Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
29 Should We Trust the Government?
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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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29 Should We Trust the Government?

Over years of streaming, Jay and the others already formed a close bond with their fans of which many had also been following him for years when they were still streaming League of Legends. What they got going on was much like an online community, with Jay, Alex, Elon, and Christian being the tribal leaders.

Jay began talking as he waited for PUBG to load, "We don't know either, but we do know that the technology they possess could be much more advanced than we can imagine. For now, the Big D Brings Spring squad is just going to play by the Nirvana's rules first, since there aren't many options out there for us to consider anyways. We don't see it ending any time soon. For this thing to end, there must be a victor, either the governments or Nirvana, and judging by the fight at Liberty Island we just witnessed, I don't know about other countries, but at least the US government isn't winning any time soon."

"Yeah, I watched the fight too!"

"The military got f*cked!"

"Those mechs are really cool though, they look like the Gundams from anime!"

"Hey I'm from the US too, I really hope the government can send in the military and take care of Nirvana right away!"

"Yeah, the government should do something! They take so much of our money for taxes, at least make it useful!"

Seeing the new messages in the chat room, Jay continued to reply, "Well, yeah, and to be honest, I don't think we can really trust at least the current government. I mean, we are talking about a government that can decide to shut down and not pay its employees for over a month just because they couldn't agree on who to pay for the Mexican wall."

Upon hearing politics, Christian immediately got riled up and jumped into the conversation, "Yo!! Do we really not have any good candidates in the political elections? I mean, the last election, we got a lying clown and a shameless clown that also lies his face off."

After gulping down some water, he continued, "Why would the American people trust that Tronald Wang would make America great again? The dude literally attempted to do business in all kinds of industries and failed miserably. Oh fun fact, he tried to sue an author in 2005 for estimating that his empire was worth as little as $150 million and he regularly lobbies Forbes to increase their magazine's estimates of his wealth. Oh and another fun fact, if he just invested his daddy's money in S&P500, he would be a lot richer than he is right now."

Elon laughed as he tried to interject, "Please excuse Givemethatchicken, he has quite a strong opinion on our current president."

Alex also spoke, "Ayy, we are almost in the game!" However, the chat just kept going.

"Yo I feel you Bro, I think he tried Wang Airlines which defaulted, Wang beverages which failed."

"Oh he also tried to make a board game in 1988 and blamed the low sales on how it might have been 'too complicated'. He tried again in 2004 and then it failed again."

"LOOL, do you guys remember the Wang Casino? Once wasn't enough, he filed for bankruptcy three times! The first time was because the business got itself $3 billion in debt after just one year of operation, the second time was $1.8 billion in debt, and the third time was missing an interest payment on a $53.1 million bond."

"Waiittt a second, how do you even lose money operating a casino??!!! The dealers and those slot machines are usually the ones winning!"

"Woah, are you guys serious? That guy was elected to be the president?"

"Oh, Wang Magazine and Wang Mortgage, the timing for both of these businesses was awful. Both started right before the 2008 recession because the guy thought the economy was going strong, so both obviously didn't make it."

"Right, I heard something about Wang Steaks, and I thought it was a joke until I heard someone tell me that they filed for bankruptcy too."

"LOOOL, same, I thought people were joking when they told me about Wang University and Wang Vodka, and how he called Mexicans rapists."

"Well, don't forget how he doesn't want to disclose his taxes information and how he still didn't pay a lot of his employees' money."

"Wow, that's your country's president?!"

"Well, the other candidate did put up a tough fight on who could be the worse option, so Wang got elected."

Jay was speechless seeing what was happening in the chat. It seemed like his audiences are pretty knowledgeable about this kind of stuff. "And yeah, that's why I don't think the government can get us out of this one in the foreseeable future. This outlaw organization could easily take on the government in terms of military power, so how could the country enforce the law on them? Nirvana is still winning easily, and it seems like it wants to play with us first. So I guess, my advice to you all is, if you don't have a better option, play along. Get more Nirvana credits, buy supplies, and try to stay alive. Nothing will matter if you die, and we hope to see each and every one of you guys here every time we stream!"

"Yeah! We got this!"

"Yeah be safe, guys!"

Well, the game started, and the audiences of the stream could finally shift their attention away from politics to the gameplay.

This time, the group was playing squad mode on the map, Sanhok, which is the smallest map available in the game, known for its fast and intense game pace.

TL Note:

I must be honest, to be incredibly strict, this is a filler chap because it doesn't progress the main storyline, but I thought it was perfectly normal to have them in web novels, and it will help give context to how the government will react and do next, and what prompted Nirvana to take on the world. It will help blur the boundary between black and white, right and wrong, and how the villain (Nirvana for now) and the government are both in grey scale. But I will take the criticisms and make the info-chaps more subtle and concise in the future, which is why I did this chap as an experiment when the novel is free to read (don't know what Webnovel will do in the future). Anyways, thanks for everyone's input!


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