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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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7 Peaceful Nigh

Let's be honest, who could really fall asleep at a night like this?

After sleeping on Elon's floor for a bit, Christian whispered, "Yo, you awake?"


"You are the most knowledgeable one out of us, what do you think happened?"

After a moment of silence, Elon slowly spoke, "It should be planned."

Christian was of course stunned at first at this thought. "Wait, but who could plan something so brutal? What are they even trying to achieve by just airdropping zombies to kill people?"

Just then, they both stopped at the thought of the plane that para-dropped those boxes filled with zombies.

"But could it have been an accident though? Like you know those story plots where a cargo plane or ship or truck did an oopsie and accidentally dropped those stuff... Wait..." Christian didn't want to think the worst out of people, because if something like this was planned, it would be much more difficult to deal with than if it was just a one-time oopsie in Miami. But then, he remembered the creepy announcement moment before the airdrops.

"You are remembering the announcement now?" Seeing the change in Christian's eyes, Elon quietly added, "It sounded monotone, and it was like a warning. However, its intention wasn't to minimize casualty since it didn't bother trying to make itself sound convincing, nor did it give enough time for people to react."

"Yeah, someone should be behind this, and that announcement was really just adding to their enjoyment if anything," Christian stroked his chin and analyzed.

"Do you think AI could be behind this since that announcement was a robotic voice?" Elon asked.

"Well, I'm not sure about that, because of all the Terminator movies I watched, none of them used zombies... But yeah now that I think about it, it's a planned apocalypse for sure, since it also mentioned that there will be updates after 24 hours, so tomorrow afternoon at around 4:30," Christian said.

Then, the two went into silence, both thinking about different things.

It was getting a bit chilly, especially with most of their living room wall rolled up. In a dead silent night like this, Jay and Alex could faintly hear an engine running from their backyard direction.

They slowly went down to check, and they saw a boat approaching and eventually docking by the backyard of their next door neighbor.

Then, a big van drove into their backyard, across the lawn and stopped by the lakeside. Under the moonlight, Jay and Alex could faintly see a man coming down from the boat, joining the two men and a woman that began carrying things onto the yacht.

"Oh damnn, now that I think about it, we should've gotten a yacht," Alex exclaimed.

Looking at their neighbors packing their supplies onto the yacht, the group suddenly remembered something. The movement just now by both the boat and car was quite loud, and it could get unwanted attention.

Sure enough, they saw movements in the water and also heard things rustling through the grass in both sides of their house. Suddenly, a dozen zombies came into sight and ran after the group by the boat.

"F*ck! Shoot! Shoot!" One of the men yelled, and in the dark night, fire tongues could be seen coming out of their guns' barrels.

However, the loud noise only continued to attract more and more attention, and when the group finally decided to let go of the supplies to leave first, they were met with zombies that came out from the water as they were running towards their yacht.

"Wait, these zombies can f*cking swim? Holy f*ck! Yo, we gotta wake the other two up right now! The neighbors are done for sure, but if the zombies to turn this house we must finish them off when they try climbing over our fence. If they get into the backyard and run into our house, it's going to be too late!" Jay suddenly came to this horrifying realization and pushed Alex to go wake up the other two.

The group was quickly submerged by the gathering crowd of zombies, which didn't seem like they were intending to disperse after they ate the corpses.

As if they smelled something, some began turning towards Jay's house as some banged their head against the fences while others tried to squeeze through.

It might've been the chicken they had earlier for dinner, or that the zombies were especially keen to the smell of humans...

Alex, Christian, and Elon quickly came down with their weapons, but none of them knew what to do. If they were to shoot their rifles, the noise would only attract more zombies. As for the bow and arrows, they only had a little over 30 arrows, which may be enough temporarily take care of the threat they are facing. However, they were quite far from the fence. If they were to shoot, not only would they use up their arrows, they also most likely wouldn't deliver fatal hits.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The zombies' banging began syncing in rhythm, and with a dozen or so zombies knocking directly at the fence and a couple more dozens pushing behind them, the fence visibly became looser and looser.

They all stared at the fence anxiously, not sure what would happen if the zombies would to break in. In addition, the loud banging noise would for sure draw even more attention. Jay and the others could just imagine the herds of zombies that were coming for them.

"F*ck, what should we do?" Alex nervously asked, Jay was deep in thought, and Christian grabbing tightly onto the bow.

Elon suddenly responded, "We need to distract them with even more noise elsewhere, but we need to get up close to finish off the ones banging against the fence."

Although the night was almost over and the sun is slowly rising, the group was in some deep sh*t as their backyard were in danger of being overrun. And once the zombies get in, there would be nothing in the way to stop them from getting to them.


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