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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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36 Third Wave Incoming

Jay was a bit surprised by what John said. Truth be told, he never had a good impression on members of mafias, but he realized that not everything or everyone was just black and white.

Alex, Elon, and Christian began packing right away. Elon was right, the back of the store was a place often overlooked, and there were tons of desirable resources like bottled water, packaged and canned food, dry food, and so on.

Meanwhile, Jay started exchanging information with John as appreciation for being willing to share the abundant resources in here.

Jay: "Did you guys get the tablet yet?"

John: "We were hesitating. It's quite expensive, but if we pool everyone's points together we have enough. Plus, we also have quite a bit of cash in our bank, but we are also on the fence about whether we should convert what we have to Nirvana credits..."

Jay: "Firstly, get the tablet, it will give you access to a lot of advanced combat suits, gears, and important gadgets. We got these combat gears plus a gadget that can prevent zombies from dropping on top of our house. I think it will come in handy with the amount of guns and ammo you have at your base. Secondly, you should probably convert most of your money to the credits. You saw how advanced Nirvana's technology is, they can rob us blind if they wanted to. On the other hand, with all the sh*t going on, no one can guarantee how much longer the banks can keep operating for; if they declare bankruptcy, there's no guarantee when you will get your money back."

John kept on nodding as he listened. "Got it, I will do that right after we get back. We are almost done packing, you want us to lend you a hand?"

Jay was a bit speechless when he saw John brought two trucks plus a trailer. "It's fine, we got it, you guys should get back and hopefully be on time to order a supply drop before the zombies come."

John reached out and shook Jay's hand. "Yeah bro, we will get going then. Oh by the way, you guys should grab some vegetable seeds on the third aisle in that area," he said as he pointed to his right side. "Fresh food will probably run out soon, so you better start growing your own. Haha, we are used to growing weed in our backyard, so we thought hey, might as well farm some bok choy, lettuce, or spinach. You can harvest them in about a month, they are one of the fastest growing vegetables out there. Haha, my son searched it up right after the internet went online, I guess he's more experienced in surviving a zombie apocalypse than me. Damn, I should've told him to play more of those games. But yeah, I think farming is fine as long as you have clean water."

Farming actually never came across Jay's mind yet, the idea is brilliant! In the long run, they do have to work towards self-sustainability, like growing food, collecting rainwater, or even farm some chickens.

"Thanks man, I will keep that in mind. Yeah, those seeds will definitely come in handy."

"Oh and by the way, the days will be tough, and it will be stressful, if you want any weed let me know, I got the good stuff, I gotchu Bro, won't charge a dime."

"Thanks for the offer, I will let you know haha," Jay laughed and politely declined.

John left with his crew after exchanging contact with Jay on the Nirvana app, and the Big D squad quickly finished filling all the space they had in their car and on the trailer.

Overall, it was quite a fruitful run, and the squad quickly rushed back to their house with about thirty minutes left until 3 PM.

Without much time to unpack, the group parked the car and trailer in their neighbor's house by the fence of their house, and began setting up their battleground.

The cylindrical device they got from the drop was literally called "Don't Drop Here" on the app, and Elon set it up in the middle of their second floor, which allowed the coverage to reach both the front and back yard, as well as some of the neighbors' property on both sides.

Then, after bringing all the bullets onto the balcony, they set up their guns on the high ground, giving them vision of the entire perimeter around their house.

After experiencing the previous 2 waves, the group noticed some patterns regarding their zombies' pathing. The zombies would first locate their target and travel towards it in a straight line by default. They could also detect obstacles and try to maneuver around or over it, before trying to push aside or destroy the obstacle in their way.

Elon noticed earlier that a zombie was just pushing against a fence while there was a door about 5 meters away from it on the side, therefore it was possible that the zombies have limited problem-solving abilities when it comes to pathing. Later, Elon also saw a zombie successfully walking past the fence through that opening, and the zombie that was initially stuck seemed to receive the information and followed the pathing of the zombie that made it through. Thus, it could be concluded that the zombies either had a central control or knowledge system that links all of them all together, or they could follow other zombies through some means of communication or sensory relay.

With that knowledge, to avoid having the zombies break down their fence, Jay decided to partially open the front and back gates, but place the shopping carts down on its side and jam it at the bottom of the open gates. This way, the zombies should be all coming through from the opened gates but would trip over the cart, thus have their speed significantly decreased. Then, with all the zombies basically lining up to come through the small gates that were only opened to about a meter wide, the bullets could do some sweet collateral damage to help the squad save some ammunition.
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    《Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World》