Ascenders: Rising From Zero
9 The Difference in Strength
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Ascenders: Rising From Zero
Author :sir_impeccable
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9 The Difference in Strength

He sought to conquer all.

Trixius the Great or the Mad Prime as we called him then was immensely powerful that he took on the gods himself.

Perhaps, if the information hadn't reached the Irunmoles that he was ascending then no one would have been able to rally quickly against him.

How did it all begin? How did the revered leader, The Elder of the Irunmole Society become an arch demon with a vow to destroy the very gods he had served?

That question has always left me pondering but to no avail. I have reasoned that the mad prime had become infested by the demonic energies in Orun Apaadi but again, his soul strength was at the top of the ladder.

He was a DemiGod Classed, the highest level of power any one from the lower worlds could ever achieve.

That aside from the God Class, of course!

At this level of strength, it is impossible to become a tainted as one has already being able to tap into the purest form of Agbara, which is Creation Essence, itself.

So then, What could have turned the Mad Prime into a demon general? Even to the extent of marching against his own people?

Many theories have it that he desired a change and worked for it. As to whether it is true, we cannot say.

But what we must do, however is to plan ahead, to do what we must to ensure the survival of our kind. To this, I have ensured we entered peace treaty with the demons and the world above us as well as the realms around us. Invitingly, we have opened up to the Irunmole to develop a diplomatic relation such that, if any great occurrence were to happen again, Our Lands be spared of them.

It may seem Insane that I would do this, making our race seem rather weak but I am a peace loving being and rather than engage my people in pointless slaughter and combat(if we do so, what better are we than the dragons? Or even the Grakons?)I'd rather we prosper economically.

But I fear, we have not heard the last of The Mad Prime.

The Speech of His Majesty, Drakon Lord Meados at the in-house council meeting. Recorded by Scribe Arlenius


As Vela faces the Gargolye, a tremor ripped through the ground spreading in all directions. Afterwards, Vela looked backwards at Bayo, gazing briefly.

'Was that a.. a smile?' Bayo could swear he had seen edges of the Bakunawa's lips curl up.

Oh Great!

Keep on showing off.

But who was he to complain? As soon as she had come down, the invading presence in his mind vanished, leaving him back to himself.

And yes, Yasmin too, recovered.

Except that Yasmin had suddenly become so silent. The normal Yasmin would have muttered something already.

Was he scared?

'Okay, Yasmin, I get that you are scared. Me too.'

Bayo spoke mentally. Gazing down at his form, he saw his fully grown adult muscles rippling with raw energy demanding to be unleashed.

But he was not going to fool himself.

30 points of energy was nothing before 20k+ and 250k+ energy ratings before him.


To think that those siblings... siblings? Not by a million shot! He never had a sibling in the life before and he sure was never going to claim one now. Those creatures before him, the Ascenders were all powerhouses.

Their first transformation must have been really lucky.

'But again, Yasmin, you say that I am Number One. And I am not even a day old in this place. How come this Number two and Number Seven are on a different power level from me? If by heirachy, I ought to be the most powerful but I am only in Ground Class.'

'Indeed! But you should note that these Ascenders were able to fuse completely with the Soul Remnant. And each soul remnant is a piece of His Worship, who has achieved the pinnacle of perfection already.

With this logic, each complete fusion of His Worship soul remnant will give the Ascender Souls a starting bonus class of Elite Class.'

'And I cannot enjoy that because I refused you taking over me, right?'




'Oh great! Keep shut for all you care, you scared piece of tras-'

'Would you like to evolve to Fire Breathing Salamander?' Yasmin asked

'In other words, you are telling me to shut up, right?' Bayo retorted.

Just then a loud smash ripped through his mental concentration as the Sky Gargolye crashed along the ground in a trail of dirt and vegetations.

Vela slithered, forward, meaning to close the distance between the Seventh Born and her. Enraged, The Gargolye reared it's head in a skyward screech. It flapped it's wings, lifting itself into the air to gain aerial advantage.

A wave of arrogant airs slammed through the air,the form of the Gargolye shimmering as it closed in on Vela.

Drawing closer, the frame of bulky legs suddenly became enveloped in a sliver of energy, increasing the width of its leg. Simultaneously, a pair of dark energy construct appeared, forming a second pair of limbs that lodged at the front and back of the natural limbs.

Vela has already stopped moving now, slowly coiling up again, her silent observing eyes gazing pitifully on the SeventhBorn.

Just then, the Gargolye, descended speedily with intent to slam into Vela's position as it's false limbs began rotating at tremendous speeds. Reaching few inches from Vela, the force of its downward momentum sent a woods of winds scathing everywhere.



The Gargolye's massive form stopped, few meters from impact as Vela's form vanished.

Confused, it peered closer at the ground where Vela had been, before looking at Bayo.

'Uh... Don't look at me. I absolutely have no idea where She vanished to.' Bayo whimpered, trembling slightly under the suppressing rulers aura that emanated from the Gargolye.

In a flash of black light, Vela's form resurfaced, a little distance from her previous location except that she had stretched vertically, reading her serpent head for a Crunching Bite.


The Gargolye screeched in frustration, shaking its body in attempt to dislodge Vela from its neck.

But the Bakunawa held still, exerting raw force as her serpent muscles pulsed, dragging the Gargolye closer to the ground. The Gargolye struggled in return, its eyes wide with panic as it struck his arm like wings to the ground in attempt to pull its head away.

With a low hiss, Vela surged forward, her entire weight slamming into the Seventh Born, causing it to stumble, unable to resist.

Quickly again,she retreated, dragging the neck of the Gargolye to the ground forcefully.

My Damn!

'The true difference in strength, Dang! It's Amazing.' Bayo wondered, watching the show from afar.

This was the real difference between soul strength. The Sky Gargolye was visibly sweating it's nuts but Vela has attacked it with a seemingly graceful move.

It seemed like she had calculated all of this already. Or had she faced SeventhBorn previously to be able to determine its attack pattern.

But even at that, the flash of light that had knocked the Gargolye off its feet initially. That move.


That technique?

'Yasmin, scan them again. Please leave out the descriptions.'



Specie: Sky Gargolye -Ascender

Soul Status: Elite

Energy: 6,850/21,000

Law: Law of Pride



Silver Scaled Bakunawa - Rare Type

Soul Status: Omni

Energy: 200,00/273,000

Ability: Camouflage, -...-, -...-

Law: Law of Envy

—- —

'Just as I thought. The Sky Gargolye has been taking damage. Still it is really strong, nonetheless.'

Bayo frowned slightly, looking at The Silver Scaled Bakunawa Status screen.

Why did it's energy drop? After all it didn't take any damage, or did it?

'Yasmin, how come Vela's energy dropped from last time.'

'Perhaps, you should have undergone the Ascender Induction initially. You lack knowledge of even the basic things. Regardless whether damage is taken or not, each Law dependent technique unleashed would draw power from the soul of its caster to determine its potency.

The bigger the technique or principle used, the larger the energy penalty.'


'If that induction thing was really important, then whoever had designed should have made it really interesting.' Bayo yawned mentally.

[Are you bored, sibling?] Startled, Bayo jumped up, his focus coming on his external environment.

The battle had already been rapped up. Vela has completely wrapped the Gargolye, squeezing it before releasing it and slithering towards Bayo. With wasting, the SeventhBorn , stumbled backwards, leaping into the sky to escape.

Seeing that scene was pitiful but hey, this guy deserve d it.

After all, the Gargolye was bullying him already.

A distant sound of footsteps sounded in the vegetation ahead.

[Hmm... I see you have attained the max potential for your form. I should leave now but I am glad you didn't die on me. You seem very interesting, Bayo. And you still haven't told me your number, sibling.]Vela spoke, watching him with glowing eyes.

Damn! It still remembered. I really can't tell it I am Number one, can I?

[For self perseveration, do not! Ascenders can also evolve by absorbing other Ascenders especially those older than them.] Yasmin whispered, barely audible.

'Uh... My number... I don't know.'

[You don't?

It's okay, sibling, you will , later.

However, when Vela gives, Vela must take in return. HISSSSSSS]

'Wait... what?'

The form of the Bakunawa shimmered as it darted forward, biting into Bayo's right paw.

'HNNRRGHHHH. Damn you!' Bayo howled as Vela retreated, slithering backwards into the vegetation.

[I will be watching you, FirstBorn. If you can survive my bite, then perhaps you are not so weak. And perhaps, you will earn my respect.] Vela whispered, her presence vanishing from his mind even as her form faded off.

'DAMNNNNN... YOU..., VELAAaa...' Bayo howled, in frustration.

Just then, a spear whistled through the air, curving and piercing into Bayo's right paw. With a confused growl, Bayo looked left and right, turning around painstakingly to get a location on the new attacker.

'Your soul is currently undergoing soul decline.' Yasmin informed Bayo.


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