex didn't know what to do so he kept his foot on the pedal."

As law-abiding citizens, Jay instinctively told Alex to stop. However, he wasn't getting a good feeling about this.

Were they speeding or driving dangerously? No. Did they have an expired license plate? Nah, just got it renewed earlier this year. But hey, wait for a second, even if they were, they are in a f*cking apocalypse right now! What did the police expect them to do? Still follow the street lights, stop signs and speed limits when there were literally zombies chasing after them and trying to kill them?

"Maybe they wanted to give us a hand, or guide us to the nearest shelter..." Christian tried to be optimistic about it. However, as they stopped, a police cruiser parked right behind their pickup truck, while another one parked right in front of it. Then, from the windows and the rearview mirrors, they saw six cops coming out, hands on their holster, approaching them with smug smiles on their face.

The squad immediately had the gut feeling that these cops weren't there to help them, but they were still hesitating whether they should make a run for it or simply retaliate since the authoritative image of cops had already been ingrained in their mind since they were young.

Now, all they had been thinking was what kind of excuse they were going to use to either unrightfully take their weapons, ammunition, and supplies, or deprive them of their freedom and use them as free labor. Or both.

Well, actually, it wasn't a surprise to them too that the officers didn't bother to make any excuses.

"Get out of the car, right now."

"Officer, what's wrong?"

Ka-ka. The officers cocked their shotguns and pistols.

One of the officers said, "I'm going to need you all to step out of the vehicle. You guys will be following us back to the station, understand? We need to get you guys tested to see if you are in the clear for the zombie virus and transfer you to the refugee camp."

Then, the officers proceeded to break the group into two cruisers to escort back to the station, while an officer drove their pickup truck back.

The squad was all confused, but they still followed the police to their station across the street of the Miami Trail Range, trying their best to avoid a conflict.

After driving into the station, Jay could already tell that something was off. There were many other people, but they were all behind bars for some reason.

"Here, sit down, roll your sleeve up, we will be taking your blood for a test, and meanwhile, you will be staying in a cell with your buddies while we wait for your result," a cop said.

After all four of them did the blood test, they were escorted to a cell.

"Officer, how long is the wait? We still have to get back home to our parents," Elon asked the cop that was locking the door behind them, but there was no reply.

Alex: "Something smells fishy as hell, why are they detaining people when there's a f*cking apocalypse out there?"

Jay approached the people sharing the same cell as them and in the neighboring cells. "What's going on here? Did you get the blood test done as well?"

"We got detained right before the second wave when we were trying to drive to our cottage, the police cruisers stopped us, confiscated our stuff, did the blood tests and then we've been here ever since."

"Yeah, same here, except we got brought in about 3 hours ago."

"Holy f*ck, what's going to happen to all of us? When are they going to let us go?"

"Don't know man, we've been here for two days already, and they only feed us 2 meals and some water on the first day."

"Well, I heard there were a few gang members that got into a gunfight when the cops tried to stop them by the road. Only one guy survived from that fight, and he's kept upstairs with some nurse or something."

"Yeah, he was all bloody when they brought him in. They just threw him into the same cell as us, but somehow his wounds were healing up very quickly, so they took them upstairs."

The guys in the cells began discussing again after new people were brought in, the whole area was located in the basement while the other officers stayed on the upper floors after putting them behind bars.

- On-site Laboratory -

"Jackpot, finally! We found another guy with the innovator bloodline! Plus the gang member that has ridiculously fast self-healing speed, that's two already!" a man in white lab coat exclaimed!

"We got almost a hundred people down there, you only found two innovators?" a guy in uniform asked.

"Well, it's extremely rare, and it's been said that you would be lucky to come across one in every a thousand people," a supervisor of the laboratory said. "With that been said, there could be more, but the equipment we have can only detect low to mid-grade GN particles in the blood, so I can't say for sure that we got all the innovators in the crowd."

"Well, that one in a thousand number isn't valid now, because many ordinary citizens died and the innovators have a lot higher chance of surviving. Anyways, the high-grade ones are worth ten times the money, is there no other way to filter them again for high-grade innovators?" the guy in uniform asked again.

"Well, Sir, that's why I advised you to keep them all locked up for now. A normal person would be dying without water for 3 days, while innovators would be just fine. We will just wait and see. If someone does manage to survive, then he must be a high-grade innovator," said the supervisor in a lab coat.

"Are we going to release them after testing them for 3 days and feed them food and water once we rule out that they aren't innovators?" the supervisor in a lab coat asked cautiously, his tone carrying a hint of fear for the guy in uniform.

"Of course not. They've seen too much. We are told to do everything discreetly. Anyways, get those two innovators ready, I will call in a helicopter to transport them."


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