Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
17 Dropping Some Magazine Knowledge
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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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17 Dropping Some Magazine Knowledge

Other than shotguns, most guns needed to be reloaded with filled magazines, and bullets needed to be loaded into the magazines ahead of time. The group encountered a big problem, and that was, unlike PUBG, the bullets from the boxes they pick up wouldn't magically be loaded into the gun in one step.

Thus, they would have to pre-load the magazines that they were going to use ahead of time, and if they were to run out, they might have to fill the magazines again in the middle of the fight.

Luckily, Sarah's husband was a coastal guard, the magazines he had were the standard ones that could hold 30 rounds, rather than the civilian version that could only hold 10. In addition, it seemed like he might have an employee discount or there was a blowout sale, but this dude had boxes of empty magazines.

After some research online, they realized that it was actually normal to have so many magazine clips at home since they weren't built to last forever, and some would even say that they are disposable. A basic combat load is actually 210 rounds or 7 clips, and soldiers typically carry 8 to 12 loaded mags on them. Under battles of high intensity, the last thought on a soldier's mind would be storing away the empty clips so they could be refilled later.

The magazines also needed to be constantly cleaned or/and replaced to ensure that the spring inside the clip was working properly. To prolong the lifespan of these mags, specifically the interior spring, bullets are usually loaded slightly ahead of time before they are used, rather than being stored as loaded.

They knew bullets would be consumed pretty quickly in the world they were in now, so they decided to load up all these empty magazines since they still had a little over 3 hours left before the zombie wave.

Since the second wave might be a long battle and they might not be able to carry enough bullets, they decided to pack the ammunition they were planning to use for this wave in three portions. They would each pack 10 loaded mags first in their first backpack, and have someone else wear the backpack containing their ammo since it would be easier to unzip someone else's backpack to retrieve a clip instead of from their own. They also didn't forget to pack a little snack and a bottle of water into their bags. After all, a man's gotta eat.

After the first four bags were packed, the group found another four bags and packed them with the same loadout. They planned to put these bags at the center of the fence dividing the two houses so they could go to the center and change into the new backpacks once they run out of bullets.

Lastly, they packed another thousand bullets into their Tesla, planning to drive around and shoot to make some noise down the street, drawing the zombies away from their house if they were previously heading over there due to all the gunshots.

With everything planned and about 3 hours loading the clips, they were only a few minutes away from 9 PM when they just realized that they hadn't food yet.

They hurriedly devoured the leftover chicken from last night, drank some juice, and went up to wait on the roof.

It was night time, and they knew it would be an uphill battle. Although there wasn't much population on the island anymore, they did have a lot of weapons and bullets. However, they weren't sure if what they had was significant enough to trigger an increase in difficulty of the zombie wave landing nearby, so they had prepared for the worst.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... The group counted down silently.

Cargo planes began flying over them, and boxes began dropping down again.

Since it was already 9 PM, it was quite difficult to see the crates and where they were heading until they were just dozens of meters above the ground.

"Oh f*ck!" Immediately reacting to the huge shadows over their head, the group finally noticed that four crates were coming directly towards them.

Perhaps the system already detected how many weapons and ammunition the group had, three crates immediately dropped into their backyard and front yard, barely missing their house, with one more in their neighbours. With the door of the crates opening, the zombies charged straight out and immediately began climbing the house, as if they already knew the survivors' location before they landed.

"F*ck! Open fire! Use single shot mode and conserve bullets!" Jay shouted as he fired the opening shot. From each crate, the group saw about two dozens of zombies coming out. With a rough estimate, with three crates of immediate threat and one more crate of zombies in the neighbouring yard climbing over, they were up against 96 zombies.

They each had about 10 clips of 30 rounds each in their bags, so ammunition wasn't the problem but reloading could be. In addition, with so many zombies climbing up toward them from all sides, the group became more anxious, eventually starting to panic.

The zombies were mainly coming from their front yard's direction since two crates landed there, but over 20 zombies were also climbing up from their backyard direction onto the ceiling, and the crateful of zombies that landed on their neighbour's property were also climbing over the fences, quickly approaching the group from the right side of the house.

Elon started sniping the side, trying to annihilate the zombies as they were making their way over the fence; Christian was covering the rear of the roof, switching between the shotgun and MPX to fend off the zombies; Jay and Alex were both covering the front since two crates dropped in their front yard and it was also easier to climb up to the roof from the front.

Due to the pressure and dark environment, the group on average had to pump at least 3 to 5 bullets into the zombies before they could get a fatal headshot to put the target down for good. Christian and Elon were able to hold their ground against the zombies coming in from the side and backside, but Jay and Alex were experiencing great difficulty, as the zombie crowd continued to advance their ground, inching their way towards the rooftop.

Very soon, the situation became dire for the group.


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