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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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32 Phew That was Close

The sixth circle spans 185.4 meters in diameter, and it was right on the big bridge about two hundred meters north of Pai Nan.

There were 9 people left, and excluding the four of them, that would be 5 enemies, which makes at least two hostile squads.

Big D Squad was initially at Pai Nan, and they quickly moved up north. At that time, the group had close to their optimal loadout.

"Two enemies spotted at 30, inside those buildings," Elon spotted with the 8x scope on his Kar98.

Jay: "Lay low, keep an eye on them and locate the other 3 people. Let's not give away our location."

The squad walked along the river so the elevation of the land could provide them cover towards one side while Christian was keeping an eye out for potential threats outside of the water bank.

Alex: "Two guys on the bridge. Just one more guy missing now."


Suddenly, a silencer-shot was fired from the general northwest direction, most likely from the bridge.

Alex shouted, "Yeah that's the last guy, that shot wasn't fired from those two I just reported.

From his 4x scope on UMP, he could see that the two men on the bridge were just hiding behind an abandoned car and possibly looting or healing.

The shot was actually directed at the two guys in the building, and a fierce round of spray-and-pray immediately began. But the strange thing was, that silenced sniper shot was never heard again as if he wasn't on either side and was only there to stir sh*t up.

The 7th circle was about to close in, and it was directly on the bridge, so the people at the buildings had to smoke the road so they could run from cover to cover towards the bridge.

Jay: "Let's move too, three guys on the bridge."

Alex: "Wait, where's the third one?"

Jay: "At the very top of the bridge, right above the two guys you are looking at."

And right then, they saw a guy lying on the ledge on top of the bridge with a silenced sniper.

Elon: "F*ck! He's looking at us too!"

Pew -

Since the distance between them was less than 150 meters, the AWM's damage was at the highest that even a level 3 helmet couldn't stop it from one-shotting.

In addition, with the short distance between them, it was much easier for him to hit the shot.

[Hairy Pickle headshot-downed Ricedoctor]

Alex: "Oh f*ck, it's actually him!"

"Smoking!" Jay immediately threw down the smoke, as he then switched to his M416 with a 6x scope while Christian began shooting at the other two guys on the bridge.

The other battle between those two squads already ended, with the squad on the bridge coming out on top as the victors. Drawn by the gunshots and smoke, they obviously began firing at this direction as well.

The AWM was a frightening sniper rifle was a TBS (Time between Shot) of 1.85 seconds, and a magazine size of 5 bullets by default and 7 bullets with the extended mag attachment. Pickle was soon ready to strike again.

The smoke screen would take a while to build up, and just as Elon had his scope on the target and fired, Hairy Pickle fired his shot. The two bullets flew past each other in mid-air and went right towards the target's head. Unfortunately, Elon's Kar98 could only do 84 damage against a level 3 helmet even though it was in the optimal sniping range, while the AWM could do 135 damages.

A person would only have 100 health points, and Elon was downed immediately. At this crucial time, Jay also locked onto the guy and began firing.

Hairy Pickle was originally in the prone position facing towards them, but suddenly, he turned to the side, so as the bullets traveled out of Jay's barrel and was in mid-air, the position where his head originally already became his body.

For M415, a body shot on someone with level 3 body armor deals 19 damages, and only one bullet was able to land on Pickle's body as he shuffled to the side and proceeded to drop to the river.

"He should be almost dead but he's in the river now. Let's clean up first," Jay ordered, and he quickly took down the two people firing at them from the bridge.

The first guy was downed, and when Jay got the last guy on the bridge, they both died instantly and turned into green smokes. This meant none of them were part of Hairy Pickle's squad, surprising the group even more.

Could he be soloing this whole time and managed to survive until the last circle?

Thinking that Hairy Pickle would try to heal first before engaging again, Jay decided to help Alex and Elon up first, since they would significantly increase their chance of winning with all four of them up.

However, just in case, Jay still told Christian to drop a smoke to cover them, since their location was already revealed anyways and they couldn't move far with two people that could only crawl.

"Keep moving around and get behind that rock at 15, don't stop until the smoke screen is fully up," Jay said, just in case Hairy Pickle still had them in sight and could still snipe them if they were standing at the same place before and after the smoke screen was up.

After 2 seconds, the smoke filled the area, and Jay and Christian began reviving Alex and Elon when suddenly -

A frag grenade dropped nearby on the left side of the rock where they dropped the smoke grenade.

"Grenade!" Jay shouted and he had to urgently pause the revive, instinctively moving to the right. The back of his head barely came out from the right side of the rock where the smoke wasn't covering and...

Pew -

[Hairy Pickle headshot-downed Phantom Pen15 with AWM]

"Oh sh*t! The Great Phantom Pen15 is downed! How's that possible!"

"What just happened?!"

The chat exploded, and the battle was left between Christian and Hairy Pickle.

The throwing distance of frag grenades is about 20 meters, which meant during that short period of time, Hairy Pickle didn't even bother healing and already got to within 20 meters of them. Christian had a tough fight before him, with possibly one of the best pros they had ever encountered.

Footsteps were approaching fast from the left side of the rock, and Christian immediately hid behind the other guy's crawling bodies, planning to use them as meatshields.

Just before the steps got to him from the left side, there was a brief pause, and the next step suddenly appeared on the right side.

Feeling a chill down his spin, Christian immediately turned around, only to be met by a guy that suddenly appeared from the right side of the rock...

Pew -

[Hairy Pickle headshot-killed Givemethatchicken with AWM].


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