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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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14 Nirvana

The group immediately gave their Mama a call, and they were rested assured when she told them that she was fine and were fortifying it up with a few veteran friends.

"Ayy, our mom is so cool!" Christian exclaimed.

"Apparently, the currency featured in this app is called Nirvana Credits, and you can view your wallet in the profile tab," Elon said,

"Oh what, it's already linked to our bank accounts, and there's an exchange rate as well, 10 USD to 1 credit..." Alex added.

"Hey, this supplies tab is pretty cool, it's like Amazon, but I wonder if they will get the right shipping address if we are always on the move..." Christian, the shopaholic, was intrigued by this new market.

In the profile section, it basically had a run-down on the stats of each survivor, including the party they were in, which was the default "USA" for them.

"Oh hey, I'm already at a couple credits now!" Alex was intrigued by the new currency system.

Clicking on the number, he was led to a page that displayed the recent transaction history, which indicated a +1 for every zombie he killed.

Hearing Alex's remarks, everyone quickly went to check what number they were at.

Jay - 19 credits, Elon - 8, Christian - 13, Alex - 2.

"This is so f*cking unfair, yo is this like PUBG all over again? Where we actually match in damage output but you guys KS the crap out of me?!" Alex was getting a bit salty after seeing his score.

But now that the internet's back, the group immediately went to their desktop computer to see what was happening. Of course, first and foremost, they immediately went to close that glass wall that paranoid the crap out of them when the power was cut.

There were already news reports on the sighting of zombies and the governments officially addressing the situation. They are just feeding the usual BS about how they have it under control, and that FBI and homeland security are going to find out who's behind all of this and bring them to justice. They also mentioned that reinforcements have been dispatched towards every corner of the United States, and that they would not yield to terrorism.

"Maybe because of all the movies I watched, but I have a feeling that every time the government says that, they would get f*cked, and then solo heroes would come out and save the day," Christian exclaimed.

"Lol, same." The group agreed.


An update popped up on the home page and a count-down timer was attached.

[Next Wave: 4-hour count down.]

"Wait, it's 5 PM right now, so the next wave of zombies or whatever is coming at 9 PM tonight. We should probably prepare ourselves for that," Jay suggested.

Just at that moment, a loud voice through a speaker could be heard from the water direction, accompanied by the loud rumbling noise of speedboat engines.

"All survivors on Sunset Island, please make your way towards the neighborhood gate bridge on Island #1 and Island #4, we will be escorting you guys to safety. I repeat..."

One of the speedboats seemed to get closer to the beach house, and from the boat jumped down four soldiers in full gear. They made their way over to the front of the house and knocked on the doorbell.

From the phone, the boys could see the soldiers by their front door, since their smart doorbell could be accessed through an app on their phone. They cautiously got to the door and answered it.

Upon opening the door, Sarah immediately recognized one of the soldiers. "Charles! Have you seen my husband? Is he alright?"

"Yeah of course, he was dispatched to gather the survivors in another area and he told us to come over and make sure that you are safe. I got your note from your house and came over."

Hearing that her husband was fine, Sarah was finally able to let out a sigh of relief, as if a huge boulder was finally lifted from her heart. "Thank God, will I be able to meet him in a bit?"

"Is your stuff ready? We can escort you back to the camp on our boat. Oh and you guys, thank you very much for saving Sarah," the soldier immediately turned to Jay, who was standing in front of Alex, Christian, and Elon, and expressed his gratitude. "You guys should get to the bridge as well, we will be escorting everyone to safety. If you have your things ready, you are welcome to come onto the boat with us."

While Christian and Alex were both exhilarated by the offer, but Jay thought for a second and politely declined, "We will finish packing and meet you guys at the bridge. Take Sarah and her daughter first, keep them safe."

The soldier didn't insist, and the squad left with Sarah and her daughter, who expressed her most sincere gratitude to the boys before leaving.

"Wait, Boss, why didn't you take that guy up on his offer?" Christian was a bit confused, and so was Alex.

"Were you thinking what I was thinking?" Seeing that Elon wasn't surprised by his decision, Jay turned to him and asked.

"Probably. Thinking back to the announcement we read earlier on the app's home page, it said that the enemy wave difficulty will vary depending on the population density in that area as well as the level of firepower the population is armed with. If that is indeed true, then we should be actually safer if we are away from populated areas," Elon analyzed the current situation, immediately reminding Alex and Christian.

"On a side note, did you guys notice the change in that Charlie guy's tone?" Jay suddenly asked.
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    《Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World》