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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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24 Sh*t Hit the Fan

"Boss, he does have a point. Should we go back to get some backup?" a man standing behind the guy in neck chain whispered.

"John, why are you such a little b*tch? He's just a little boy, and we outnumber him too. How many more hommies do you think he could be hiding? What are you scared of?" the man in neck chain scolded.

Then, he shouted, "Okay boy, we both know that you would lose terribly if the shoot-out takes place. I mean, just look around, you are by yourself, and there are nine of us, fully loaded and ready to go..."

Pa! A shot was fired and the bullet landed right before the guy's toe.

"Alright so you might have some back up too, but are you sure you want to go up against the nine of us?" the guy in neck chain didn't seem to be fazed by the gunshot at all, having experienced too much as a part of the gang.

"Look, we really don't want trouble, but if it comes to it, we will do what we have to do, and we will make sure we kill every last one of you. Just really reconsider the options at hand, the apocalypse just happened, and you are already going against your own kind? For some supplies that you aren't in desperate needs of?" Jay still tried to make the last attempt to avoid conflict. The last thing he wanted would be seeing any of his brothers get hurt from this.

"Chris..." John from earlier also made another attempt to stop the feud.

Then, the guy in neck chain, whose name seemed to be Chris, turned around and said in a half-shouting-half-whispering voice, "You think I want to put our guys at risk? Did you forget how our home got overrun by the zombies earlier? We only have about 15 people left with barely any bullets, you think we can survive the next wave?"

John fell into silence. His boss was right; since their neighborhood had a lot of people and firearms, the zombie waves hit them especially hard. From a gang of more than 60 people grouped together in preparation for the second wave, only about 15 survived, depleting most of the ammunition they could gather.

Then, Chris shouted towards Jay again, "Alright little brat, if you can't cooperate with us, then we will just have to use force..." As he spoke, he raised his arm and all of his men lifted their weapons.

Jay immediately ducked under the short concrete wall for cover and as a shot was fired.

The sound of QBU came from the second floor, and everyone was shocked as a bullet knocked the guy in neck chain over.

"Boss!" The gang members immediately went into disarray, and they began spraying their shots towards the balcony, as they thought the shot was actually fired by Jay.

The bullets were chipping away at the short concrete wall so Jay had to immediately withdraw and flip out of the balcony from the back side.

Alex started firing from the right side of the house, and just as the gang members turned to the left in an attempt to kill the shooter, Elon sneaked in two more shots and took out two more people.

Just like in PUBG, the group coordinated their attacks perfectly, not leaving the enemy any time to breath. When the enemies were struggling to keep up and running towards the right side in search for the guy shooting with a submachine gun, Christian sneaked up from behind them and began taking people out with a shotgun.

Under the coordination on all three sides, 6 people fell down immediately and there were only 3 gang members left. Then, the guy named John immediately shouted, "We surrender! Please spare us!"

As he shouted that, he dropped his weapon on the ground, and the other two survivors followed.

The boys immediately stop shooting as well, but they were cautious enough to stay behind a cover and wait to see how things unfold.

Jay slowly showed his face on the roof with his M4 pointed at John, and their eyes met.

"We give up, just let us go."

"How can you convince me that you won't come back with more men to look for trouble?" Jay icily asked.

"To be honest, we don't have many people and ammunition left, and two of our guys were injured by zombies as well. We are just out here looking for drops to see if someone wealthy purchased some medical supplies and ammunition," the guy named John said almost in a begging voice.

Jay and the others weren't heartless murderers anyway, and they were already having a tough mental battle over killing those six people, despite them being the gang members that were going to harm them first. Now, with the three survivors surrendering, it obviously became even harder for the guys to put a finger on the trigger. After all, they were the same kind.

"He's not lying," Alex yelled at Jay. He overheard the conversation the two gang members were having earlier.

After exchanging a look with the other three, Jay slowly said, "We used our real-world currency and bought a lot of guns and ammo, and our friends are coming over to team up as well. You don't stand a chance against us now, and you won't stand a chance in the future. Let's put this whole thing behind us and move on, how does that sound?"

John immediately nodded and picked up the weapon and was ready to leave when Jay stopped him again.

He ordered them to throw their weapons into the car first and stand outside with their hands up. Then, he took out two boxes of 7.76 ammo, containing approximately 500 rounds, and carried it down to the gate with on a cart.

"Your guns use 7.76 bullets, right? This is what we can spare. Take it back to your place, and if you need any, come over and get more. But I will only recognize you, John, is it?"


"If your group is in desperate needs for supplies or ammunition, only come here by yourself. You can bring more men to protect you on the way, but tell them to wait by the bridge and not get any closer. Sounds good?"


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