Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
4 Guardian Elon Coming to Rescue
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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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4 Guardian Elon Coming to Rescue

A box landed by their main gate, another one landed in their neighbors. Thank god their house was still intact.

Oh yeah, why was Jay shocked? It's because he saw a guy on their balcony already killing zombies.

From the box at the front gate, about 7 or 8 zombies came out and were banging on their front gate, as the guy on their balcony gunned them down, one by one.

"Oh sh*t, is that Elon?"

"Oh sh*t, that is!"

"Oh no, hole too small, can't drive through..."

Well, the zombies at their gate were cleared, but the box blocked half of the gate so the car didn't seem to be able to squeeze through.

"Park by the neighbors! Climb over the fence! Not gonna shout anymore because I think the nearby zombies can hear me. Oh sh*t I think they heard me!" Elon shouted. With a Speaker.

The group drove to the closest neighbor's house, stopped by the fence, and got out.

"Oh sh*t, it's the fence with the pointy end!" Alex exclaimed.

"Well just don't sit on it dumbass! Wait, what about the food though, we ran out of chicken in the house already." Christian loves chicken.

"Just go, we can get it some other time!" Jay loves to live.

Thankfully, the group climbed over the fence, and only four zombies came over due to Elon shouting in a speaker and were quickly taken care of.

Elon: "Oh hey guys, what did you get from the store?"


Christian: "Yeah just some chicken, you would be surprised if you went with us, all the cold and hot foods were on sale it was crazy."

Alex: "Oh dude, did you lock the car?"

The group of four seemed to be on different communication channels right off the bat.

It was November 1st, a little past 5, yet the sky was already abnormally dark. Seeing that there weren't any more boxes coming down from the sky, the group decided to quickly rush into the house first.

Thank god, Elon was able to get the backup generator working so the house didn't feel like a dungeon. To conserve battery, only a few dim lights were turned on, which also avoided getting unwanted attention from outside.

Curtains closed, doors locked, windows shut, the group placed the house in complete lockdown and sat down around the dining table. By the living room. With the big glass garage door facing the backyard still rolled up from earlier this afternoon.

"Oh hey it's still a little bit windy in here, did you guys feel that?" Christian whispered. And that was when the group realized that basically half of their living room's wall was rolled up.

However, they decided not to worry about it too much for now, since their house was located on the west end of Sunset Island #3, with their backyard facing towards the intracoastal waterway between Miami City and Miami Beach.

Elon: "I got that weird voice message too, what's happening out there?"

Jay: "Yeah it's a mess outside, thank god we were just down the street and weren't far from here. Those things look like zombies from TV and movies. Oh by the way, nice shooting up there, where did that gun come from? It looks like the one we used on our last hunting trip with Mama."

Alex: "Yeah, did you get ahold of Mama yet? Is she alright?"

Elon: "There's no service, and hopefully, she's fine. After all, she does run a gunshop. Yeah, Mama left them here, she said she will feel safer knowing that these bad boys are here to protect us while she's gone to manage her shop down South. She also told me to keep it a secret so you guys don't play with it."

After exchanging a look, the other three quickly went to the storage room upstairs to see what's up in there.

To their disappointment, they only found toilet paper stashes, vaccuum machine, cleaning supplies, and all the boring stuff.

Elon slowly walked up the stairs added, "What are you guys looking for in there? It's in the masterbedroom."

Then, he led the boys into the closet room. On the ground, Elon moved a section of the wooden floor and revealed a hidden compartment.

"Wait, that's it? Just bolt-action hunting rifles? None of those that goes pewpewpewpewpew? Just pew kachin kachin wait a million years and pew again?" Jay, Alex, and Elon were clearly disappointed.

Elon: "Well, would you rather fight them with a kitchen knife or your paintball guns?"

Jay: "Alright boys, arm up. This is good enough."

Ever since they hit 16 years of age, their foster mother would take them on hunting trips every once a few months, mostly for deer, wild boars, ducks. Her reasoning? She didn't want 4 sissys in the house.

They each picked up a hunting rifle and a few boxes of bullets, and the group also found a couple of bows and arrows.

Although today marked the beginning of an apocalypse, the squad was actually getting quite excited, seeing it as an exciting turn of events in their life, but knowing the difficulties they were facing ahead.

All four of them were orphans and didn't knew who their parents were. After being adopted by the same women, the four were gathered under one roof and became brothers. They were all quite smart in different ways, and the education system already lost its ability to challenge any of them ever since they could remember.

With their career in streaming taking off, they decided to take a year off after graduating high school. Being at the top of their profession, the group were beginning to get bored at doing the same thing every day and spending loads of money when more were coming the next day.

Although their hands were trembling a bit as they prepared the weapons, there was a hint of excitement in their fear.


And a hint of hunger. Christian's stomach began growling, and the group was reminded that they hadn't had dinner yet.

"Let's test these things out and get ourselves some real chicken dinner!" Christian proposed.


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