Ascenders: Rising From Zero
8 Ascender Talk Time
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Ascenders: Rising From Zero
Author :sir_impeccable
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8 Ascender Talk Time

From times of old till now, Orun Apaadi has being and always being the choice hunting grounds for all creatures.

Although at a risk of one being polluted by the raging dark energies that roam the demon infested lands, the immense rewards cannot be overemphasized.

And as such, The BlueMoon Mercenary Alliance has gained mass levels of strength as well as wealth from hunting through the world. This is because of the ever present availability of resource rich creatures, especially Mythic Type Beasts whose understanding of laws gives almost every part of their body an astounding value.

Of Course, there exists Rare Type Beasts with equal amount of value but no one would ever pray to encounter beasts of such kind.

A Rare Type Beast can never be Soul Gazed and as such, no one can ever determine the true level and Powress of them except they are attacked first, which often is no nice sight.

This reason is why this Rare Beasts are abandoned in Orun Apaadi and Mythic types are more sought of.

However the cost of Taint of darkness on the Irunmoles, Spirits of war and light has always been of great concern. The law of light has given some succor in expelling the foreign dark energy by Light Healing Pills. But the most we have gotten is basically a standstill between the dark energy and light energy, each one trying to outdo the other.

The Law of Love, Orisha Osun aspect of reality seems to contain more promise however that is still undergoing research. And until leeway has been given, no one should deliberately take to mastering the Law of Love, especially since it costs so much to master a foreign law( A law one has no affinity to).

Until then, Orun Apaadi will continue to be transversed by us all until it's in-depth riches are unlocked for maximal profit.


Culled from:

The Way of the Merc; a publication of BlueMoon Alliance House.

——- ———

[Why are you so weak?]

Shuddering under the continuous super sonic screech, Bayo cursed, painfully, ignoring the calm but sharp voice penetrating his mind.

Damn Beast!

Such a proud entrance!

Just then, he heard a soft thud somewhere above him but far from him. However, he couldn't be bothered by that as the feeling of numbness swept through his body. Bracing himself, Bayo tensed his muscles as the footsteps of the Sky Gargolye's elephant limbs sounded closer and closer.


Like as if I can even face this creature head on.

[Why? You look so pitiful, sibling.] The voice came back again, reinforced sharply that he couldn't ignore it.


'Yasmin? Why is your voice sounding different and feminine on top?' Bayo asked, confused.

'I am currently fighting off an invasion of your soul matrix. Something is off, Bayo.' Yasmin voice came in, sounding pained.

[You have two souls, sibling. That is very strange.]

Suddenly, The numbness overclouding him cleared as his conscioness shifted inwards. Before him, he could see a blob of energy sloshing here and there with an attached miasma of darkness.

He frowned, seeing a second blob of energy trying to interact with the first one by sending out streams of energy towards it.

Simultaneously, the miasma shot tendrils of darkness, fending off most of the new energy streams.

'I cannot hold your consciousness here for long, Bayo. We are within your soul space and I brought you in to have a better understanding of what is happening. You must fight back, Bayo.'Yasmin's pained voice ebbed from the miasma.


His eyes cleared, numbness all gone as he stared right in the face of the Sky Gargolye.

Uh... hi

He waved a paw, hoping that the creature would understand. Instead the Gargolye heaved, a wash of depressing pressure descending all over him. Being so close to the creature now, he felt an inert pressure field build around the Ascender, giving it fearsome vibes.

The Gargolye reared it's beak head backwards, giving Bayo some air time. Gasping, Bayo crept backwards,slowly, watching the Ascender with suspicion that he didn't see it coming.

The three clawed fingers blurred, raking across the ground as it swept into Bayo's side, knocking the air out of him.


The air current from the simple wave of hand swept him off the ground, sending him tumbling for some seconds. Then the next second, he crashed down, heavily on his back.

Quickly, he flipped over to his limbs, his feral instincts coming to play. But as he did, something entered his peripheral vision.

The tree by the right of the pathway seemed to have a superficiously large branch that was way bigger than the rest of the trunk.

Taking a quick look, something shifted with slithery patience as gold eyes now revealed themselves, staring at him.

Immediately, that familiar but of attraction sparked in the back of his head making him gasp.

Oh God! Not another Ascender.


[Why That look sibling? Don't tell me you are just seeing me? I feel insulted.]

'Yasmin, can you talk?'

'Only briefly, Yes.' Yasmin's voice was beginning almost a whisper now.

'Can you scan that... snake?'

[Me, Snake? Insult to injury, Bayo.]

How did it learn my name?

[but I don't blame you. You are undergoing soul decline already because of my presence here. Wait, I should help you.]

Just then, The Gargolye struck with its beak down with super fast motion. Faster than Bayo could even react only for the beak to stop few inches from his frame.


A low hiss spread into the air from the serpent, sending chills down Bayo's spine.

[Ah! This Seventh Born Sibling needs to learn to stay low when I am around. I am not his age mate by any means.]

'S-seventh born? What's that?' Bayo asked cautiously.

[Oh, sorry! I have a rather rude sibling here too. Allow me teach this sibling manners. But here, have this from me. ]

A raspy sensation hit him, drowning his senses for a brief moment.

'Full growth stage for young adult IronSpike Tailed Dog reached. Evolving into to Adult Form... Full Growth stage for Adult IronSpike Tailed Dog reac... Ground Class Achive...

What? No!

This is impossible. Your growth was just accelerated. I cannot believe this!' Yasmin complained, bringing up the soul Status Screen without Bayo asking.

—- —

Iron Spike Tailed Dog

Soul Status: Ground Class

Growth Stage: Adult

Growth progress: Max

Energy: 30/17

—- —-

'You have even broken through the energy limit with a whooping 13 points. You...'

'Just shut up! How's that scan going?I suppose I should be happy but accepting help from strangers is not my thing.' Bayo queried mentally.

Just then, the a flash of light swept through the air, slamming into the Sky Gargolye with tremendous force so much that it reeled over, stumbling until it fell on its back.

—- —

Silver Scaled Bakunawa - Rare Type

Soul Status: Omni

Energy: 250,000/273,000

Ability: Camouflage, -...-, -...-

Law: Law of Envy

The serpent is famed for its affinity with Law of Envy.

—— —


That it??

'Why are some abilities blank and this Famed for affinity of law or envy. That's like telling me the same thing the law says.'

A deep sigh escaped from Yasmin.

'Rare Type beasts are not meant to be soul gazed. Getting that much was all I could try.'

Gazing in wonder, Bayo observed the serpent as it remained still on the tree. If he was not there, he would never have believed that the superimposed extra tree bough of a serpent had struck against the Sky Gargolye.

So powerful.

'The way the scales connected, forming an overlay of protection for the serpent. It looks so smooth that it appeared as if the skin was bare.'

So deceptive.

So beautiful.

'And the tail, with that fish like ending with yellowy markings. Pretty!'

So Intricately engineered.

'Yes, so intricately engineered that one creature of beauty is capable of containing sheer might.'


[HARK! Snap out of it. You are so weak that my passive ability is already affecting you? Hsssss! ]


Bayo shook his head viciously. Whatever passive ability that was was already mind controlling him to move closer to the serpent.

Looking closer now, the serpent revealed its silver color , no longer fusing with the color of the tree branch. The scales seemed to glow for a while before fading off.

That must have been what was lulling him since.


Just how power packed are you already?.

[Enough with your stares already, sibling. Watching my scales will activate my passive ability once more.

And that would be distracting!

I have an annoying sibling to deal with, just hang by the side. Tsk!] The snake hissed, uncoiling itself further from the branch till it was merely hanging down form its head and tail.

[If you don't mind, Bayo, I have a rude sibling to teach manners.]

The Bakunawa dropped from the tree with a massive thud.

'By God, it's massive' Bayo swore, noting the lengthy body of the Serpent coil together.

[Call me, Vela. I am the Second Born. What is your number?]

Vela asked, turning away to face to the Gargolye.


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