Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
30 Ayy, Playing PUBG Again
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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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30 Ayy, Playing PUBG Again

"Woah, we have a bit over 2000 viewers watching us, that's pretty impressive, considering that we are in an apocalypse now," Jay exclaimed.

"Yeeah boys! Where are we dropping Boss?"

"Let's go to Bootcamp!"

"Oh no... not again..."

Bootcamp is one of the hotspots for drops, featuring high risks and high rewards. The area has two large warehouses on the east side, a big two-floor building in the center, a trench surrounding the center building, and several two-floor or three-floor buildings on the north, south and west side. Loots could basically be found anywhere inside the camp, so it was much likely to spawn the best protective gear, most desired attachments, and the deadliest weapons one could get outside of care package drops.

The group usually lands on the roof of the center building, which is no doubt the most dangerous place to be in the camp. Not to mention they would basically become targets for people that landed on all four other sides, the center is also the most popular choice to land for those that are eager to get into actions and go for a record kill count, since the place also has the high ground on enemies on all four sides.

However, this time, Jay decided to lead the group to drop on the east side of the camp where the warehouses are located. It's arguably one of the safest drop points in the camp area since the whole place is walled on four sides with only a few doors and no windows, and they wouldn't have to worry too much about enemies sniping them from other sides while they focus on battling it out with others that also went for the warehouses.

In addition, time is of the essence after the apocalypse started, so the group decided to switch out of their custom parachutes and focus on winning instead. Things were different now, and they were playing to win those credits Nirvana promised to award to the winning squads each round.

"M24, M24, where's my M24?" Elon began muttering to himself even before they landed, as he looked around trying to locate where his favorite bolt-action sniper rifle is. It can be seen as an upgrade to the Kar98k which many people are familiar with, with higher muzzle velocity and damage. In a recent patch, this gun began spawning in the world rather than only in supply drops, and it deals the highest damage per round in the game amongst all weapons that spawn in the world, excluding the sniper rifle that only spawns in supply drops.

Sometimes, the game would glitch and not show the parachutes of some people even though they were dropping nearby. Thus, although it seemed like the Big D Brings Spring squad was the only one going for the warehouse, they didn't let their guard down.

"11 parachutes going center."

"5 parachutes going south side."

"4 parachutes going north side."

"Didn't see sh*t."

"That's a lot fewer people coming to Bootcamp than normal."

"Yeah, I guess people are just playing it carefully since everyone's trying to play to win the credits. I'm surprised that at least three squads still went for the middle."

"Oh man, 5 men going south. Hopefully it's not just one squad plus a guy from another squad. Oh man, I'm starting to feel sorry for him."

The group quickly landed and began looting. Since no other squads are contesting them at the warehouses, the group split into two and went into two separate warehouses to loot faster.

The loot they got was significantly better than last time if anyone remembered what happened.

Jay: "M416, got all attachments just need the tactical butt and a silencer."

Alex: "Vector with extended quick-draw mag."

Christian: "UMP."

Elon: "QBU."

Everyone also got at least level 2 helmets and armors, as well as some med supplies.

Da da da da...

Just a few seconds before they dropped, shots were fired in Bootcamp from the center direction, as expected from the 3 squads colliding.

"Group on me, let's move south."

Obviously, they weren't going to go into the center, and the north side only had one squad going there, so they were probably prepared to fight off any intruders. In comparison, there would be some chaos in the buildings on the south side, since there were 5 people going there, which meant at least two teams, most likely one full squad and a person that f*cked up the drop and didn't land together with his squad.

Jay hoped that those two opposing squads could fight first as his group blaze in to swoop up the players that were still left standing.

The group quickly moved in diamond formation, with both Elon and Christian on side flank and rear keeping an eye out for the center, Jay keeping an eye towards the batch of buildings on the south side, and Alex keeping an eye out to make sure no one was sniping them from the village down the road at the intersection.

The gunshots were getting louder and louder as they approached, and much to their surprise, the fight was still ongoing after about 10 seconds.

"Wait, what the f*ck? How persistent is that one guy that accidentally dropped in with a full squad?"

"Maybe it's a two versus three."

The group waited patiently by the wall of a building as they tried to pinpoint which building those players were at.

Suddenly, they saw a guy only in his underwear carrying a DP-28 run up the stairs to the roof out in the opens. He casually opened the metal door to the room on the second floor, dodged to the side for just less of a second as a wave of bullets flew out before charging straight in and spraying.

(TL: thanks for the inputs on the last chapter, I posted a TL note at the bottom of the chapter which you can read if you haven't checked it out yet. Thank you all for your support as always!)


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