Ascenders: Rising From Zero
10 First Law of Thermodynamics
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Ascenders: Rising From Zero
Author :sir_impeccable
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10 First Law of Thermodynamics

What is strength? What is power? What is this class ranking system we all partake in?

From Basic Class to God Class, one thing remains certain. That is, that strength is valued above everything and anything else.

Anyone with a lower class is easily boxed into the corner and forgotten. But should this be the case?

We, people of the lower worlds have had to endure the constant bullying by those above us. The Orishas and their unruly set of offsprings, The Emere have being a constant pain to all of us.

Blessed by Eledumare with insane power levels, we can only grovel in the dust before their pre-eminence.

But such should not be. We all are aware of the time when The Emeres sought to wipe almost all the Kpelekpe Race just because they put me under their care.

I, who was forgotten by the gods themselves. Only until I attained certain strength did they remember that an irunmole was been bred within the Kpelekpe realm.

I was there, I saw it happen. The destruction of the very own people that I had to come to love as family at the hand of an Emere.

The Massacre,..

The wasted life essences that clouded the atmosphere. All of it, I saw this. and even more of these did I see. So much I cannot say it all.

Now, I throw this question to you; Should Lives not matter anymore because the Orisha and Emeres are involved?

Lives are important that is why I am calling to all individual of the lower heavens(The Irunmoles won't bother answering my call by the way), join me, as we ascend into the highest Orun and bring a new system of justice to our worlds.

—- —-

Culled from:

The Abominable publication of Trixius the great, his infamous call to war to all tribes of the lower worlds.

—- ——

—- —-

"First kill of the day, unaided." Jaspar praised himself, clapping his hands as his draconic wings lowered his frame closer to the ground.

He watched his prey, The IronSpike Tailed Dog in a clearing that seemed like a battle at just taken place.

"Ok... ok... I get! I cheated, using the spear. " Jaspar said, exasperated as Bayo growled at him. "But it's not like as if they are here to watch." He pointed backwards at the forest growth.

'Yasmin, tell me what to do, please.' Bayo pleaded. His vision was already getting blurry plus the occasional heavy thumping of his heart against his frame.


He hated this!

In one day, he had been close to death so many times.

And just when he thought he had someone he could trust in Vela, she bit at him.

This world. Everything about it was cruel. The strong preyed on the weak. And by God, he, Bayo, he was weak.

Just look at me, with energy of mere 17 for max points while that Gargolye was 20k plus. Not to even talk of Vela.

That Bitch!

How had she even known that he was FirstBorn? He didn't tell her or did he? Bayo mused, anger setting in as his heart thumped painfully and slowly.

"Ha! So, I got my choice meat so easily. Oh right, should hunt with my dragon self. Gimme a Sec, Dog." Jaspar said , pointing a finger up as he broke into Bayo's dying thoughts.

"HNRRGGHH... AARRGHHH... FTAGNNN.." Jaspar's face contorted, thick veins rippling across his face. His skin began to thicken, opening up to the air like window shutters. Whilst this was going on, his face begin stretching, making his nose so much larger than before even as the green gem in his head began glowing.

"Oh, snap! FUCKkkk... why does it have to this painful." Jaspar ranted, falling to the ground on all fours, all changes to his body reverting.

Looking up at Bayo, he signaled. "Imma try one more time. Gimme a SEC, meat." He said, smiling sinisterly.

By now, Bayo's vision began fading. Instead of being filled with regret as other times, he smiled to himself, But something sparked him up.

This guy... He was straight up crazy. And he liked crazy.

'Yasmin, I know that smile. This guy is an apparent weirdo. We are so much alike.'

'How does that save us from failing? I am doing my best is slowing the soul decline. You need food to eat or energy to absorb at the worst not a familiar smile.' Yasmin replied, irritation in the voice.

'I know. If I can talk to him, I know I would score points with him, definitely.'

'How would you know that?'

'I don't know. But I can at least try.'

'Let that be far from you. You are totally incapable of speech, Bayo. The only way to do that in a speech impaired form is to draw upon the energy of a law.' Yasmin replied.

'So, it's hopeless?' He mentally facepalmed himself.



He wasn't completely hopeless. Yasmin already said that speech could be possible with the aid of a law.

And he had a base law already. Infact, he had two Absorption bonuses from the Law, the Law of Gluttony.

But just what if, what if he could access it again. Yasmin had said it was impossible but he did say he could activate it for him.


And this meant Yasmin could draw upon the law within him, to give him speech capability.

Even if for one minute.

'Yasmin, I have a base law.'

'Yes, Law of Gluttony. Of what point is that? I cannot keep up for much, Bayo.' Yasmin replied, strain visible in the voice, reminding Bayo that he was only alive now because of Yasmin.

'Damn! Can you activate the law for me? Draw upon the energy to give me speech?'

'That is... almost impossible. Even so... you need to draw... energy from the law.' Yasmin whispered, barely audible as Bayo's vision dimmed abit.


Think Bayo, Think.

What is the first law of thermodynamics?

Energy can neither be destroyed or created but is transferred from one state to another.

Yes, that was it.

There was a way after all.

'Yasmin, you said I have two absorption's left. And if I heard right, you said every law dependent technique draws on energy of the soul.

So, my Absorption is raw energy that has been stored in my soul. I say this Because, you are the only one that can activate it for me and since it is a law dependent technique, it requires energy.

And that energy, I don't know how but my guess is that I have a certain amount of stored energy to power my principle of absorption.'

'Yes... this is... brilliant... theorizing. I never told... you this.' Yasmin whispered once more.

'Doesn't matter. Energy can neither be destroyed or created but is converted from one form to another. Can you convert that stored energy into speech giving energy?

You can, right?'

'Well... I never... thought of that. I can... but that will require all my focus.'


'I won't be able... to resist your... your soul decline... it will be... few... few seconds... before you die. Pointless. Plus, it'll...cost you an Absorption.

'Just... DO IT.' Bayo cried mentally, pangs of pain coursing through his whole frame.

The next second, his feet wobbled, giving way underneath him as he fell, almost lifeless, on his side.

Few seconds till death. His clock had stared ticking already.

He could only hope now.

But even at that, what guarantee did he have that this guys would not just kill him the moment he saw him speak? After all, so far, he hadn't seen any talking beast.

Even Vela didn't, she only spoke to his mind.

'God or whoever gave me this second life, let this work, please.' He prayed as a tear streamed down his snout.


Just then, Jaspar moved closer. Looking around with a startled look, he observed the environment, noting the caked earth at the sides of a stretching, horizontal crater.

Turning his focus back to Bayo, he mouthed, strange light on his eyes.

"My, my... I didn't notice. You are injured. Those fangs marks on your paw. Did you get into a fight? This place looks like a damn battlefield." Jaspar moved closer, making Bayo whimper weakly.

"Wait, let me take out the spear. I can help you, promise." Jaspar said, raising both hands up as Bayo painstaking moved his head in a position that he could watch him.

'I'm betting my life on you. Please don't disappoint.' Bayo thought, his vision dimming even further.


"I promise." He said again at the weakened growl, bending down sideways until his hands latched on the spear.



Bayo growled painfully as Jaspar pulled out the spear with swift motion. Heaviness descended on Bayo, ejecting his consciousness from his body with lightning speed.

'Hold on abit, Bayo. I am almost done converting the energy.' Yasmin's voice came from a distance. It sounded sad bringing a tear to his mental form. Already, darkness began settling in again as Bayo clutched wildly at just anything to stop the removal from his body.

'Done, Bayo. Speak.' Yasmin said, sparking his weakened soul with energy.

Determined now, he growled, swinging his iron spike tail wildly at whatever force was ejecting him from his body.

Yasmin had done it.

No way was he going to let that effort be a waste now. He had to try too. Propping his astral legs together, he crouched, before leaping further with renewed enthusiasm, towards the source of Yasmin's voice.

Raising his head slightly, Bayo spoke, startling Jaspar.

"Please... help me... " Immediately , his frame shuddered as his vision darkened, the force expelling him out of his body, again.



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