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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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13 Finally Some Contex

Seeing death approach, life flashed before Christian eyes, starting from how he met the other three little bastards and how they essentially raised each other up. The fame and money didn't mean sh*t to him, and what he truly treasured was the time he gets to spend with his other brothers. He really regretted not being able to play one more game with the group, knowing that he was going to die.

Of course, he was scared. However, he wasn't scared that he was going to lose his life, but rather the fact that he was going to let his brothers down and let them see such a bloody scene.

Deep down, he maybe was also feeling a bit happy, knowing that the zombie was going to jump onto him first, and it may buy others some time to react and fight back.

For a child growing up without knowing his parents or any related family members, it was tough for him to find a purpose in life. He always had the thought that no one was going to care if he were to disappear one day, but everything changed when he was adopted into this family by Mama, getting to meet the other three boys.

Ever since then, he made it his life purpose to protect the others.

"Oh f*ck, oh well, if one of us has to die first, let it be me," thought Christian the moment before the zombie was about to land on him.

But who would've known that something so miraculous happened...

His life was saved by Jay, and God knows how miserable he would feel if something were to happen to Jay because of it.

"How are you feeling right now?" Elon asked as he handed Jay a water bottle.

"Feeling quite refreshed actually, but what happened? I just remember the zombies breaking the old wooden fence," Jay chugged the bottle of water and asked.

"You don't remember what happened at all?" Alex exclaimed.

Jay shook his head. He looked fine, and if anything, he actually looked to be pretty well-rested. His skin seemed to be glowing, and the white of his eyes looked as clear as water.

It was indeed strange, as he clearly couldn't remember anything that happened after exotic particles took over his eyes.

Then, the group recounted what happened to Jay, filling the blank in his memory. Jay only became more and more dumbfounded after hearing about what he did... and he couldn't stop asking questions...

"Wait, I really did that?"

"Wait, I really saved all your asses?"

"Wait, you mean I just flashed over like the Fourth Hokage in Naruto?"

"Wait, like, fast, like Sonic the Hedge Hog?"

"Wait, you mean I used the katana like a legendary warrior like Zooro in One Piece?"

"Holy, I've been unconscious for almost an entire day?"

"Wait, can I have another bottle of water?"

If the boys remembered correctly, the next announcement should come at 4:30 PM today, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, they said that the internet and power would be back on!

So yeah, Sarah just taught them how to polish the guns as they guarded by the stairway, but the boys were hardly able to contain their excitement, as they had gone long enough without internet.

- 4:30 PM -

The previously-switched-on lights all lit up, the AC began working again, and their desktops downstairs were booting up as well. Most importantly, there were cell-signal and Wi-Fi again!

"Congratulations to those that survived the first 24 hours. The experiment will now commence, and the world will all come together to choose one leader to lead humanity. For more information, please refer to the app, Nirvana, on your smartphones and the program, Nirvana, on your PCs," the voice sounded again in unison from all smart devices right at 4:30 PM, scaring the crap of everyone.

"Oh wait, what?" The message was short, yet it also left the group dumbfounded.

Upon remembering the monotone voice saying something about an app, the group immediately took out their cellphone. To their surprise, there was an app already installed on the home screen, named Nirvana, and its icon was a pair of eyes drawn in blue 1s and 0s.

"Woah, this picture looks so creepy..."

The app could be navigated through five tabs on the bottom bar of the screen, in the order of [Home], [Ranking], [Map], [Supplies], and [Profile].

In the announcement section, there was an introduction update, and the group immediately began reading to try and understand what kind of next level sh*t this is and how to unf*ck the f*cked up situation they were f*cking in. Woah, a little too much profanity, my bad, won't happen again.

Apparently, like the monotoned announcement said, all parties would be participating in this huge survival game to try and vote for one faction that would be chosen to lead humanity from there on. The participating parties would initially be set as the different countries around the globe, but people are allowed to start their own party at a cost. Votes will be collected every week and displayed on the ranking tab, and the "proposed experiment" would supposedly stop when all parties uniformly select one party as the leader.

Throughout the whole process, there would be waves of attacks launched towards places with population, with the difficulty of enemy waves to each area varying according to the population density and level of firepower of the area.


"What the hell is this?" Christian was dumbfounded by the walls of texts.
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    《Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World》