Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
11 How Old Was that Fence?
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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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11 How Old Was that Fence?

There were over a couple dozen zombies outside of the gate, wanting a piece of them.

However, with the obstacle in the middle, while taking heavy fire, the zombies weren't able to make any advances as they fell down one by one.

"Yeah! I guess the headshot rule from movies still applies in our case," Christian exclaimed in joy.

Although the group quickly cleaned up the zombies swarming the gate, they knew they had to be quick on their feet, since the heavy bullet rain they just put out probably already attracted more zombies coming their way.

Christian and Alex quickly rushed to the gate to open it as Elon drove over with Jay, Sarah and her daughter inside.

The car had its falcon-wings still up so Jay could provide covering fire from either side of the car.

"Three approaching from the road from the north, two more coming over 200 meters northwest."


As Jay alerted Alex and Elon, he took care of four more that were coming over from the south.

"Wait, which way's north?"

"Which way's northwest?"

Both Alex and Christian didn't know the directions very well and were very confused. Back in PUBG, the group was able to communicate with even more precise compass bearings because there is a compass plastered atop the screen. But in real life, well, sh*t.

"Never mind, just jump in!" Elon shouted as he briefly stopped the car at the gate. After the two jumped in, Elon stepped on the break, and the car accelerated from 0 to 60 mph within 3 seconds, leaving the zombies behind to bite the dust.

"Are we going back now?" Christian asked as his heart was still beeping fast.

"Yeah, I think all the noise we just made should have lured the zombies away from our place. Let's go back and check first," Elon replied as they drove towards the house.

"If you guys need more noise to attract the zombies' attention, I know a car a few houses west of my house with a really annoying alarm." Sarah suddenly remembered and tried to help.

"West of your house? Is it really close to the bridge then?" Jay suddenly asked.

"Yeah," Sarah replied.

"Yeah let's not trigger that alarm unless we have to, because it might attract zombies from island #4 as well as South Beach."

The Sunset Islands neighborhood is a set of 4 islands vertically placed on the west side of Miami South Beach. There is a bridge connecting one point of South Beach to Island #1, which has the only bridge that connects to Island #2 from #1. Then, a bit further down south, there's another bridge from South Beach that connects Island #4, which then has the only bridge connecting to Island #3.

Although it seemed like Island #2 and #3 are the safest, Jay and the others just saw that the zombies were capable of swimming. Thus, they didn't want to risk making too many unnecessary noises, since the zombies could get onto the island through all directions, but survivors could only leave the island through one bridge.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief after they got back to their house. Most of the zombies were gone now, the fence in the backyard was still standing, and there were only 4 zombies left.

Quietly parking the car by the old spot, Elon asked, "How should we take care of these zombies?"

"We can get close and use our bow," Christian suggested.

"Yeah that should do," Alex and Elon both thought it was a viable option to silently execute the targets without causing too much disturbance.

In PUBG upon spotting another squad, a common approach they would take was to each lock onto a different target and then fire at the same time, leaving the enemy team close to no time to react and fight back. They decided to use the same strategy here, with each of them locking on to a different zombie.

The group got off the car and slowly approached the zombies from their neighbor's lawn, and the wooden fence their neighbors had were short enough for them to still be able to aim for the zombies' head.

Jay and the others slowly got closer, and with the arrows on the string, everyone was waiting for Jay to make the call.

However, suddenly, the zombies seemed to have sniffed something in the air. They immediately turned their head towards them, and drooling from their sharp teeth, they started charging towards the group.

Everyone was startled by this sudden turn of event, but fortunately, there was a fence in between them so they didn't lose their sh*t right away.

"Shoot," Jay whispered and an arrow silently flew out of his hand, followed by three others.

However, due to the target being on the move, Alex and Christian missed their arrows, while although Jay and Elon landed theirs in their target's eye socket and mouth, the zombies weren't slowed down at all.

All four zombies kept charging at them, and to everyone's surprise, they broke through the wooden fence like it was nothing, barely slowing them down.

The one at the very front soon arrived before Christian, who was at the very front. Terrified, Christian tried to turn and run, but he got tripped by a branch and fell onto the ground.

Desperately trying to crawl back, he saw the zombie lunge into the air towards him, with its bloody mouth wide open.


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