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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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20 My Dick is Enormous

But luckily, the zombies were pretty spread out and couldn't move fast in the water, thus Jay was still able to take care of them all without suffering any injury.

The group traveled along the beach to take care of the zombies emerging from the ocean, and then made a left turn along their neighbor's fence, traveling towards the main road as they went on to make a full lap returning back to their house's front gate.

After just one lap, it was already hard for them to spot any more zombies nearby, yet they each still had about two to three clips of ammunition left in their backpacks.

Already tired from the initial rooftop encounter, the group decided to move on to the next phase of operation, which was to drive away. It was expected that a lot of zombies probably heard the loud gunshots earlier and were heading this way, so they definitely needed to keep up the noises to attract those on their way to a new location, somewhere preferably as far away from their house as possible before returning.

They planned to stop on the bridge to fire some final shots there so they weren't attracting zombies to any other survivors' doorstep. On the way, their heart grew heavy as they saw the once-peaceful streets filled with fire, destruction, and the smell of blood.

There were corpses everywhere, and zombies would occasionally run out of the houses as they heard the gunshots on the street, scaring the group sh*tless as they fired to take them down. It could only be imagined how the homeowners of those houses were if they didn't evacuate on time.

Some people were also shooting out of windows to try and protect their property, but miserable cries could be heard every few seconds.

The group just wanted to quickly drive through the street, not having the heart to watch how the neighborhood they were so familiar with turned into a place comparable to hell.

After the group got to the bridge, they saw a horde of zombies coming from Island #4. There was also a horde of zombies gathering on their Island #3's side of the bridge, although the size was relatively smaller since they had been shooting down all the zombies they came across on their way here.

"Oh sh*t! Back up! Back up!" Jay shouted to Alex who was driving the Tesla.

Seeing so many abandoned gasoline cars on the bridge, Christian shouted, "You guys think I can explode a car by shooting the gas tank?"

"Short answer, no. I will give you a long answer when our ass is safe," essentially being the encyclopedia of the group, Elon shattered Christian's hope.

Then, he took out a speaker from his backpack and threw it as they made a sharp turn meters away from the approaching horde.

The speaker flew over the zombies that were coming over Island #4, playing the same message, over and over, on max volume, "MY DICK IS ENORMOUS! MY DICK IS ENORMOUS! MY DI..."

Everyone was speechless for a second.

"Is that the speaker you used on the roof earlier?"

"Yeah. And FYI, I just had it play the previous message I saved, and it turned out to be..."

"MY DICK IS ENORMOUS!" The speaker kept playing in the background as it flew over the horde of zombies.

The others had to admit that it was a clutch move because after they shot down the zombies that were getting pretty close to their van, many zombies began chasing after the speaker which landed in a tree.

The group tried to avoid shooting and just drove past the few zombies on their way back home, trying to not make any noises louder than the speaker.

One had to say, it was a successful operation, and the group safely avoided the zombies without having to fire a shot as they quietly drove back to their house.

"Wait, when was that message saved?" Christian asked.

"When I tried to wake you up two days ago in the morning because you clogged my toilet," Elon replied nonchalantly.

"Oh yeah! I remember now!"

When the group quietly parked by their old spot at their neighbors, they stealthily flipped over the fence.

"Give me one second," Elon halted the group as he pulled out his phone.

Earlier, he already hacked into their smart home system's center control panel and changed the settings to display past activities records of all sensors in their house, including motion sensors.

"Okay, so we last opened the second-floor window to get onto the roof at around 8:52 PM, and no other sensors were triggered afterward. Our house should be safe," Elon led the way as he explained.

The group opened their front door after they passed the fingerprint + password lock, finally letting out a long breath of relief as they shut the door behind them.

The group all sat onto the floor, their legs shaking. Although they were true warriors out there moments ago, it was indeed a bit too much for a bunch of barely-18 kids to handle.

To get everyone's mind to think about something happy, Jay pulled out his phone, "Oh hey, let me see how many credits I have on the app now."


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