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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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23 Unexpected Guests

"Is that..."

Above their house, they saw a crate wrapped in Christmas string lights slowly dropping towards them.

The group was speechless. In the dark sky, who was not going to see the supply drop now?

They basically went into DEFCON 1 state, maximum alertness. From the look of it, the box should be dropping directly on their roof or close to the front door, and the group knew there might be a tough fight coming.

Their roof is full of slopes, and at the center lies a balcony with short concrete fences on four sides which could be accessed through a staircase connecting to the second floor.

Stationing two people on watch on the roof, Jay and Christian immediately began running between the two floors to transport more ammunition and weapons up.

"Theoretically speaking, the apocalypse just began yesterday, people probably didn't degrade to the point of killing survivors for supplies yet," Alex thought back to the zombie movies or TV shows they watched. In the beginning, all the survivors would still be pretty nice to each other, hoping to group up and cooperate. Then, as time passed and supplies became scarcer, people would be done adapting to the zombie-world and start targeting other survivors.

For instance, in the TV show The Walking Dead, the first few seasons were still about the survivors killing zombies. Later on, it became more about wars between groups of survivors, fighting for supplies, territory, and power. To feed, some group would even kill other survivors for a source of protein.

However, that was just on TV and in movies, so what about the reality? The group couldn't afford to be careless.

About 5 minutes passed, the crate was still dropping. It was taking its sweet time, not in a hurry at all.

Vroom vroom~

The sound of cars with heavy engines could be heard from far away, gradually getting closer. Finally, a mustang and a pickup truck drove by on the street and stopped in front of the gate.

From the two vehicles came out 9 people, all tatted-up, muscular, in tank tops and jeans, carrying guns over their shoulders.

If it was in PUBG, it would've been a pleasant surprise for the Big D Brings Spring group; in their eyes, these people that showed up wouldn't be threats, but rather supply delivery men.

However, this wasn't PUBG. Not to mention how confident they were to take on these men at once, killing in real life was a lot harder mentally, usually accompanied by an unimaginable amount of guilt.

However, when things progress to a certain point, the boys would have to do what they have to do to protect those that are dear to them.

A few zombies heard the two cars and chased over, but a man standing on top of the truck quickly gunned them down.

With a speaker, a member of the group in an extra-long chunky chain around the neck shouted, "To the people inside this house, hand over the crate and it will be all good. We won't lay our hands on you haha."

Upon hearing no response from the house, the muscular man in neck chain shouted again, "Don't make us do it the hard way! I will give you one minute." As he said, he gestured for one of his men to bring out a chainsaw, putting it on the gate, ready to open it by force.

"What should we do?" Alex asked anxiously.

"I will tell you what we are not going to do, and that's to give them what they want," Christian replied.

"I agree. They will most likely take everything by force, and when that happens, even if they don't kill us, we won't last very long anyways without food to eat or have nothing to defend ourselves with when the next zombie wave comes," Elon added.

"Boss, what's the plan?" Alex tightened his fist and asked.

After a quick thought, Jay began briefing their game plan, "Spread out first. Alex and Christian, get to the left and right side of the house, hide in the brushes but make sure you can duck to some cover if they do notice you. Elon, go to a window on the second floor, get ready to snipe. I will try to negotiate with them, and you can give them a warning shot when necessary. Lastly, if sh*t hits the fan, we will just fight them. The apocalypse is already happening, things like this will happen sooner or later. Don't worry, it will just be like PUBG, and we will come out on top."

The group nodded, and they soon scattered to their assigned position. Maybe it had become a habit or something, but they always feel assured when executing Jay's plans.




"2..." Just before the guy could finish counting, Jay stood up from the balcony, with his M4 loaded and ready to go.

"So you are the owner of this house?" shouted the guy in neck chain. Seeing the M4 in Jay's hand, his eyes brightened up. However, his attitude also became a lot nicer.

"Yeah, I'm sorry Bro, we need the stuff to survive. Do you think you can let us go? If you guys need help in the future, we will definitely lend a hand," Jay replied back.

"Haha, you think we will need help in the future? Look at our truck, it's stacked with weapons and ammo," the guy replied.

"Then why are you still interested in our stuff then, we have nothing in comparison to what you have in your truck."

The guy in neck chain couldn't reply for a second, and after seeing the crate that was close to landing, he was suddenly reminded of what they came here for. "We are just interested in what you ordered from the Nirvana app, can you let us in?"

"Don't worry about it man, it's just some more ammunition. You guys already have a lot, so why bother getting into a shoot-out just for something you don't really need at the moment?"


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