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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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27 Ayy, Tablet“s Online

"Nirvana... I wonder what kind of organization it is..."

It was already late into the night, and with so many things happening that day, the group was already exhausted. Seeing that the app was still updating, the group decided to go and sleep to make sure they have enough energy to tackle whatever comes their way tomorrow.


Dong dong dong -

"Who is it?"

"Can I sleep in your room? Oh hey, you are here too?"

"Yeah, couldn't sleep."

"Why are you both in front of Jay's bedroom? Are you guys too scared to sleep by yourself?"

"Elon, why are you here then?"

"Of course I'm here to protect you guys."

Jay was speechless when he heard the conversation at his door on his way over to open it.

At last, the four of them all slept in Jay's room that night, two on the bed sideways, one on the sofa, leaving Jay only the floor open. They were all super tired, and since the alarm system was working now, Elon placed his phone on max ringtone volume so they would be alerted the second one of the sensors in the house gets triggered.


Next morning, the group was welcomed by the "Ding, welcome to Nirvana" voice prompt from the tablet they bought.

To be honest, they didn't even take a closer look at their delivery yet, since they were attracted by what was on TV.

There wasn't much to design of the tablet, pretty normal, with a camera on both sides. The tablet entered into an initialization sequence and began giving out instructions to walk the group through the setup process.

They decided to sync the tablet's account with Jay's account, and Jay looked into the front camera as the system recorded his facial and iris patterns. Then, he added three secondary user accounts and had Elon, Alex and Christian recorded their login credentials.

First, they were greeted by a message saying that the app would unlock more and more functions and features every day at 4:00 PM.

The general layout was similar to that of the app, but the tabs displayed on the bottom was slightly different. From left to right, it displayed [Home], [Wiki], [Social], [Shop], [Profile].

Under the home page, users could view updates and news about what's going on, and see that holy f*ck another wave is coming in about 8 hours, at 3 PM.

In the Wiki tab, survivors could gather and share information, and apparently, the instruction says that survivors could earn credits as rewards for how much contribution they make to the survivor community.

As for social, although people still have things like Twitter, Facebook, Wechat, Whatsapp, or just text and call, who knew how long they would last? As soon as enough engineers leave their post and the server goes down due to lack of maintenance, it would probably be just a matter of time for when people have to resort to other social platforms. By the current look of it, Nirvana's own platform might be one of the most reliable ones for now. Oh, the design is pretty neat, they also have the "share to Youtube/Twitter/Facebook" options.

As for [Shop], it was quite the same as the supplies tab on their Nirvana phone app, except there was a little tip at the top right corner that read, "More items will become visible when your credit balance reaches their price level, refreshed every day at 4 PM."

At last, the profile tab. It actually combined the ranking tab from earlier into [Profile] as well, and currently, obviously, China-Official, India-Official, and USA-Official occupy the top three places of the ranking by default due to their population. However, most countries' governments were probably still in denial and trying to fight back, rather than accept and play the game designed by Nirvana.

The credit balance automatically showed 11,395, combining the balance of the main and secondary users.

"Wait, so there's basically nothing else new we can afford, even though we have 11,395 credits?" Alex asked, a bit disappointed.

"Maybe it didn't refresh yet. Let's wait for 4 PM to see if it updates," Elon comforted Alex.

The group then went to equip the suppressors on their M4, QBU-88, MPX and Kriss Vector. After trying them out in the basement, everyone was quite satisfied with these attachments' noise-canceling abilities.


Just then, an update showed up in [Home].

"Hello survivors, in Nirvana, we reward winners and those that are capable. If you have skills, we might have a place for you to earn money with it. Click [Here], and you can find an area that suits you to demonstrate your skills for rewards."

After Jay clicked into the page, there were a couple options, and everyone was surprised when they saw that there's a gaming section. In there, they found, PUBG, and a message saying that more games are coming soon. Apparently, they would be giving rewards based on performance, which include items and credits.

"Wait... so they are going to reward us if we can win games in PUBG and LoL? Yoooo, but why?!" Christian was super confused. Were the people behind Nirvana bored out of their minds?

Everyone looked towards Jay, hoping that he might have some insight on this strange turn of event.

"There is that off chance that the people still want to keep the entertainment aspect of life in the post-apocalyptic world, but I highly doubt it," Jay analyzed.

"Yeah, I think so too. Can it have something to do with AI?"

What Elon said immediately gave Jay an epiphany. "You guys think it's possible that they want us to train their AI?"


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