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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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3 Oh Sh*

"Oh sh*t, let me grab some of that oven-roasted chicken. Oh hey, we can buy these frozen chicken to make soup later too. Oh, the chicken nuggets are on sale too!"

The squad usually had a full-time nanny who would take care of them for things like cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping. However, they were going to be on their own for about a month as her vacation started about two days ago.

With their mom fully confident in their ability to wipe their own butt, she just didn't bother to find a substitute babysitter since the kids were only a few days away from becoming 18.

After finishing all the fresh food in their house, the group had no choice but to come out and shop for the first time in months.

Without a plan in their head but a fat wallet, the group each grabbed a cart and started grabbing whatever they liked. Although they didn't know the prices for food nowadays, but they could recognize all the "On Sale" signs by the hot food and refrigerated goods sections.

The market's main power was also down, but the backup generator working at capacity. However, it wasn't enough to fully power the lights, the refrigeration, and the hot cases at the food service section. Thus, all the cold and hot food were placed on sale just in case the electricity doesn't come back soon enough, in which case they would have to be thrown out anyways.

The backup is usually enough to keep the cash register, the server and networking, and computers working for at least an hour, ensuring that everything stayed connected to the corporate network.

However, it seemed that only the local server was still up, but the machines could not connect with the bank server, so people couldn't pay with their cards.

As a result, a huge line began to form at cash registers as the customers tries scavaging through their wallet for some cash.

Well, good thing Christian was an old-fashioned guy that still carried cash in his wallet. Counting the few dollar bills in Alex's jacket and some coins in Jay's wallet, the boys had quite a big budget for a grocery run.

"Why the f*ck would I carry cash when I have three platinum credit cards on me? Christian, why do you carry so much, isn't it heavy?!"

Feeling like the internet and power would probably be up soon, the group rummaged through the aisles and soon filled their three carts.

The group got to the parking lot and were packing things in when they began hearing helicopters and police sirens traveling past them.

"Huh, the sirens are normal here in Miami, but why is the sky getting so dark? It's only 5 right now," Jay looked above and exclaimed.

"Yeah, this does feel creepy, come on, let's head home."

They just kept stuffing their car with more and more food. There were snacks, drinks, alcohol, meat, veggies, bread, rice, pizza, pasta, sauce, ice cream, and bags after bags after bags of frozen dumplings.

Basically, other than the front seats and one of the rear seats, everywhere else was stuffed with stuff, almost covering the driver's rear window vision. (Woah, my man living life on the edge)

They all got into the car and was about to head home when all of a sudden...

"The Apocalypse starts in 10 seconds. Internet and power will be back on after 24 hours, try to survive until then for further instructions."

The same message began playing out of radios, cellphones and public speakers, as the sudden monotone voice sent chills down people's spine.

Initially thinking that it was probably some prank, a lot of people didn't take it seriously and continued on with what they were doing.

Jay and the others were quite confused as well, and they were going to head home anyways.

Christian was counting down to 10. Since he's a young African American, the track record of his people's survival rate in past horror or zombie movies really weren't in his favor.

Meanwhile, the car was blasting the diss tracks that became a thing on Youtube recently.

Suddenly, a plane flew over them, and dark boxes began dropping from the sky. Despite there being parachutes, they were so small relative to the boxes, thus the speed of those boxes coming down was still terrifying.

Boom. Boom. Boom. The boxes began smashing down consecutively, creating miniature craters on the ground.

"Oh sh*t, that talking hommie's for real! Imma gonna die, Imma gonna die..."

Christian began freaking out, while the shock also seemed to have deprived Alex's ability to speak, only leaving his mouth opened up wide as if it could fit a d*ck. (Note: Could be duck, depends on how innocent you are)

"Now's not the time to panic you d*cks, help me dodge these things!" Jay shouted.

Christian was the first one to snap back to focus. From that big sexy panorama windscreen that is the awesome Tesla Model X (Elon Musk, pay me for the plug), he began trying to predict where the boxes are going to land to try and dodge them.

Around them, some cars got directly squashed by the boxes, and buildings got wrecked all the way to the first floor.

"Ok ok, left, left, left, a bit..."

"Yo you sure? We going off road now!"

"Left, left more..."

Boooom, a box landed on the left front direction of the car. Thanks to Model X's crash prevention feature, Jesus took the wheel and steered these dumb kids to the right to safety.

"YOOOO DUDE, these ain't supply crates, we are trying to get away from the boxes, not run into them!"

"DUUDE even if they are supply crates, even in PUBG the car explodes if you directly 'catch' a box! That's how you killed us 6 games ago!" Guess Alex's soul wandered back to his body now.

"Wait, look what's coming out of the boxes..." Christian was terrified.

Those human-shaped bodies were moving sluggishly out of the box, much like the zombies from movies.

"Ok, we got to get home! Drive drive drive!"

At the back, Rice already began praying, "Hey Jesus, it's your boy, Alex. Look, I know we haven't talked in awhile, but I just have one quick favor to ask. Please don't let a box land on our house. It's an expensive house and we are still paying mortgage... I don't know if the damages are coverable through insurance..."

Meanwhile, Christian's eyes were still locked onto the zombies coming out of the crates.

"What the f***..." As the group drove across the bridge and was approaching their house, Jay couldn't believe what he saw.
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    《Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World》