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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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19 Crimson Particle Ligh

Faintly, Jay could see a hazy crimson light coating his katana. Although he did find it strange, this wasn't the time for him to sit down and figure out what was going on since you know, sh*t was getting pretty wild here right now.

There was something happening in his eyes too. It was as if the blood mist left in the air from the zombies' sliced throats condensed and gathered into Jay's eyes, which also began to glow with a strange light of crimson particles.

As Jay charged towards the second wave of the zombies, the crimson light in his eyes also left two trails of afterimage.

He borrowed the force from his dash to thrust the katana into two zombies from the side of their stomach, then slashing outward, forcing the blade to exit the zombies through the side, only to hack right through the zombies in the head, cutting their brains in half. That series of movement only happened within a split second, and two zombies were dropped.

Alex was stunned by the light in Jay's eyes and on Jay's blade, but he was soon brought back to his senses when he heard Christian yelling, "Shotgun jammed, need to reload my MPX soon, can anyone cover?!"

Hearing Christian's cry for help, Jay immediately shouted, "Alex, go support Christian and Elon, I got the front!" He didn't know how to describe this feeling, but it was as if he could read with ease what the zombies were going to do next, and his body also seemed to be naturally able to execute a series of movements in response to reading the zombies' movements. Plus, the katana in his hand felt like a legendary weapon capable of cutting anything with ease, and he knew it had something to do with the red glowing light.

Alex immediately turned around and began shooting in single fire mode as Christian reloaded.

With Alex's help, they quickly cleared out all 24 or so zombies that landed in their backyard.

Elon was really a natural-born sniper, as his aim was terrifyingly on point. One shot, one kill, and he didn't waste a single bullet. The 24 or so zombies from the crate that landed in their neighbor's yard were also clearly quickly.

The three of them almost finished at around the same time, and they anxiously turned to the front, ready to provide reinforcement for Jay, but were instead left completely stunned. They were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the fight before it ended.

The last 8 zombies all charged towards Jay at the same time, with 4 in the front and 4 in a row behind them. Jay swiftly stepped back as the zombies lunged forward, and with a swift horizontal cut barely catchable by the naked eye, the slash opened up the zombies' stomach, causing them to bend forward without the support of their abs that were keeping their body upright.

A swift returning horizontal strike at a slightly higher angle was able to slash the zombies' brains open. Four down.

The last four stomped on the falling corpses of the four in front of them, charging at Jay with their bloody claws and fangs. With a step on the ground, Jay propelled himself forward into a 360 degrees spin in the air, slicing off the zombies mid-air through the throat.

Last four, down.

"What the f*ck just happened?" The group was absolutely speechless upon seeing Jay's moves. It didn't felt like Jay put in too much effort at all, and they all noticed the crimson light in Jay's eyes and katana right before it faded away seconds after the battle ended.

"What's with that light in your eyes? It's all dark red!" Christian exclaimed.

"Wait, my eyes too?" Jay thought only his blade was glowing in crimson light.

"Let's figure it out later, and move onto our next step in our plan." Seeing Jay completely oblivious towards the strange particle that coated his weapon and engulfed his eyes, Elon quickly suggested.

The group stayed on the roof for a bit longer to finish loading, and they saw a swarm of zombies coming at them from 50 meters east side.

As planned, the group came off the roof in a diamond formation, exited their property from the front gate and began walking towards the east along the fence, taking turn firing and reloading.

In comparison to what they just had to face, things became easier than ever, as the 20 or so zombies coming from the east didn't even get close before getting completely annihilated.

Taking a turn at the corner, the group went towards their backyard in the direction of the ocean. Some zombies heard the gunshots earlier and were walking over in water, but they were quite slow due to the water resistance.

Seeing the sluggish movement, Jay decided to save some bullets and just go up to kill them with his katana. He also wanted to see if those exotic crimson light particles would appear again.

To his disappointment, the particles didn't appear, and he did feel a lot more resistance in each cut with his katana. From Alex, Christian and Elon's perspective, the movements were also completely different from before like it was another person. Each cut was no longer swift but sloppily executed, and Jay's footwork and blade control were also on another level, a level that was a lot worse than what they just saw. But, that was what they expected from an ordinary teenager, whereas the Jay back there on the roof was much like the reincarnation of Sasuke from Naruto when he faced one thousand soldiers at once at the test set by Orochimaru with just the Sword of Kusanagi.

However, none of them noticed that there was something watching them from the dark sky.
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    《Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World》