Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
21 Woah Bro We Are Rich Now
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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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21 Woah Bro We Are Rich Now

Jay was immediately stunned by his number. Since he cleared more than a full crate of zombies during the rooftop battle, plus over a dozen near the beach, and then a couple of shots here and there, the credit balance for him was 66 points, including the 19 from earlier.

Elon took care of the side crate by himself, plus the zombies he killed when they were in diamond formation and driving around in the van, the credit balance for him was 52 points, including 8 from earlier.

Christian took care of the backside alone, plus the zombies he killed after that, the credit balance for him was 55 points, including 13 from before.

Last and the least, Alex, 22 points, including 2 from before.

"Yo this is so not f*cking fair, my gun jammed at the rooftop, and then in the diamond formation, Christian was just spraying and praying and Elon was headshoting everything so there weren't much left for me to do, and then I was the driver later on..."

He knew the group would obviously pool together their credits to make purchases for everyone since they were a team, but at this point, it was about pride, integrity, and self-esteem.

So the group had 195 points in total, which was worth 1950 USD according to the exchange rate of the app.

"Oh, sh*t! That's actually a lot of money and we made it in less than an hour! Easy money!" Christian was pretty excited upon hearing seeing the numbers.

"But you know why it's not easy money?" Jay just nonchalantly asked.

"Why?' Christian was a bit confused.

"Because our asses almost got eaten," Jay replied.

"Oh true."

There was a bit of a breathing room since the Game Master was no longer dropping crates on them, they had some time to go onto the app to check out the supply store.

It was the first time they took a close look at it. The design was pretty simple, and although there were different categories of items you could browse in, there weren't a lot of choices under each category.

There were food, weapons, attachments, protections, throwables, construction materials, ammunition, gadgets, and medical supplies, yet they would only find a few items after they clicked into each category.

For instance, out of all the possible food you could possibly enjoy, there were only sandwiches and water. Actually, an optimistic guy would argue that the Game Master was nice enough to give them different choices of sandwiches: ham, chicken, BLT, fish, steak, or pulled pork. But then, the group were a little dumbfounded after they saw the price tag: 5 Nirvana Credits.

"Wait, a f*cking sandwich for 50 bucks?!" Alex was outraged. After doing some quick math, if they had to survive on food supplies purchased from the app, it would be at least 2 sandwiches per day for each of them, plus at least one bottle of 1L water which also costs 5 credits. That would be a total cost of at least 15 credits per person per day, and Alex's wallet alone wouldn't be able to feed him for more than half a day...

"Yo, this better be some next level sandwich."

Onto the weapon's tab, it seemed like they only had the basic models unlocked for each category of weapons, even the cheapest were pistols, each costing upward of 50 credits. Everyone immediately clicked onto the next tab.

Since they already had the guns, ammunition, shelter, and food for now, the things they were most interested in purchasing would probably be weapon attachments. As for protections, the group thought that the best protection they could think of was to not get into range in the first place. Other than that, they really couldn't think of anything that could protect them when the zombies jump on them like hungry wolves on a little lamb.

As for attachments, they really only cared about suppressors so they could take down zombies without attracting too much attention. However, the price was a bit too much. The ones for sub-machine gun cost 100 credits already, and the ones for assault rifles and designated marksman rifles require 150 credits... Although the pistol ones only cost 50 credits which were relatively cheaper, the problem was they had to purchase the pistols first since they don't have any.

You could call it playing like a wuss, or see it as being a cool stealth master, but suppressors definitely serve an important role to survive this apocalypse. Thus, the group gritted their teeth and finally pressed that [Add to Cart] button.

Well, that was all for attachments, given their current circumstances. Onto the next section, throwables.

One grenade costs 50 credits? Alright, onto the next tab.

Awesome, they ship medical supplies too. One zombie-afterbite cream + antidote package, 2000 credits?

"You know what, think of it this way. Just don't get bit, and we save 2000 credits each," Elon comforted the group.

Everything else in the medical supply section was just a bunch of bandages (10), first aid kits (50), med kits (100), energy drinks (10), painkillers (20), and adrenaline syringe (40)

Well, although life is precious, so far, the group saw no need to buy any of those. If they were to get bit by a zombie, the 2000 credit zombie-afterbite package would probably be the only thing that could save them.

Since they were already thinking of spending 100 credits on the suppressor for a submachine gun, they only had 95 credits left.

The last tab to check out was the gadgets tab.
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    《Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World》