Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
37 Oh F*ck, I Knew It Wouldn“t Be This Easy!
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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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37 Oh F*ck, I Knew It Wouldn“t Be This Easy!

Planes began soaring across the sky, signalling the start of Wave #3. The zombie crates heavily dropped onto the ground.

Don't know if it was the increased difficulty of Wave #3 or because the squad got full battle gear sets which triggered another difficulty increase in the system, there were about 9 crates that landed. Going by the old assumption of 24 zombies per crate, the group was faced with 216 zombies, with more concentrated on the front.

Jay assigned Alex to cover the backyard, Elon on mobile support to deliver assistance to whichever side that needed help. With Christian, Jay laid down heavy fire and guarded the choke at the front gate.

The plan was working! Although some zombies were running quite fast at them, there was a flaw in the design of the zombies' pathing, where they would just blindly follow the direction that seemed to have an opening, where in fact was much more dangerous than trying to take down the obstacle. It was fortunate that the zombies weren't equipped with such analytical and risk assessment abilities, or could it simply be designed to be this weak since they were only on the difficulty level of Wave #3?

The group basically massacred the zombies coming at them. A few zombies didn't execute the proper pathing and wanted to climb the fence, but they were soon shot down by Elon's QBU.

Although this was the biggest wave they've encountered, it was the easiest battle they had. After a quick discussion, they decided to fire a few rounds without silencer so they could lure more zombies over to get more credits.

Since all of their account balance were linked to Jay's Nirvana tablet, the increase in credits reflected the sum of zombies they killed. In total, the group got 290 credits from this battle, totalling up to 26,685 credits.

Thinking that the wave was almost over, Elon brought up the laptop to check out Youtube to see what was going on around the world, only to be shocked by the trending live-streaming videos.

It was a news company with a brave reporting team working in a helicopter, surveying the aerial space above Miami.

"Tens of thousands of Miami citizens were refuged in District 12 Miami Coast Guard Base area in Miami Beach, Florida, but right now we are seeing a heavy attack directed towards the military base! This is Christine Walter, brought to you live from ABC News."

District 12 is located on an island in Biscayne Bay, and the refuges were stationed on ships and yachts. However, even though the military base was surrounded by water, they were still under heavy attack, as many crates landed straight onto the island, completely destroying the military's formation and attacking the backline,

The soldiers were forced into smaller groups as the crates divided the island. Although District 12 was a military base equipped with an adequate level of fire power, the difficulty of the wave also increased significantly for them.

From the footage, they even saw the horrifying sight of mutated zombies! There were a few muscular giants that were at least twice the height of the troops on the ground, and the bullets seemed to have no effect on them as they just charged into crowds and slaughtered all humans in sight. Faintly, Alex also spotted a few dark shadows that seemed to be down on all four limbs but were able to jump a significant distance onto their targets, clawing the unfortunate victims to death. Christian also spotted a few that could shoot out their tongue or whatever it was from their mouth, catching their targets completely off guard in the distance and pull them over.

"Quick, check the app's Wiki page and see if someone posted any information about those things," Jay quickly told Elon to check the tablet.

"These zombies do look familiar, are they ripping off of Resident Evil or Left 4 Dead 2? I swear I've seen those characteristics and abilities on those mutated zombies in those games before!" Christian suddenly remembered as he slapped himself on the back of his head and said.

"Well, it's really just the basic types of zombie mutation - speed, range, size. I just hope Nirvana doesn't come out with some insanely overpowered ones that could go invisible or some sh*t. I think I would rather kill myself than let you guys see me sh*t my pants," Alex said half-jokingly.

"Oh hey, there are instructions on how to contribute to the Wiki section." Elon was led to a mini tutorial session since he was opening the Wiki tab for the very first time. "Oh wow, so there are all these zombie cards with name revealed but their picture blurred. To reveal basic stats and abilities on a specific zombie, you need to take a clear picture of it using the app."

"Okay, now I'm pretty sure the people behind Nirvana are basically designing this like a game, and we are the players in this game. Seriously, what is he trying to achieve with this?" Jay was completely confused.

"But hey, you also get to contribute by adding tips on how to deal with specific zombies, as well as hidden abilities the zombies may have. The rule says that if other people found your tips useful, or if you are the first one that correctly unveils a hidden ability, you will get contribution points. Your contribution points also refreshes every week," Elon read the tutorial carefully and shared with the group.

"Wait, what are the contribution points for?"

"Give me a second! Still trying to read yo."
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    《Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World》