Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
12 The Terrifying Unconsciousness
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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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12 The Terrifying Unconsciousness

At this moment, Christian was just a second away from getting his face eaten by a blood-thirsty zombie...

Alex was a couple of meters away from the next zombie as he turned around, waving his arm and yelling at the rest of the group, telling them to run...

Elon was dumbfounded, as the sudden turn of the event left him consumed by fear, not even being able to move a finger or grab the rifle on his back...

Sarah shouted at the group to get back, as she scrambled for a rifle from the car...

Everything became slow motion in Jay's eyes, and memories of the four brothers flashed past his mind...

Ever since they could remember, they had no parents, and their similar background allowed them to connect as brothers. Ever since they met each other at Mama's house, they had always been together, going to the same schools and classes, and same tutors, then skipping the same classes and same tutor lessons, finally getting the same ass-whooping together.

Brothers fight, and they do as well. But in the face of dangers and threats, they were always there for each other, as selfless as could be. They had never seen their real parents before, not to mention the taste of paternal and maternal love... But ever since they could remember, the Brotherhood gave them a warm place in their heart they could call home. It became the main pillar of support for them to take on the cold cruel world they were born into.

Jay, always playing the role of the older brother, was not going to just let someone take away his brothers, and let him be alone in this world again.

He was definitely not going to be alone again.

Absolutely not.

Exotic azure-colored particles consumed Jay's left eyes. He vanished off the spot, and at the next split second, he appeared right in between Christian and the zombies in midair, with his katana out of its sheath.

The katana glowed with a glamorous amethyst light as Jay slashed it forward, leaving behind a trailing purple afterimage.

The zombie immediately lost its movement as the blade swiftly traveled below its right arm out, through its body and out from the head.

Jay allowed the momentum of the strike to carry through its body, turning in midair, delivering a powerful round-house kick. The kick sent half of the dead's body towards the zombie chasing after Elon, giving Elon a moment to breath and fight back.

When the others took notice of the change in Jay's eye color, it already became crimson, as he propelled himself off the ground as he landed, and flew towards the zombie that was only a split second away from getting to Alex.

The zombie turned its head towards Jay just as he shoved the katana right through its chest. Jay then borrowed force as he stepped onto the ground, carrying him through into a backflip, with the blade following through and existing the zombie from its head.

Within not even one second, one zombie was sliced into half from armpit to head, and another one was basically cut open from chest up.

Elon was finally able to regain control of his body from fear, pulling out the QBU-88 strapped to his back and pumped a bullet into the other two zombies in the head, finally stopping them in their track.

The crimson light particles slowly existed Jay's eyes and dark blood dripped off the tip of his katana. Slowly, as the last bit of particle light vanished into the air, Jay also dropped onto the floor, feeling himself falling into an abyss in his mind.

When he opened his eyes again, it was already about three o'clock in the afternoon.

"Thank god you are fine! Wait, are you feeling fine? How many fingers am I holding?" Christian anxiously said as he held up three fingers with his right hand.

Seeing Jay fell onto the ground earlier, everyone was terrified, not knowing what happened to their big brother. Knowing very well that Jay saved their lives, they were also extremely worried about the cost or sacrifice Jay had to pay to gain that supernatural power he just summoned.

They had read many web novels and watched many movies in the past, so their mind and imagination could run wild like a rabbit on crack.

Since they missed the azure part and just saw Jay's eyes filled with crimson light, they began to think that maybe Jay signed a contract with Satan or something, just to save their asses.

But because Elon fired shots at last, they were very scared that the sound would attract zombies, so they immediately drove the car to their half-blocked front gate, and carried the loots in their car as well as Jay into their mansion.

After locking the gate again, the group quickly went inside back onto the second floor, placed Jay on a bed, and began checking his temperature.

Although the temperature was normal, they thought they had to do something for Jay, so they just began putting cold towels on his forehead anyway, exchanging one every five minutes, all the way until 3 o'clock in the afternoon, when Jay opened his eyes again.

But then again, it wasn't like they had anything else to do.

And then it went back to the scene where Christian held up his hand and asked Jay how many fingers he was holding.

"Same as the number of d*cks that can fit up your ass," Jay responded, eyes still half-closed.

"Woah dude, a little ambitious there don't you think?" Christian played along, but everyone knew how happy he was to see his big brother joking with him like that again.

Earlier, when the zombie was jumping towards Christian, he knew he was dead. Having seen enough racism in American horror films on making minorities die first, he thought he was doomed and that he failed to break the curse.
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    《Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World》