Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
10 This is Some Next Level Setup
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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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10 This is Some Next Level Setup

It was basically a miniature gun store, with most of the guns neatly placed in several big lockers, and the floor of the lockers covered in boxes of bullets.

There were a few guns that were already lying on the floor, which was assumed to be the work of that bearded man.

Starting with the classic zombie killers, there were a couple pump-action shotguns like the Remington 870, and several semi-automatic ones like the Benelli M4 Super. With one pull of a trigger, a shell will be fired and countless loaded pellets would fly towards the target, making it nearly impossible to miss the target at close range and capable of delivering a fatal hit.

With an adjustment of the barrel using a choke, the gun would be able to direct most of the pellets in a narrower path, making shotgun also a viable option even at medium ranges.

"Ayyyy, just how I like it! I need to get myself some of this!" Christian couldn't suppress his excitement upon seeing shotguns. In PUBG as well, although shotgun is one of the least favorable weapons of choice, second to pistols, he was madly in love with it. In his words, it was a f*cking wonderful feeling to go boom once and see the enemy go poof.

Next up for display were the submachine guns, which were known for its light weight and versatility. Chambered for pistol-caliber ammunition, this type of gun is designed to pump out an insane number of little d*cks per minute.

In the armory, the group was able to find the two classics - KRISS Vector and MPX. In PUBG, submachine guns were usually the go-to weapon if you want to dominate close-range combat and instantly destroy whatever protection the enemy's wearing.

Known for its fire-rate, one could easily put out tons of bullets in a single second to quickly overwhelm enemies and negate any positional benefit they might have. It was Alex's weapon of choice in PUBG, so he immediately went up to check out the two submachine guns in the locker.

The next ones up were two assault rifles - M16A3 and M4 Carbine. Although they have relatively lower firing rate in comparison to light machine guns and submachine guns, assault rifles trade the firing rate for much higher accuracy.

In PUBG, it was Jay's favorite weapon of choice since it serves as a comfortable midpoint between the wide range of weapon selections, from shotguns to sniper rifles. With this in his hand, he could easily handle threats at close-range and medium range, while still being able to snipe targets from afar, as long as he had the right scopes.

The previous three options were all great choices against zombies, but they could put the users in great danger of getting shot as well when going against other survivors, as the user usually would also be detected by the enemy when they were in range to shoot.

Thus, last but not least, that would excel in situations against other armed hostiles, was one designated marksman rifle (DMR).

The DMR was a QBU-88, and the rifle features a bipod that could be deployed to significantly reduce the recoil when shooting. The nature of QBU-88, or DMRs in general, was that they are weapons between the assault rifles and sniper rifles category. The range of these weapons are shorter than that of a sniper rifle, and the damage is slightly higher than an assault rifle but have slightly lower magazine sizes. Functionally speaking, they are great for short to medium range combats but aren't great in closed-area assault situations.

In PUBG, Elon always had a DMR and a bolt-action sniper rifle on him. He was a natural-born sniper and knew very well how to hide away from enemy sight, while still being able to deliver fatal blows when the enemies least expected him.

There weren't any legit sniper rifles in the house, but the room did have two 2x aimpoint scope, one holographic sight, and one 3x backlit scope.

"Holy crap, feels like Christmas!" Christian exclaimed. They truly stumbled upon a treasure cave this time. Man, what a huge upgrade from their "pew kachin kachin in order to pew again" bolt-action hunting rifles and bow and arrows.

The group quickly began carrying the guns and boxes of bullets into their Tesla. Thanks to Elon Musk for the cargo space in Tesla Model S, they were able to fit everything in one trip, including loads of bullets and some food and water as well.

Perhaps the zombies had a keen sense of smell, they slowly gathered towards the house they were in, and some began banging on the gate as well.

Fortunately, the group already finished moving most of the stuff before finding themselves besieged by zombies.

"Should we engage?" Alex asked anxiously, seeing the zombie crowd outside of the gate getting bigger and bigger.

"It seems like we have no choice, there's no way to get out without cleaning up the zombies at the front gate. We will have to kill these zombies on our Island #3 anyways," replied Jay after some thought.

"Yeah, there won't be too much traffic coming into the island, so the more zombies we kill now, the safer we are in this neighborhood," Elon agreed.

"I think y'all just wanted to try your weapons, that's why. I'm down too, but this time Imma borrow one of those rifles and stay in the back. There's no way in hell I'm gonna go up to the gate and shoot with my shotty, putting my ass in risk of getting shot by you guys, I don't trust your aims." Christian had high doubts in his buddies' ability to aim.

What's the worst way to die in a zombie apocalypse? Getting shot in the ass by your own teammates. There was no way Christian's trusting his bros on their first day with these guns when they weren't even familiar with the recoil patterns on the guns yet.

Knowing that they had more than enough bullets, they immediately took aim and started firing.
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    《Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World》