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Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World
Author :FrostyNight
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2 Plan B

The group just followed Phantom Pen15 and ran from house to house, jumping from window to window.

"Woaaaaaaaahhh!" Ricedoctor screamed right as he spotted a dude in the corner, who was just as stunned seeing the "celebrity squad - Big D Brings Spring" jumping into the window.

He was just about to point his AK-47 towards Ricedoctor when Phantom Pen15 came in through the front and shoved a crowbar up his ass.

In PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG), if a player's health point (HP) reaches zero and his or her teammate(s) is still alive, he/she wouldn't die right away. Instead, the player would gain another HP bar that slowly depletes and could have a chance to be revived by his/her team before the new HP bar reaches zero. In the meantime, the downed member could only slowly crawl around but won't be able to use any weapon.

Boink, boink.

[Phantom Pen15 killed CantDieImPro]

Phantom Pen15 quickly finished off the "crawler". Usually, they would leave the crawler alive to lure in and kill that player's teammates as well. However, they were currently at Destination F*cked and needed to get out of here right away.

"Thanks for the AK." Phantom Pen15 quickly scavenged the remains, grabbing the assault rifle and 60 bullets.

The group cleared a few more houses and cleared a few squads along the way. By the time they got to the vehicle, they were already fully loaded on ammo, first aid kits, and pills.

"Ayyy, we are almost out of here!" The squad began cheering as they were closing in on the vehicle.

Just to ensure they get onto the vehicle safely, Givemethatchicken even chucked in a smoke grenade. "You will actually be surprised at the number of people that stops shooting when there's smoke."

The viewers could clearly see Phantom Pen15's face getting more and more tense as they got closer and closer to the vehicle. No one knew how much he was praying to Jesus that no one would shoot them in the next few seconds before they storm out of here.

"Finally! Step on that gas, Phantom!" Ricedoctor shouted the moment he entered the blue Nissan shitbox.

However, the next moment truly left everyone dumbfounded.

"Aloha snack bar!" A woman's voice sounded in the public voice chat as the squad faintly saw a figure charging into the smoke towards their vehicle.

"What the..."


[Mama Karma killed Phantom Pen15, Ricedoctor, Dildo Swaggins, and Givemethatchicken]

At the beach house, the four young men were still staring at the screen, trying to comprehend what just happened.

Dildo Swaggins broke the silence: "Ayy, the smoke did stop enemy gunfire."

Phantom Pen15: "Yeah, but it didn't stop the grenade."

Ricedoctor: "Wait, what just happened?"

After watching the replay, they saw a female player who was hiding in a bush beside the watchtower. She basically pulled the pin of a frag grenade and ran into the smoke.

Honestly, she could've just thrown it.

The stream chatroom was popping off with emojis and chats, the viewers were all laughing at the surprising turn of event. Once again, watching Swag's stream made many people's day.

"Hey, look on the bright side, you won't be short of 10,000 dollars." Givemethatchicken laughed.

"Alright, ready up, let's go again."

It was summer break, and Jay, going by the online-alias Phantom Pen15, would stream for 6 hours with a one-hour break after the first 3 hours.

With almost over 800 thousand live viewers every stream, he was able to easily make thousands of dollars every day through ad-revenues and paid-subscriptions alone, not to mention the crazy sponsorship deals he could land with his magnitude of influence, and the donations his loyal fans would spoil him with.

Like many others, Jay was able to make a living off of doing what he loved, and being the boss of himself.

Just as the squad was about to get into another match, the power suddenly went out.

The house was awkwardly silent for a few seconds. The monitors and music were off, but the lazy Miami afternoon sun was still lighting up the entire living room.

Another power outage? But the weather's doing fine, what could possibly be the cause this time? After moving to Miami with the squad about a year ago, they had already got used to the power outages that were usually caused by big thunderstorms, hurricanes or floods. But strangely, the weather's alright right now though...

"NOOO, even my phone is out of service, can't even google the power outage status now." Christian, who goes by the online alias of Givemethatchicken, shouted.

"Whatever, it's probably gonna be restored soon, let's go grab some groceries, can't do anything else right now anyway," Jay suggested.

"You three go, I will stay behind to see if I can get the backup generator working. But I don't think the problem is that simple this time, it seems like the cellular service is down too." Elon, the tech-guy of the group that goes by the name Dildo Swaggins analyzed.

So, the rest of the group headed to the closest market. The group's beach house is located on Sunset Island #3 on the west side of Bayshore on Miami Beach. The island has a bridge connecting to Island #4, which then connects to the large strip of land called Miami Beach.

Jay (Phantom Pen15), Alex (Ricedoctor), and Christian (Givemethatchicken) got into their Tesla Model X, exited the island community through Sunset Island #4 and stopped by a market not far from the bridge exit.

When they walked into the store, they were all delighted by what they saw.


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