Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
15 Preparing for the Next Wave
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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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15 Preparing for the Next Wave

"No, why?"

"I think Charlie lied. But I can understand. I can imagine that the toughest job was telling the family of soldier's death," Jay slowly said...

"Wait, what? What made you think that? He said Sarah's husband was fine though..." Elon was confused.

"Well, for a moment there I think his memories were projected into my brain. I don't know how to explain it, but I saw his experience in my head for a brief second. It wasn't his thoughts, but the images in his head. I think I saw through his eyes how Sarah's husband died..."

"Wait, what do you mean you saw through his eyes? Like from his perspective?" The group was a bit shocked.

"Yeah... Apparently, their station was hit really hard by a lot more zombies in comparison to what we went through. A lot of people died, and Sarah's husband got bit as well as they were retreating to their last line of defense. He asked the Charlie guy to put a bullet in his brain so he doesn't turn into a zombie, and he asked Charlie to take her wife to safety," Jay explained the scenes that flooded into his brain when his eyes met Charlie for a brief second.

"Are you sure?" The group was still skeptical.

"I don't know... But the scenes were really vivid, it seemed like his memory was projected into my brain rather than my imagination running wild." Jay was quite convinced because it felt so real, and he told the group how that suspicion was confirmed when the soldier purposely changed the topic when Sarah asked if she would be seeing her husband soon.

Still a little skeptical, the group decided to just drop it because it all had nothing to do with them.

Fortunately, Sarah allowed them to keep the weapons and supplies they brought over from her house since it was assumed that wherever they were going would have tons of supplies, weapons, and ammunition.

There were still a few hours left until the next wave, so the group began preparing. This time, knowing that killing each zombie could earn them 1 credit, which is the equivalence of 10 US dollars, they were all pretty hyped, as they all had their eyes on something to buy from the supply shopping tab on the Nirvana app.

Apparently, in the profile tab, they have a level and title, which was showing 1 and n/a for all of them.

"Oh hey, there's a hidden note on the top corner of the 'n/a'," Alex shared his discovery.

"Oh cool, what does it say when you put your finger on it?"


[Too weak, go KYS]

The group was speechless upon seeing the note left by the developers.

Anyway, so apparently, as you level up, you can unlock more supplies to order. The found the basic shopping list to be quite similar to the items they could find in PUBG, and they could buy the standard weapons, weapon attachments, ammunition, armor, and healing supplies at their current level.

They already got tons of weapons from Sarah's house and enough bullets. If they were to order more weapons, they would consider getting a few pistols just in case, and some throwables for different purposes. Currently, they don't see a need to spend money on bolt-action snipers, since they are also painfully expensive on the app.

The zombie wave would be coming again in airdrop fashion, so it would be very difficult to predict the landing and find one place to fortify. The "game master" (GM), which the group referred to that creepy robotic voice as, did mention in the app that the zombie wave difficulty will vary depending on the level of concentration of weapons and population.

Who knows. Maybe just as the group fortified the house, the GM would just drop a dozen boxes on their property. Theoretically, fortifying and camping at one location would place the squad at a positional advantage, but the drops could completely turn that against them and force them to react passively if the enemies were to drop right in the squad's territory.

In addition, it was still unknown the size this zombie wave would be. If they were to camp at one spot, the situation could only get worse and worse if all zombies nearby continue to gather and sige their house as the gunfire keeps drawing attention.

Thus, after some careful consideration, the group decided to play it out guerrilla warfare style, where they would primarily use hit-and-run tactics and stay on the move.

It could work because as far as they know, the zombies thankfully couldn't operate firearms or launch long-range attacks, thus giving the squad a significant advantage over the zombies. In addition, the group would be mobile, thus any attention and aggro drawn by the shots could be potentially dropped if they just kept moving and stay low for a bit.

However, the downside to this strategy would be ammunition and supplies. Being constantly on the move meant that they had to pack light, thus bullets could become a problem if they ran into a lot of enemies.

After some more discussion, the group came up with a hybrid plan which could help minimize the vulnerability that came with completely adopting guerrilla style.


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