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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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31 This Guy“s a Pro

Then, a green smoke went up into the air and Jay and the others saw from the second-floor window.

[Hairy Pickle headshot-killed SumDumFuk with DP-28]

"Woah, downing a guy and killing him, all in about a second after he entered the room," Jay was quite shocked by this Hairy Pickle guy's accuracy. But then again, although DP-28's reload time was as long as a man wiping his as* clean after diarrhea, each bullet does hurt like hell and the DPS on that gun is insane.

Although SumDumFuk's teammates couldn't make it in time to revive him after he got downed, they still ran up to the second floor wanting to avenge their buddy. However, Hairy Pickle seemed to have dropped a grenade in the room as he swiftly climbed over the window and jumped to the first floor.

Right as the two ran into the door, the grenade went off, and boom, two men went down and began crawling around, hoping that the last guy on their team could kill this Hairy Pickle guy and revive him.

However, Hairy Pickle seemed to know exactly where the last guy was, and he jumped through the window into the first floor, and not long after...


Everyone watching let in a deep breath. This Hairy Pickle guy was indeed something, and they all just saw how he swiftly took down a whole squad by himself...

Then, they saw this "Hairy Pickle" guy looped around and went back into the second-floor room to loot.

"Alright, let's go meet him," Jay said as he started moving forward. The squad quietly followed behind.

Jay: "Stick together, I have level 3 armor and helmet I will be the meat shield. Let's move in from the first floor and then up."

Seeing how Hairy Pickle just played the other squad, Jay was a bit scared that they might get outplayed if they were to spread up. Instead, if they were group together, even if Pickle was a sharpshooter and managed to down one of them, there were four gun barrels against one. They would still kill him and then revive whoever was downed.

From their observation earlier, that guy only had a level 1 backpack, and the chance of him carrying two frag grenades was quite slim, so they decided to take the risk and group up.

In this game, footsteps could be heard when someone gets close, and the direction of the footsteps could help the player accurately indicate which direction other players were at. The squad knew they had to be quick to leave less reaction time for Hairy Pickle. Jay also threw a grenade towards the center, hoping that the sound of the grenade could cover some of their footstep sounds and distract his attention.

Boom! The frag went off.

Within 2 seconds, everyone in position. Hearing the light footsteps inside the room, they knew Hairy Pickle was still in there taking his sweet time looking through the loots to optimize his storage space fully. After all, there were 3 boxes upstairs.

However, what they didn't knew was that Hairy Pickle already heard their footsteps through the sound of the frag grenade, and he could also tell that it was a full squad that was approaching from below.

"Incoming grenade!" Jay exclaimed as he heard the trigger of a frag grenade getting pulled.

"Ahhh-" Alex screamed.

After 3 seconds, a cooked grenade was thrown down the stairs to the first floor.

The squad was ready for it and they were already behind cover. The cook time for the grenade after the trigger was pulled is 5 seconds, and it does lethal damage to anyone within 3.5 meters of range. However, you would be fine as long as there was some kind of cover directly between you and the grenade.

The group could tell that this guy was a pro. He cooked the grenade to the perfect time so when it bounced off the wall by the stairway, it exploded right before even touching the ground of the first floor. They would've definitely become barbeque meat if they didn't react in time.

Not giving Hairy Pickle another chance to react, Jay immediately led the group upstairs, only to find the second floor empty.

"What the-"

"Yeah, I didn't even hear any footsteps of him flipping over the wall and landing."

"Okay, this is getting creepy, let's move."

Since the point of this game was just to survive until the end, the group quickly looted the three boxes upstairs and the one downstairs and left towards the center of the circle.

This time, the circle seemed to be closing in towards Pai Nan, a small village by the river. The Big D Brings Spring wasn't playing like a big D this game, and they went for the safest strategy, which was to get into the center of the zone and wait.

Their stream audiences were quite surprised too, seeing that the group wasn't even tempted one bit by the supply drops.

On the way, they did spot a few squads, and they were able to perfect their storage and weapon kit.

At around 27 minutes, the sixth circle began closing in, yet there were only 9 people left.


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